Valentines Day Poetry Competition 2020

Send us your witty or soppy, romantic or silly Valentines Day poems to enter our Valentines Day Poetry Competition. Dedicate your poem to your Mr, Miss or Mrs and maybe get it published for an extra Valentines Day treat!

Our Valentines Day Poetry Competition will open 1st February 2020 and close at midday on the 14th February. Winner will be chosen by the Tree2mydoor team and announced on the 16th February 2020.

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The 2020 Winning Poem!

Garden Valentine

When I was five, dad made our garden grow,
In season yielding blossom, fruit and veg,
Our playground through the summers long and slow,
It sang with life from earth to leaf to hedge.

Through married life our garden's been our soul,
Its yearly highs and lows like his and mine,
Its gifts through sun and storm have kept us whole,
Its labours our salvation over time.

The warming of our planet is our fault,
Whole species disappeared or under threat,
We must act now to bring this to a halt,
Or forever lose the chance to clear this debt.

Forget the monobloc...
plant shrubs and trees,
Give life back to the butterflies and bees.

Anne Greengrass



The 2020 Valentines Day Poetry Entries



I mined with angels
until I found your eyes in a forest
of jewels and saw them reflected
in the moon riding on the back of
a swan. I will take gold from heavens
gate to make a ring and make the oceans
sing to bring flames out of shells to create
a spell-a covenant with the darkness to make
heaven mortal and us immortal

Barry Carter


Eternally Yours

You are the spring that gives birth to green.
You are my sunshine and my healer.
If I am a sinner. Then you are the angel that sprinkles warm light upon me.
If there was a chance, I would give my life, my soul and my heart to you.
Even if you like someone else, I will be the shadow that protects you from all evil and darkness.
I will protect your pure and untainted heart.
Even if you do not like me back, I shall protect you within the dark for all eternity.
If you wish it I will slay any enemies coming my way.
Protecting you till the day day I die.
Because you are the Sun that brings me to life.
Forever and ever, I am eternally yours.

Summa Okine-Miller



I want to get as close as I can to you, so I lean in pressing my nose into your coat
but the downy fabric of it has captured so little

I wanted to be able to dig in your pockets to know you by holding
your clipper lighter even rubbing its rough wheel to see the flame

I thought I'd like to see your ID to read your birthday cards to smoke your vanilla vape
but nothing could hold the private smell of you like in your room after a sweaty night's sleep

how can a person come so close to sense all six, filled with the signs of you
how can I be able to feel the warmth, your wide back and unwashed shirt to breath into

the bit where your hair joins your scalp
that human grease there

and still have less words for you, to have less grasp of you than things?

Kiera Summer


Garden Valentine

When I was five, dad made our garden grow,
In season yielding blossom, fruit and veg,
Our playground through the summers long and slow,
It sang with life from earth to leaf to hedge.

Through married life our garden's been our soul,
Its yearly highs and lows like his and mine,
Its gifts through sun and storm have kept us whole,
Its labours our salvation over time.

The warming of our planet is our fault,
Whole species disappeared or under threat,
We must act now to bring this to a halt,
Or forever lose the chance to clear this debt.

Forget the monobloc...
plant shrubs and trees,
Give life back to the butterflies and bees.

Anne Greengrass


I call you my Oakey.
You stand steady through our storms.
You shelter me and I lean into you.
We have grown this love from a tiny acorn of hope.
I perch on your arm and you patiently soak up my twittering.
I know our love will stand on, sturdy, long after we lay our souls to rest,
below the roots of the old oak trees.

Lucy Barlow


There is only you, only you.
You have my heart there's nothing I can do.
I will go on loving you hoping today you will love me too...

