Valentines Day Poetry Competition Entries 2018

Read the 2018 Valentines Day Poetry Competitions Entries

2018 Winning Poem by Sylvia Davis

We were married in a chapel back in 1973
And you were wearing flares when you pledged your troth to me.
The years went past so quickly as we brought up our two boys;
The house was full of Lego, cars and constant happy noise.

Then it was just the two off us in quiet rooms again
Though life was still weighed down with work and often quite a strain,
But all this was forgotten when retirement came our way
And we found that there were many things to cheer us every day.

We made a lovely garden; - built a summer house as well,
We can sit there with our granddaughters; - so many tales to tell,
And as we gaze at pink-tinged blossoms on our apple tree,
We know in this uncertain world there still is you and me.

Sylvia Davis

Heartbreak City

I lived my life through pain and the tears,
getting over you took so many years.
I would cry myself to sleep each and every night,
hoping for the day our hearts would re-unite.

The day I met you, burnt in my mind,
looking at you yet feeling so blind.
You took my heart without a second thought,
me taking your heart, that's all I ever sought.

Living my life without you has made me so very sad,
thinking about the love I never really had.
One day I know I will see the sunshine once more,
and will unleash the lion in me and ROAR!

Nathalie Randall

Who would have guessed that November night
Our blind date would be such a delight
Almost everyone we knew
Said our whirlwind romance too good to be true
How wrong could they be as our relationship grew
We have weathered some storms as the years have gone by
You cared for me through illness when we almost had to say goodbye
You’ve given me strength inspiration and above all true love
My soulmate my angel sent from heaven above
They say mighty oaks from little acorns grow
No better way could I explain how I love you so
That November Eve the best night of my life by far
Because that’s when I met you my bright shining star
This year we celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary
So to those who said we wouldn’t last
Mr. Anderson and I blow you a BIG raspberry!

Tracey Anderson

The love of my life
Is old and ‘mature’.
It’s loving that grows,
Well fed with manure.
The old sods are good.
For feeding ‘n’ nurture
So blooming is great
Right into the future.

Troy Griffin

Waves of Love

The thunderous waves assaulted the sand,
The comfort I felt with the touch of your hand.

all is calm…

The dewy haze misted the air,
The scent of the salt in your silver grey hair.

all is calm…

The cotton white clouds blowing freely with speed,
Our youth just a memory but a good one indeed.

all is calm…

The squeals of the children building their dreams,
Ours are realised just a memory it seems.

all is calm…

The storm battered the shores the night before last,
Tumultuous words spilling ever so fast.

all is not calm …

As the sun rises slowly and glows on the sea,
All is well with you and me.

all is calm …

The migrating birds soaring the thermals so high
We will share our love until we die.

all is calm…

My love for you like the sea to the sand
Will always be there so please take my hand.

all is calm…

Lynn Holloway

I think of you today on valentines day,
Remembering cards, surprises and words
As only you could say.
They say that men forget and that they are not romantic.
They are wrong, so wrong,
Nobody could know how amazing you were, but me.
Trinkets, roses, breakfast in bed,
I miss it all but its still in my head.
I had all those years
I kept all the cards
I could prove it to the world
But i keep it secret
The only man i know that never forgot.
I miss him so.
But i still buy you a card. X

Lizzy Henry

Apparently Kookaburra sits in the old oak tree
But underneath it is where you met me.
You were laughing at my jokes all the while
They weren’t that funny, but it made me smile.
Seasons passed and the tree changed,
the leaves went brown when in Autumn it rained
But still we meet there, every sunday at noon,
and have a picnic in the park, now it’s June
and 2 years on, we’re as happy as could be,
my only question is, Will You Marry Me?

Katy Galloway

For my husband:

We grow here atop this breathing hill,
Staring together at the blue grey skyline of the city below.
We love more each year, our strength a decade in the making.
Together we talk and take walks,
Together we cook and read books.

This love, a decade in the making.

