2017 Valentines Day Competition entries

Have a look at the 2017 Valentines Day Poetry Competition entries below...

If you I go to heaven and You are not there,
I will carve our names on a golden chair,
for all the angels their to see
I Love You and you love me,
if you are not there by judgement day
I will know you have gone the other way,
and just to show my love for you,
I would go to Hell to be with you.

Christine Clarkson

Love you more

now I see it's a competition. Plus,
I can run faster, type longer lines,
make Valentine cards in half the time.
I give nicer gifts, cry more tears,
sigh bigger sighs. Since you left,
I feel greater stress. I really miss you,
more or less.

Timothy Pilgrim

Sometimes the loss will be just that much bigger benefit for my heart told trend
I have often thought that he was born after the dissolution originator of what was then death you write in the originator,
when permeate me completely heart broken
crying yourself apart from what I can
who gives you the power of my mind clears,

V Meera

That Loving Feeling...

Your mind's my favourite planet.
Your skin's my promised land.
Your eyes are my secret ocean.
I'm anchored by your hand.

Watch me.
Wash over me.
Take me high and cradle me down.

Join with me.
Fly with me.
Far above this town.

By Sara Jones (age 51 for her loveliest lovely called Alan)

To comprehend LOVE ,I would not,
When to the wrong one, i was attatched,
All I needed, was a perfect puzzle fit,
That would grant me, the wish to experience, love's nourishment fleet.
You my love, are that perfect fit,
That intertwines with me to produce a beautiful pic.

I bubble with LOVE when around you,
Like the sun I glow when you touch me,
With me you laugh,
Along with me you cry,
For me you pray,
And by me you stand.

The hearts palpitating,
Thoughts racing,
Veins pumping,
Nerves breaking.
When you speak I go koookaaa,
When you skip I wanna jump,
When you run I wanna sprint.

Cry and I shall wail,
Smile and I shall laugh,
Your speech so eloquent,
Your words so enchanting
And your presence so embracing.
Long story short, I LOVE YOU MY LUV.

By : Viquee Ofula
(Victoria H)

In the days brightened hour,
came thee with a halo around,
came here to be
A thousand praises to the heavens did I sing making me fly by her wing

With hearts overwhelming joy did I fly
On top of the mountains so,
high all the tears that rolled down,
fear that crept in
Faded away on flying with my hearts twin

Her voice could I ever hear
Like a sound of a million harp
To this dying heart so dear
All the days were joyous and fine
No darkness but heavenly shine

Its time said she and disappeared in to the skies
so wide my heart taken back by the tide
Of fear of loosing someone
that my heart cannot hide

followed the voice of my heart
went i, passing the cloud to the one
i never wanted to be apart
with drums and trumpets

was i welcomed, to a grand setting a hand placed above mine
said these words "take her as your wife"
words thundered, and a ring that shined
never could believe,cause t'was too high
returned not both the angel and i