Helen Gilhooly



               Think of my              ears as shells
        where everything        you ever said to me,
    whirled round, is held, murmuring endlessly like
the sea. Think of my mouth as a letter box from which
unceasing secrets and surprises drop, honeyed sweets,
words, fall kissing                              your feet. Think
of my eyes as fires that burn your image continually
  day and night, refining visions of endearment in
    flames of desire. Think of my heart as a safe.
            Place your future in me to keep for
               ever. Plant it deep, whispering
                      words of endearment,
                               then throw




Andria Jane Cooke 



Your lips are as soft as silk,
lining a butterfly's wings. I soar
to you, dreaming of the honey driving me.
Smooth skin and eyes like gems, glittering.
Diamonds could be worthless and flowers dull,
for you stand there and brighten it all.
Roses are just another flower
and stars are as common as my breath
if I have you for this day I will be complete.
If you go I'll crumple to nothing, stuck in the dark,
light gone and the truth stark. I need you.
Love isn't a want but a source of air,
gravity keeping me grounded or the sun for coldest days.

Claire Gee


How can that possibly be
I said to myself the moment I saw you
There he is the only man for me

How it would happen I couldn't wait to see
even though you looked so furtive
Every time you glanced at me

Were you hoping your fate might be
a future shared
with a girl like me

We weren't long though just you and me
Married in no time
adding 3 children to the family tree

I can't speak for you, but will for me
And say with heartfelt surety
We two Valentines were truly meant to be.

Helen Rowles 


My love is the oak, lasting and strong,
My love is the ivy, winding and long,
My love is the mimosa, delicate and frail,
My love is the hellebore, blooming through hail.
My love is the daisy, cheery and bright,
My love is the weed, holding on tight,
My love is the rose, blushing and bold,
My love is the death orchid, rarer than gold.
My love is the poppy, joyful and fast growing,
My love is the willow, flexible and flowing,
My love is the dahlia, requiring my care,
My love is the seedlings, we planted and share,
My love is the hibiscus, throughout it remains,
My love is the garden and all it contains.

Sally Ward


Vessel: (for Arnie)

If I could bottle it
that potion
that elexir:
of love,
of those precious acts of care,
of shared moments,
soul glimpses:
of blessings,
breaths, bounties and bleeds.

If I could capture this-
that melting gold
that deliquescence:
your love,
the knowing and needing
the gives and granting
our lives:
welded and wedded
in blessing
of breadth, beauties and deeds.

If I could
I would

And I do

I lift that glass vessel
our shared lives
I look through
and beyond:

Two clasped
Wrinkled hands
Holding each other

Steady. Strong.

Carmina McConnell



Love lifts us up like Lazarus
Previously just assumed dead.
It came into being to dazzle us
While reason is turned on its head.

Love’s like an old-fashioned stanza;
The verse may be clichéd and cheap,
And yet it’s a magic romancer,
Enchanting us while we’re asleep.

Love’s like dessert that is doling
Out dreams of a very long kiss,
So when we awake we’re extolling
The virtues of infinite bliss.

Love’s like a passionate tutor
That takes us above from below.
We’re over the moon we aren’t Neuter,
We’re so full of that funny old glow.

Love is like being a President
Or Emperor, King or a Queen.
It’s sort of like being a resident
In Paradise - know what I mean?

Love is like wiping the bruises
Of Life and then starting anew.
I think it's the best of excuses
For saying “I’m happy with you”.

William Barklam


For Peter 1964 - 1992

I grow against a fire-struck tree
That stands within this living wood
I've fought to break his hold on me
My heart would shatter if I could
In Spring the other trees gave flower
In Summer bore the scent of fruit
Yet my dark tree still has the power
To clutch my soul between his roots
But now the days turn wintry
Proud stems don't look so fair
I don't dispute his hold on me
When other trees are bare
And so I'll wait with constancy
Til fire that once struck him, strikes me.

Mai Black


Waiting for the knock!

The dinner is hot, candles lit bright
In a dress with hopes invested
Words slither through my smile in whispers
Reiterating the mood, eyes blur, forehead drips
The aura of love dazzles, I’m drenched
Waiting but sombre
My heart is screaming, palpitating but hushed
Silently desiring to be known
A faint hope shimmers in my mind
Is it too late for the knock, fancy to take birth?
Will the birth break into a handsome being
Will there be moments of passion
Exchange of words and some unsaid?
A present with my name inscribed
Is this crease on my exorbitant dress?
Natures caress it!
Hand in hand we will dim in the dark
Our hearts will be spent, our souls lightened
We will take the path to play life
The world is a stage and we the puppets
Only I have to find the partner impersonate
My modest soul. I will love his charm and ventriloquy

Riffat Ahmed 


Mi Amor

She's gorgeous, painfully so,
lit up with that new summer glow.
She grabs my hand and oh how well they intertwine,
giggling into my mouth as she says will you be mine?
I look at her
and my heart is a blur,
I think she deserves gold and myrrh.
Love is etched across her soft features,
and she kisses me, again and again, that night on the bleachers.
She smiles at me, adoration and charm,
so much so that I disarm,
because how could this girl ever do me harm?