Eliza Tomlinson

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder,
I know that much is true,
Because when you're gone my heart aches,
And I can't see the sun shine through.

The nights are dark and lonely,
I don't think I can face the day,
But when you come back home its like,
You chase all the dark clouds away.

We walk through the storms together,
Through wind and ice and fire,
And after the darkness will come the light,
As the sun rises on the horizon.

Then we set our roots down into the ground,
Your kisses just like rain showers,
And from the shoots our family grows,
As our love blossoms like the flowers.

Vickii Dodge

If you could come back for just one day,
Would you still smile, or shy away,
From the fabulous Queen that I have become,
No longer that child, so young and dumb,
Would you look into my eyes, heart filled with joy,
Or shed a tear for the creature that once was "your boy"?
Would you see a butterfly, where once was but a pod,
Or would you see a Monstrosity, cursed by the Gods?
What would I hear within your voice as you tried to put in words,
This thing that stands before you, glammed up in Diamonds & Pearls,
What would I see in those sandy eyes as you looked upon this face,
The love I saw, those years ago, or horror and dismay?
As I reached out to touch your face, how would you respond,
Would you recoil in disgust, or would we still share that bond,
That bond that tied us so tightly that we could barely breathe,
That paradise, that love, that trust, that let us feel so free,
Free to smell the flowers, free to feel the breeze,
Free to let our guard down, our fatal fallacy,
I'm not that free soul anymore, that child died with you,
I'm older, wiser, harder now, I see the world with a different view,
But although that child has long since gone, at Heart I'm still just me,
And so I get to wondering, were you here, what would you see?
Would you see a scarred shell, a crank, a freak, a Monster,
Or would you still just see "your boy", but older, wiser, stronger?

Kylah Rayne de' Medici McAden

I Shall Grow Again

Those gone before had buried me, left me beneath the ground.
A cold and lonely, empty place in darkness left to drown.
Until, your rays reached down to me and wound their tender coils
Around my broken heart to lift me back up from the soil.

You nurtured me, and patiently, encouraged me to grow.
You gave me confidence to find the new seeds I must sew.
Then, lifted me free from the earth, encouraged me to nourish
The love that had lain dormant within me until it flourished.

Now, when I look up to your smile I Basque in that beauty
And feel your glow reflect that beauty straight back down to me.
I blossom in your light, my hopes and dreams no longer blighted,
For in your warm embrace my love has now been re-ignited.

Laura Turner

A Bikers Tale

I was your little biker lass, more than 40 years ago,
We rode around the country, from St Albans to Glasgow
My waterproofs leaked my knees got cold, we got wet and mud splattered
Helmet ruining my auburn hair was the least of all that mattered

And now we’re 60 years of age with grandchildren so adored
We’ve hairs of grey, and not so thin, but d’you think we have matured?
We still go out on your Harley now, if aching joints permit
It’s a struggle getting on the back and putting on all the kit

Our journey together has been a whizz, every mile with you a pleasure
The fun and joy is something we’ve shared, no distance could ever measure.
Through many paths we’ve travelled on, the good ones and the bad
I’m proud to have been your biker lass, and you my biker lad.

Jane Guest

Time for Love

Love is ageless, it doesn't care
About missing teeth and greying hair
It may take longer to undress and lie back
Bones may creak and joints may crack
Teeth in a jar and wigs on the table
Searching for tablets, reading the label
Hearing aids disconnected, glass eyes taken out
Words of love will be a shout
Joint cream applied to knees and hands
Hair net secured with elastic bands
Trusses stored for another day
Back brace folded and put away
Glasses are left near at hand by the light
In case nature calls in the dead of night
Before Hanky Panky prayers must be said
You just never know when you might wake up dead
Now the time is finally here
"Let's make love, my doddering Dear!"
"It has taken two hours to get ready for bed
Let's just go to sleep instead!"

