2013 Valentines Day Poetry Competition

The 2013 Valentines Day Poetry Competition Winner is...

The food of love.

The world is my fish finger; meat balls the spice of life,
Certainly food for thought, soon becoming your wife.
Love is my vitamin, my fruit and my veg,
Snuggies are my coco-pops; cuddles my potato wedge.
Life is like a banquet, on which to feast and gorge,
The food of love is plenty, and in this relationship we forge.
Trusting like a Sunday roast,
As comfy as hot buttered toast.
Happiness like strawberries and cream,
Lemon meringue...we’re living the dream.
If long life is the key,
Then I want my milk to be UHT.
Add zest like lemon and twist like lime,
There our ingredients- it will last over-thyme.
Like roasting chestnuts by the open fire,
Like hot soup on a winter’s day,
Sweet and fluffy like a bar of milkyway.
Preheat the oven... turn up the heat,
Let’s cook up a relationship that’s good enough to eat.
Laura Newbould-Jones


A BIG congratulations Laura! From all the Tree2mydoor team.


This is my poem for my gorgeous husband
It’s not just the smile that wrinkles your nose,
Or the wonderful way you wiggle your toes,
It’s not that cute look, when in your underpants you pose,
It’s all in the loving of this lucky woman you chose!
Now we can carve our names  upon the door,
And together in love, hug a tree forever more.
Mrs Kathy Friend

I love you when you’re happy
I love you when you’re sad,
I love you when you’re smiling
I love you when you’re mad
It’s not because you’re handsome
It’s not because you’re true
The reason why I love you
Is just because you’re you
Sharon Spriggs


My dear, sweet Valentine


My dear, sweet Valentine,
Oh how I wish you could be mine.
Whenever I see you my heart flutters,
Whenever I talk to you I stutter.
I wish you knew what you do to me,
Oh how I wish you could see.
We will never be more than friends,
Even when I write about you in pen.
I guess you think this is creepy,
Well I guess it sounds weepy.
What I'm trying to say is,
Would you be my Valentine kiss?
I know you think you know me,
But look around and try and see me.
I will love you forever and always,
Even when we pass in the school hallways.
Thank you for the best years of my life,
Even though it is you i have to sacrifice.
I enjoy every minute with you,
And I promise to let you choose.
Please be my Valentine,
You really are quite Devine.
From your secret admirer x
Sian Currell

The Dance
Let me
take your hand
dance with you seductively
under the starlit skies
the full moon
envelops our bodies
with her radiance.
Let me
hear your voice
like that of an amorous ballad
set my soul ablaze.
Feel my fingertips
dance across
seducing, igniting
as I avow my love for you.
Let me
kiss your sensual lips,
and let our tongues dance
in the rhythm of love.
My love…
dance with me under
the starlit skies...
Dance with me,
Paul Costello


I could stand forever in the circle of your arms,
And ask for nothing but that every now and then,
(Say once every hundred years),
I might lay my cheek against your mouth,
Touch it to your curving jaw
And then feel your nose, blunt as a full stop.
The warmth of your mouth the ceasing of every longing,
The full stop at the end of me.
Tara Gallagher


Valued as you are to me
As you always will be
Love you more than words can say
Even more with each passing day
Never ever will we be apart
Till end of time you’re in my heart
In my arms you will always stay
Now forever and a day
Ever in my heart you’ll stay
Elaine Dale To my husband of nearly 35 years, (Stuart).




The willow stands rooted strong and tall
he stoops to conquer but does not fall
lovers come their secrets it keeps
arms entwined as it gently weeps
Proposals are made, kisses are had
the willow still weeping but hes not sad.
Christine Hobbs

Across the board again we play


"Has thou yet found love this day?"
"No, tis elusive still" I say
A nod of brother understanding
"Tis early yet, take heart"
Pawn to Rook and on we play

Each time anew our duel ensues
A game of life a game of chance
On board our pieces easily controlled
Life in not so simply swayed
My failure exposed each game
Always the question doth he ask
Before he takes me to the task

"Has thou found love this day?"
My monotonous answer does enrage
"No, tis elusive still this day"
"Tomorrow you shall succeed,
Some things are worth the wait"
A smile and on we play

The days grow into years
The short spring of my life
Summer one shadow alone shows my pain
Autumn without a sole embrace
Winter all too soon

Still we play still we meet
For old warriors the game always calls
Even when failure is ensured
"Always am I destined to be betrayed
By those to whom all bare I have laid?"