Angelina Curtis


I don't have a man to buy me flowers & wine
To love unconditionally & call him mine
Sadly I've been left on the shelf
So my one true love is Mother Nature herself
As seasons change from gloom to bloom
She lovingly redecorates my 'living' room
With an abundance of flowers perfect for butterflies & bees
But sadly last year my trees were struck by disease
Now my birds have literally flown the nest
Since the tree surgeon removed the trees they loved best
So Tree2mydoor please be my Valentine
And shower me with gifts to make my garden once again divine

Liz Denial


Love isn't red wine or musky cologne alongside the sensuality of a Maroon lace undergarment.
Love is the pursed lips around a cigarette a-lit, the hair a blow in a harsh bitterness aligned against the breeze in winters glare.
Love isn't intoxicating poetry, vowels caressed between delicate calligraphy, superfluous yet fragile against the papers bare.
Love is wicked, love is cruel.
Undermined by secrets of what we once were to know, passionate and haunting, separated by fragile masculinity and sensualising lust.
Love is vulnerable amongst the rocky deviations beneath a waterfalls momentous capture.
Love no longer merciful, appetising and fierce, solid and harmonious like the crevices within tree-top canopies exposing the luminosity of the sunlight array.
Love... veracious, enticing and unequivocal. Synonyms beneath toe tips, balancing upon letters adjoining, with words I cannot displace.
Love is.....

the goodbye I quiver to release from my lips,

Love is ... my final surrender.

Opal Rickwood


The energy of Love

You inspire the flame that flickers in my heart,
My breathing shallow at the thought of being apart,
Time has a limit and at some point has to end,
But until that moment comes on my love you can depend,
So much time spent where my love was not well received,
Taken for granted my happy ever after not achieved,
But you have given me hope that fairy tales can be real,
Repaired my aching heart, allowing it to heal,
You make me feel strong when I feel so weak,
The prospect of tomorrow no longer seems bleak,
I have never felt a love so pure, innocent and true,
That priceless feeling when the energy of love grips hold of you.

Rebecca Harding


The Problem with the L word

when you say I love you
my heart fills with panic
for love to me feels
like a trap
I need to know what love means to you
you don't know me very well yet
so maybe you're saying I lust you
then you go further
tell me you want me
to be forever with you
want to wake each morning and see me
by your side
such are your needs
oh grave mistake
you're waiting for me
to give my reply
maybe hoping I'll say the same back
the way people say
how d'you do
hello or even

Mary Mulholland


Knight of my Day, or the Art of Love

Death is dying, and I have left the scene.
What’s there for me now but an act of love?
Life remains, and nothing stays unseen.
What’s true of me now but the art of love?
Nothing obscene, a man of amazement
And unchartered musings, as an alcove...
Eyes open to kaleidoscopic sights
And I hear wonder in its myriads of light
For you, knight of my day, are all I see.
And I sail through fear like the setting breeze
For all I know is your essence, that I breathe.
So take off your armour, and keep your sword on!
Where my lustful trust rests in your splendour,
I do not have the power to fail You.

Émilie Mauchaussé



I saw this lovely lady standing only yards from me,
I wonder if she sees me how lucky would that be,
My stomachs started churning I feel it must be love,
I really want to talk to her but feel I need a shove,
I need to pluck up courage I cannot let this pass,
I have to tell her something because she's such a pretty lass,
So I just walked straight up to her and said she looked just great,
Then our romance started I knew it must be fate,
Years and years have passed now and we both just feel the same,
Thankfully I plucked up courage and shyness I overcame,
We have four lovely children now, and tell them of this tale,
From shyness to my lovely wife in a wedding veil !!