Phyllis Mckenna


My pencil
sketches the rails and ties
me to you

My ruler
struggles to measure
the miles

My pen
drowns a letter
in ink

My eraser
rubs away the trails
of the May blossom

I am a traveller
who carries
a suitcase of a pencil case

Maria Nikitina
Age: 16

White Smoke

Thank you to Jesslyn for submitting our very first video entry ever since opening up the competiton, a great showcase of creativity!

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Jesslynn O'Callaghan
Age: 13

Flirting with the thoughts
Mind swarmed of tricks
Toying with raw emotion
In a House made of Sticks

Miss His Beauty, His smile
Surfing Through the Soul
Forever Happy, Forever Whole

Deep and Green his eyes mesmerise
Euphoria dancing around my spine

Our Jigsaw valve, the pieces cemented
Tarnished, Varnished but always mended

Layla Reay

Love Grows

For a tree to take root it needs the right ground
When looking for love it was you that I found

For roses to nurture try adding horse muck
You realised quite early I’m no champion cook

For plants not to burn they require some shade
When my car broke down you came to my aid

For a bush to prosper, consider a prune
You don’t even mind that I can’t sing in tune

For a lawn to be healthy it needs a good mow
We’re there for each other come high or come low

For a flower to blossom it needs bright light
Say the words that are special each single night

For a seed to sprout, sprinkle with water
You love me so dearly and cherish our daughter

For our garden to bloom we need all sorts of weather
And boy aren’t I happy that we got together!

Abigail Harradine

As I snuggle up next to a hot fire, I dream of spring and what it will bring.

Bulbs springing up in yellow and white get me through the cold winter nights.

When I see the first bumble bee I knew it must be, the first sign of spring, it fills me with glee.

Days getting longer brings me to ponder, what shall I plant and where shall I start..?

Catherine Hadfield

Like the tree needs water, I need your love
Like the rain from the clouds, it's a gift from above
Like the roots reach down for the food it does crave
You anchor me safely and make me brave
Together we reach for the stars and the moon
Like the rustling of the leaves, we make our own tune
Children swung from our boughs, with joy did they play
And together we watched as they went on their way
In the twilight we stand, wizened, gnarly and older
But though winter draws on, our love never grows colder
So we live life together, much still to explore
For love grows and grows, though we're saplings no more

Heather Haigh


Oh trees, you are to me
Like honey is to bees
With you I breathe easy,
Never queasy
Like the fumes from those diesel cars

In Autumn your leaves begin to fall
When you hear the call
Of winter and the cold to come
Stoically you stand and bare your branches
In the feeble wintry sun

Oh trees, you slumber through
The months of snow and ice
Til snowdrops slowly bloom
And spring begins to entice
The buds to burst upon your bony limbs

Then warmed by the summer sun
Your full display
Of leaves, of fruit and flowers play
Upon your boughs in all their glory
Behold a bountiful, graceful, annual story

Oh trees, in a world without you
I could not be
You give us beauty in our lives
You are our lungs, our roots, our energy.

Annice Langton

My Valentine

You’re so beautiful; I’m a weed,
Can talk about nothing but compost and seed
Our blind date didn’t go quite to plan
Not your idea of a macho man

I’m a ‘Twitcher’, nervous you see
That’s why that waiter kept winking at me
It terrified you when my toupee fell off
Right in your bowl of tasty veg broth

Unimpressed with my bright blue flares
Admittedly we did get quite a few stares
I know I scared you half to death
But no need to call me Garlic breath!

Gardening is obviously not your thing
Bar beautiful roses, but prefer diamond ring
Your Facebook closed; you tweet no more
No answer whenever I knock at your door

I’m still to find that green-fingered someone
Who loves me like my dear old Mum
So, on this romantic fourteenth of Feb
It’s Monty Don on TV, then early to bed!!

Denise Jones

Ode to My Valentine

Can you spot the 20 song titles in this poem?

