Valentines Day Poetry Competition Entries 2019

Read the Valentines Day Poetry Competition Entries for 2019.

2019 Winning Poem by Lindsay Rawsthorn:


Valentines day is all about love,
So this is for my dad above.
You have only just left us. You've gone away,
And we have missed you every day.
I cannot imagine I won't see your smile,
That life will be dark, at least for a while.
It hurts more than I imagined it could.
If I could bring you back I would.
But these things are selfish, for me you see,
For you are at rest now, safe and pain free.
My rose "At Peace" arrived today,
From special friends, just to say,
That they love me, like I love you,
In the spring it will bloom, bright and new.
A reminder that on earth or above
We are all connected and sustained by love.

Rest in peace dad. I love you xxx

Lindsay Rawsthorn


We were in school, you and I
And at a party you caught my eye
Our days and nights so quickly they sped
We courted, got engaged and finally wed

You studied hard for your degree
Then a baby arrived and we were three.
Babies two and three made our family complete
You made us happy and safe which was no mean feat

I went to College and you were badly hurt
Pain changed you inside into an introvert
But our wonderful kids lifted you high
their love made you strong enough to try

I taught Primary and you did I.T
Then children left and we were three
Retired now we potter around
And through time we have found

That true love cannot be faked or bought
It cannot be broken or even taught
We think and function as one
You are my Moon and I am your Sun

Glenda Profit

Twas the day of our very first date 

Fell asleep on the sunbed, was late
All sweaty and flustered, I hurried
To a new town which left me quite worried
Could find parking spaces - zero
Parked on side-street then ran like a hero
Right across town, all slippery with frost
Then realised the car was now lost
So I met you, looking a fright
For the car we searched, half the night
How could you like someone stupid and red?
Yet for 34 years we've been wed
Times have been tough, we've had knock after knock
Through it all you have been my rock
Together onwards we stride
I have all, if you are by my side.

Heather Haigh

Dedicated to Mr Richard Baxter

My Valentine, my strong oak,
You stand stolid, making me constant.
Your wintery branches hold always,
The promise of spring tendernesses,
And timidity melts in the summer of your affection.

The soil around your roots you is soft and warm,
Smelling of sweetness and hearth.
Your autumn leaves are jewels,
Blazing in the light of my love.
Let it always be the summertime.

Claire Reeves

You make me smile,
it had been awhile,
but you have won my soul
it's only now because of you that i actually feel whole.
you are a star that helped me find my shine.
you came into my life to give me love and make sure i was fine.
Your eyes shine so big and bright and
you love me with all your might.
One thing that i would like to say as you lay here on my lap.
This poem here is one that i am dedicating to my cat.

Lisa Day

My love, never romantic My valentine, yet the day always forgotten
My darling, gifts of roses are not your style.
But you are my best friend.

My strength, a golf enthusiast
My rock, the 19th hole beckons
My comforter, yet a golf widow most days.
But you are my best friend.

My inspiration, black socks with sandals
My soulmate, cravat and flares out of date
But you are my best friend.

Jackie Patrick

The First Day we Met

First are the smiles
Words that followed
How you captured my heart
The linking of two minds
We held hands
Then feeling of affection
Before you know it, hugs
The sign of a connection
Finally the kiss
The official signs of two adjoining hearts
The end of the playing around. The beginning of a new love

Daniella Laino

A tree is for life,
This year I hope you’ll become my wife

A tree loves to bloom
Whilst I’ll be your groom,
Married in June

We’ll be man and wife,
This tree will be with us for the rest of life

Edward Van-Eetvelt


I want it back;
The tiny whispers you uttered
Under covers, our fort against the world,
The times you cooked curries, just to please me,
To spend a day together, without distractions.

I want it gone;
The cross words you utter when I’m sick.
The way you speak only when you need something,
How you criticize the smallest things I do.
Because it’s breaking me in two.

I want to say;
Love can still be captured,
But time is running out.
Watch carefully, speak softly and above all,
Remember why we fell in love.

Lorna Sugden

Love vs Lust

Sin crept on Eve’s periphery.
And tempted her with fangs extended
Snatched from her it’s victory
One apple bite - innocence ended.

She begged Adam to join her sin,
aloof he stubbornly first stood,
but loneliness began to win.
He succumbed to her womanhood.

Eden was a daunting place
Once godless, both they found themselves
From paradise were soon disgraced
And sent to Earth henceforth to dwell.

So mankind’s future was now made
with what love had discovered.
But at least now we can all get laid
With the sins of the flesh uncovered.

Laura Turner

We in sleep

Sometimes I can't sleep,
I know you think that's not true,
I struggle to switch off, to tune out,
Just like I know you do.

It's 3am and I am widest awake,
I listen for your heartbeat,
I count your breaths,
Find your hand with mine between the sheets.

I fit in behind you,
Bury my face in your hair,
You smell like you always do,
You're warm and soft and unaware.

I'm not always strong, you know,
Quite often I feel so small,
You are the place that I feel safe,
Your sleeping body answering my call.

My soul parallel with yours now,
A dull electrical hum,
The dark, quiet union of us,
When sleep forgets to come.

Aimee Hill

There are two loves in my life, they light up my world each day
One is quiet & rather shy, the other has lots more to say
Both pay me lots of compliments, that gives my ego a boost
I fell for them both immediately, as soon as we were introduced.
One looks after me tenderly and attends to my every need
The other keeps me entertained, and laughter's guaranteed.
But this amazing love triangle is neither sordid nor obscene.
Ours is a true romance that should be on the cinema screen.
Both tell me they love me dearly, without any malice or spite.
Harmony reigns in this household by day and also by night.
I imagine now you're all guessing who makes me feel this way,
One of course is my hubby, the other my talented African Grey!

Carol Pattrick