Jim Wiseman


Lovers Embrace

Our eyes rest on each other,
There's no more we can do.
Our feelings overwhelm us,
This night's for me and you.

Your hands caress my body.
Desire builds within.
Your tender kiss upon my neck,
Your touch upon my skin.

Our bodies move together,
They slowly become one.
Our love becomes united,
Our inhibitions gone.

The Passion runs so deeply,
The Power takes its hold,
Flowing through our bodies,
Combining our two souls.

We spend the night together,
In a true lovers embrace.
In your eyes reflection
Of the Moonlight on my face.



What are you Valentine?

What are you Valentine?
Are you when the stars align?
Are you when heart entwine?
Are you cupids, doves and signs
Or are they manufactory crimes?

What are you Valentine?
Chaucer's Parliament of foules
Or are you gifts of precious jewels?
Are you cards of ribbons and tulle?
Or Ophelia breaking all the rules?

What are you Valentine?
Are you John Donne's inflamed passion?
Are you boxes of chocolate rations?
Are you latest e cards fashion?
Or are you kindness and compassion?

What are you Valentine?
Spencer's Bower full of flowers
Or Charles D'Orleans in a tower?
Or are you a love like ours,
talking in your arms for hours?

What are you Valentine?
Are you constant for years and years?
Loving through sickness and tears,
holding hands till death is near
dying last your greatest fear.

Jessica Crumpton



Compromise is key in this life
Wife to husband, husband to wife
He isn't perfect (they never are)
Cherishing you less than he does his car

Won't do dishes or pick up his smalls
He'll belch, fart and scratch his balls
Doesn't give you flowers or take you out
But give him a break, don't constantly shout

You're no saint either, remember that
You won't change the wheel when the tyre's flat
'Just done my nails' he'll hear you sigh
Then render him speechless with a little cry

And girls when you argue, fight and scrap
Remember why you married your lovely chap
Knees go weak when he cracks a smile
Your Mr Wonderful wins hands down by a mile!

Remember, always laugh together
Face challenges head on whatever the weather
Despite pain and heartache, dark moments and all
Been forty years now and we're still having a ball!

Denise Jones


A Valentine Gift

Take my life as it is.
It comes with a heart,
young but old.
It's seen pleasure,
known pain.
Been broken.
Whole again.
Take my life.
It's all yours,
rich with love,
Unto death,
and beyond.
Take my life.
Please, respond.

Shirley Cook


His and Hers

The toilet seat stands upright,
Your snoring keeps me awake at night,
You refuse to accept your shirts are too tight

- But I love you.

You leave make up all over the place,
When we go on holiday, shoes fill the case,
You've so many handbags we're out of space

- But I love you.

You leave the lawn 'til the grass is too long.
Don't take off your shoes! Your feet really pong!
You never remember the words of our song

- But I love you.

You talk on the 'phone for hours and hours,
Your mother spends all her time 'round at ours,
You moan whenever I fail to bring flowers

- But I love you.

Yet despite all the faults, and both have a few,
We've weathered life's storms, vowed to stay true
There's no one can care any more than we two.

- I love you
- I love you too.

Bea Charles


My love,
I want to hold your hand,
And you tell you that I care,
My love,
I want to hold you close,
And kiss you everywhere.

My love,
For I am full of warmth,
I want to feel you near,
My love,
I hope you feel my embrace,
For I love you so very dear.

My love,
You are a dream come true,
You're the only one I see,
My love,
You make my world go round,
You're the only one for me.

My love,
You are my forever and my always.

Emma Baker



I breathe in and you breathe out.
Of love you whisper, I shout loud.
You anchor us on solid ground,
I drift on amongst white cloud.

I love you today, and will
Love you through our tomorrows,
We will share our joy,
Together halve our sorrows.

I breathe in when you leave,
Out again when you return
In our life, separation,
Then reunions take a turn.

There must be Monday mornings,
To appreciate the Friday nights.
There will be times our plans go wrong,
Together we'll make them right.

You are the sense whilst I'm the sensual,
You are the bread and I am the wine.
Held close to you I am free,
In your shadow, my light can shine.