I’m hardly ever lost for words, inspiration’s what I need
I’m searching (looking for love), and hope I will succeed
I’m not scary, posh or ginger and my life is lacking spice
My Valentine could change that, wouldn’t it be nice?
I’m not too shy and some might say, I have a heart of gold
I’m down to earth and young at heart but need a hand to hold
I've been hunting high and low to find my Valentine
He needn’t be so macho, as long as he’s so fine
Though I just haven’t met you yet, I know dreams can come true
So sign your name across my heart and make me crazy for you
If Mr Right's out there, at last, then take a chance on me
And I’ll be right here waiting for delivery of my tree!

Colette Mellor

Two Hearts as One

It was as though the earth paused, frozen in time,
when my eyes met yours, and your eyes met mine.

Such pure beauty was brightly glaring from afar,
Like looking into the night sky to finding a shining Star.

Or a rainbow glowing brightly on a rainy day,
Supping it's energy from the sunshine's bright Ray.

A hypnotising stare seemed to last for an age,
We were starting a new chapter on the very 1st page.

Two hearts then began to beat together as one,
Our hands clasped so tightly, my inhabitations were gone.

I stare into your eyes, my heart pounding as I do,
Then my lips let loose three words, "I love you"

Butterflies are fluttering so briskly inside,
The love I feel already I just can not hide.

The future may not be a fairy tale I know that is true,
But I already know that I will always love you.

Lee Barker

We sowed the seeds with a humble "hello"
Planted firmly my interest with you did grow
We started off shakey as young saplings do
Taking confidence in each other we knew what to do
We nourished ourselves with love and care
Through even the worst storms (yes we had our share)
Instead of just fighting our branches bend with the breeze
Instead we take time out, soak up sunshine with ease
Now we're older we stand proud and tall
Even when your leaves start to fall..
It's always a comfort to know when you're feeling alone
You've a place at your roots, a place we call home.

Kelly Enisz

Was a decade ago on Valentines day,
I passed you a card and a present,
you laid up in bed the words you said,
inside you were feeling unpleasant.

A promise you spoke feeling so bad,
I told you that I did understand,
your cancer inside my love not denied,
kissed then held tight your hand.

Was a last Valentine we ever shared,
I still light a candle in your name,
try to stay strong it's hard to move on,
without you this life's not the same.

A promise to you sent from my heart,
I know that we both have to wait,
hope you will be once more beside me,
when I finally reach heaven's gate.

Tony Martin

There's a girl with a shy downward stare
and a boy who's just noticed her there
There's a girl who dares to take a quick glance
There's a boy who stops and seizes his chance
Theres a moment when their eyes meet
Her feet nervously shuffle beneath her seat
He was nervous, awkward and so incredibly young
Across a crowded school room is where it begun
Who would of guessed where the journey would lead
That that quick glance was only the seed
That the seed would grow into a beautiful oak tree
That boy is him and that girl is me
the oak of course our family.

Shelley Ford

I met my love a decade ago,
And little did I know,
He came a long and stole my heart
Til we never wanted to be apart,
We shared some hugs we shared some laughter
We shared some kisses and something after
We fell in love and soon enough
A baby was made out of love,
We had a daughter then had another
This perfect man made me a mother.
Times went by he got one knee!
He really wanted to marry me!
The day was perfect was meant to be,
I can’t believe he married me.
I feel so lucky to be his wife,
To be with him the rest of my life

Charlotte Richardson

Lost Love

Your past’s unspoken, but on display
A locked up room, not far away.

And sometimes, you use the key
To show me how, you used to be.

The hopes, fears, and might have beens
The cast, the sets, the ‘mise en scenes’.

And some of them, are still in play
Within your head, about your day.

There’s little room, or time or space
For me, within this special place.

You’ve gone again, to somewhere willed
Your place in bed, is cold and chilled.

What can I say, what can I do?
But be the one, that from you flew?

Goodbye my love, I wish you well
It’s time for me, to go, not dwell.

Andy Cogan