You breathe in and I'll breathe out,
On our own, we'd do OK.
But life is better when two are one,
So by your side I shall stay. 

Patsy Collins



Some say it with kisses,
Some say it with hugs.
I say it with bacon butties,
And hot, sweet tea in mugs.

You get up with the kids,
and leave me to lie in.
I sometimes do the washing,
You do the ironing.

I could be more romantic,
And maybe you could too.
Our love is practicality,
It works for me and you.

We know each others flaws,
There's no need to pretend.
We are the closest allies,
You are my closest friend.

I know that maybe sometimes,
I don't say it enough.
I just assume you know it,
And forget romantic stuff.

So I have wrote this verse,
For you my valentine,
To show you that I love you,
With just A Simple Rhyme. 

For Dustain From Emma


A valentines poem that is filled with rhymes
All about our happiest times
We have been together for 7 years
Lots of laughter and lots of tears
And now we have 2 little boys
A house that is filled with love and with noise
The happiest day was our wedding day
We'll stick together until we're old and grey
I'll laugh at your jokes even if there not funny
Whether the sky's grey or whether it's sunny
I can't imagine my life without you
Or going to sleep without saying I love you too

Emma England


The Pain

The pain I feel isn't physical it's all in my head, as I cry the pain away to replenish my heart like the rain on the trees after the hottest summer, dying for the nourish to keep me alive, every heartbeat weaker than the last trying to decide is it love or hate I require
They say we live to learn but I live to yearn.
For the Goosebumps from a touch like a winters day
They say love make you happy guess I will always be sad
Love is just a word that we love to invite to fix or mend what we think is broken.
Love doesn't complete you, love doesn't t define you, love nourish and cares protects and repairs.
Love isn't sunshine rainbows and glares its photos memories and years of repair
The pain feels so real will I ever heal is it true love that kills

Samantha Romeril


Beyond Compare

Shall I compare you to Sonnet Eighteen?
You're as lovely and as like to impress.
Rough times, my darling, you and I have seen.
And Shakespeare's verse does help us through distress.

Sometime too hot in temper have we been
And often in rage forgot the other.
But every lover with lover fights mean
At times-nature's constancy in bother.

But your eternal poetry shines true,
Your soul the beacon to quell lasting strife.
Nor shall those troubles rip from us the glue
That bonds us steadfast as husband and wife.

So long as I am yours and you are mine
So long our love will live, without decline.

Helen Price


My Valentine (Me)

Happy Valentine's Day to my valentine, me
I know this will be difficult for you to see
This is not to be confused with a declaration of vanity
Sometimes some 'me love' is necessary for sanity
To not give yourself loving is a crime
Remember it's you only for your lifetime
Set aside an evening and have a little treat
Red wine and black cat are hard to beat
Even if it were just for one day
Give yourself a cuddle, what do you say?
Happy Valentine's Day to my valentine, me
I hope this now isn't difficult for you to see

Emma Brogan



My toothbrush wilts, lonely in its pot,
Like old Valentine’s roses. A sudden reminder
Of the good times, that we slowly forgot.

A torn card, pushed to the back of a drawer,
Graduation or birthday. Inky scribbles of
Raw emotion, a rare outpouring.

I wonder what happened to the photos?
I wished we’d taken more, even as I walked away
And you sat on the bench, ever composed.

Regret bubbles up to a blinding flash
Your scent, your love, three years of us
Trailing through my fingers like ash.

Charlotte Murray


To my Valentine.

G I love you G I do
G I hope you love me too.
As I feel so lucky to have found you
So let's be one instead of two. Xx

Tracie Clark


My True Love

Will I receive a card this year ?
Maybe flowers and chocolates too ?
Or will it be a “post it” note with a scribble of I love you.?
The weirdest thing you got me was a dvd for you.
So will I receive a card this year I’m not sure it will happen, do you ?

But I don’t care that much anymore, now 20 years have past.
The trinkets and flowers that people get all fade to fast.
So Im getting you a tree this year as our love is strong and true I’ll pop on the kettle on my love and the tree can be planted by you.

Louise Gilbert



The space between is ubiquitous,
it lies at the heart of all things
It is the space between opportunities squandered and hope,
the space between past and future
The space between is where we find ourselves when we are lost,
and the vantage point from where, self-collected, we are able to see the way
The space between is where judgement calls, underpinned by knowledge and experience, are weighed in the balance,
it is the space between heart and mind
The space between is the difference between what we say and what we mean, what we show and what we feel,
it is between the lines
The space between is the space between your arms and its restorative embrace,
it is a moment of grace that forever lingers in the mind.

Steve Lyn


Valentines Day

Here we are, another year passed
Like a black dress to a mourner,
Valentines day is here at last!
(With pancake day just round the corner..)

Covered in syrup and good enough to eat..
Sorry let's keep this PG!
With a takeaway pizza on the way to us
And a night watching crap on TV

A day dedicated to all things romantic,
To flowers and cards and kisses
With love all around and joy in the air
And a cheeky wham bham with the misses

What a pair of love-struck loners we are
Feeling giddy from cupid's thrown bow,
High from lust and drunk on love
(and that cheap crate of dark fruit strongbow)

So lets put aside our differences for the day,
Agree not to argue and brawl,
For today is a day full of nothing but love
Happy Valentines day one and all! 

Louise Brown



Like when the first wind
Blows in the autumn, and
An amber fire leaf, gently
Plucked from a noble bough,
Floats gracefully through the air,
With a steadiness
Only found on our life-giving star,
Till it succumbs
To the weighted force of gravity,
Then falls all at once,
So, my heart falls for yours.

Lucy Reynolds


On April 17th this year
I’ll marry my Valentine dear,
He’s 82 and I'm 74
And we couldn’t love each other more!

Hilary Palmer


My Beautiful World...

The falling of leaves in Autumn,
The chirping of birds in Spring,
The colours of sunset in Winter,
Make a beautiful world we live in.
The people about us are happy,
With the wonders of nature about,
But my happiness and beauty is you,
Oh how l love you, there’s no doubt,
So please be my Autumn,
And please be my Spring,
And please be my sunset,
To make a beautiful world, l live in

Brenda Cruttenden


How your eyes shine like moons.
Pruning and glittering,
Taking solace in hearing the violins cry out for affection.
You smell divine.
That smile,
That saccharine sweet smile.
Honey glazed bones,
Gracing my presence.
Twitching at the clock,
Each tick sends shivers through my heart.
Gluttony for amorous,
You are amorous.
A sultry man,
Champagne fizzy.
You need to detach,
Detach from her.
She does not suit you like I do.
Twin flames,
Together we blaze like hot sun.
Auburn skies because of us.
Jaundice through separation.
I wanted a tinge of pain,
An iota of despair but,
Never this much.
I am not wide enough to
Bear this expanding anchor.
My ribcage is splitting,
Splitting because I know that you know.
All I ask is that you kiss me,
Caress me,
Taste me.
I smell wonderful too,
You knew that already.
The troubled baker,
Begging for acres of love.

Courtenay Gray 



your allergy to flowers means
I must rely on thriftier methods
of irritating you-kisses for your
cheeks, bites for your shoulders
and the like-but this I promise:
I will roll at night & wake you;
launch my chilliest foot to fence
with your ever-sporting shins.
I will join you in your showers,
use your soap and shampoo;
they will run out twice as fast;
as will orange juices, tea bags,
washing up liquid, toothpastes,
loo rolls & the gas-but unlike
these rakes​ I will not run out
at any such speed: for I am
here to irritate you indefinitely
& will see the thing through,
till the pollen can no longer
bug you or I cannot either too.

Sophie Yates


Al's poem

Roses are red, violets are blue,
never forget the day I met you,
Our eyes met across a crowded room,
I though "ooh he's nice"
Maybe he'll be my Groom

You asked me out twice, I turned you down
God knows why, always a clown,
You persisted thank god,
Took me out on the town
Made me laugh every day
Still do if I'm down

You Asked me to marry you after 3 years,
I said yes straight away and had no fears,
Up until now 33 years
That's a long time these days,
Blood, sweat and tears!!

2 wonderful children made us happy
Where did time go when they were in nappies?
Now they are adults, carefree and happy
A beautiful girl and a handsome chappie

Tree2mydoor delivered a rose
Our pearl anniversary for you I suppose,
Beautiful, timeless, anything goes,
love you forever now everyone knows!!!

Lorraine Vaughan


This Valentines Day I want you to know,
That my love for you I’ll never let go.
You are the only man for me,
And the only girl for you I’d like to be.

L is for Lovely bike rides we go on
O you’re the One with who I like to have fun
V is for Venturing out in the sunshine
E is for Eating picks and drinking some wine

For having you as a part of me
Makes me happy as can be
I love the things we do and places we go
I just love us, Robert and Jo

Joanne Radnall


Our thick jumpers unknit one another,
Your soft skin melting into clean bed sheets
Warm hands like the touch of no other
No returns because I've thrown away the receipts
soft blond hair sinks around my fingers
shining from the silkiness of your shampoo
fresh coffee with a trace of strawberry lingers
I've always liked that particular shade of blue
Cool air for breathing space
Spinning marbles with golden spots
not a swirl out of place
I spin around in your eyes till they become nothing but dots
Let our hands enlace
In the warmth of your space

Leia Butler


By The Way

I don't want chocolate or a single red rose
A slushy status, filtered pose
I don't want to be wined and dined
An overpriced card, generic poem inside

But I will tell you I love you, like I do every day
We'll drink beer in the kitchen, get a takeaway
Stare at the telly, take too long to decide
So watch vines on YouTube 'til bedtime arrives

I'll sit on the loo and watch you floss
You'll hog the sink and I'll get cross
Then with eye mask on and earplugs in
We'll block out the light and traffic din
Kiss each other and turn away
Happy Valentine's, by the way...


Settling Down
(For Sean)

We made home together before we began living
Under the same roof, nestled in each other's souls
Like woodland creatures, secure and warm and comfortable
In their underground burrows, dug out delicately, naturally.
Clasped and coiled together in intimate darkness - adoring.
Your heart is a cavern I won't tire of exploring.

We settled into our unity like sediment at the base
Of a glass, maintaining its steady position until
The very last drop is sucked and drained away.
A happy accident, a consequence of fulfilled purpose
Flitting through the filter to inject a burst of flavour.
To drink in your being is a joy to savour.

They call it settling down, this thing that we do,
But my heart still takes flight every time I look at you.

Hannah Brockley



Take it as a kiss
And not your anonymity
I wanted to dedicate this
To you solely
But what if you didn't want to
See your name forever linked to mine
Like two hearts entwined?
So, thinking to be kind,
I send this Valentine unassigned
To the world but not to you.

Val Haynes



Rushing around us.
Things evolving.
Minds connecting.
Souls twisting.
Fate is changing.

People dying.
People laughing.

People loving.
People falling.
People's hearts breaking.
People crying.
People surviving.

What makes out you and me?
In this whole world, what
Are we worth?
It's our own little love
Story, unnoticed but
Our whole world.

Love is like a
Slow-growing plant.
It sneaks up on you, growing
Up and
Nobody ever
Notices it shoot up
But it does.
When you notice, it's
It's Beautiful.
A full-blown rose.

It doesn't last forever. The prettiest moments.
It withers.
It dies. But the
Beauty of a moment.
Just that moment.
Never forgotten.
The secrets of a flower intact.
Love as an entirety.
A whole.

Jamie Chim 


Who knew you'd steal my heart
in an instant
the blink of an eye

cupid came, and with his dart - fate was sealed

I love you my darling child
my darling darling grandchild

Theresa Scully


Cupid's Fool

She wiped her tears, closed her eyes, thinks of him lying by her side.
The way he smiles, her fingers trace, the contours of his handsome face.
Hands they hold, limbs entwine, bodies heat and passions rise.
Lovers lips, tongues each taste, their hands explore and heartbeats race.
Caress and kisses exchange in haste, as lust nears coital final embrace.
Near precipice, the edge they sense, their climax screams and moans intense.
They fell asleep in each others arms, betrayal hidden by his charms.
She awoke at dawn to find him gone, he'd taken leave before the sun.
This Valentines she'd not forget, would next time guard her heart instead.

Simon Smith