My voice comes hoarse when again we meet
My hands hold my head in defeat
Look now at the end of my life
What have I to show for my toil
My hair is grey and I am alone
"Does not everyone deserve some love?
Some reward for all that is taken,
For all that is torn?"

A sound from across the board
Does impede my thought rampage
My eyes are lifted to see form prostrate
His king across the boards does lay
But I have not yet made my play

I sat near his bed and pray
His words come softly to my ear
"Has thou found love yet this day?"
His hand in mine I hold
"Nay, more than love have i found this day"
Stefano Modena

To my partner of 33 years:


Without a shadow of a doubt
you are the one my lifes about,
so romantic, a fantastic fella,
I LOVE YOU 'Valentine',
signed Cinderella!
Mo Duiker

My Man 

He is my dance,
My fine romance.

He warms my heart,
We're never apart.

He cooks for me,
He looks for me,

In crowded place
He seeks my face.

He paves my way
Completes each day!
Katrina Crate


The unfinished threads
Vibrant inks
The strands await
Pliant hands

The image forms
Absent cause
The mindless actions
Open doors

The new direction
Painted red
The passions unsaid
Bursting forth

The titles change
loves lust
The passing phase
Warm blue

The honeymoon view
Summers come
The tapestry tears
Stitched anew

The image changed for two
Joe McMullan

Roses are red and violets are blue 

This tree will grow like my love grows for you.

Tara Hutchison

Tracy My love, my darling

my sweet
Since we met my life
is complete
When you are not here I miss
the tenderness of your kiss
But most of all
When we are apart
I miss you so much
With all my heart.
Tim Hills

Twenty Four years,

Our love has blossomed,
Laughter lines shared as well as tears,
Three daughters we made,
Grand-children they gave,
Trips we have taken,
Memories we have made,
Through good times and bad times,
Our lives we have shared,
Our souls sometimes bared.
Twenty Four more years ?
Let's hope so my dear !
Lee Fitzgerald

Just like the flowers in my garden garden that bloom,

You make me laugh, you make me swoon,
You are my Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring,
So please accept this engagement ring,
Please become my loving wife,
And be my Valentine for the rest of my life.


He is the air that I breathe, the tears that I cry, 

The smile on my lips, the twinkle in my eye,
He's the part that's missing, the piece that makes me whole,
He's the only one who can see deep into my soul,
He's my stretch when I wake, my yawn before I sleep,
I threw the rest away, he's the one I decided to keep.

Beverley Kerry

My heart burns with desire

You set me on fire
Loves taken root
Please let it fruit

Sue Johnson

Growing Together

Ever since we met that night
When we kissed, it felt just right
Like I had known you before
That familiar sense, I couldn't ignore
Twenty One years have flew by
We're both a bit older, yes..we sigh!
Sharing milestones in our life
Twelve years ago, I became your wife
Sealed our love with our two beautiful babies
Who have grown into little ladies
Our love is strong and ties are bound
In you, my soul and partner, I've found.
Sharon McGuinness

If i was a leaf, you would be my tree,

If i was a flower you`d be a bee,
If i was a door, you would be my key,
If you read this, you`ll think `How bloomin sloppy!`

Ellie Thatcher

My Valentines Poem

This poem is to my dog, Hudson

Your fur is red and your eyes are brown,
You are the most wonderful dog that would ever be found.

The true love of my life has to work long hours during the day,
But you my dear dog fills the void when he goes away.

You are loyal and funny and we have such fun on our walks,
Except of course when you roll in stinky poop!

I know that you understand each and every word spoken,
And also the ones that are not.
You fill my days with love and fun when my soul mate cannot be here,
And I treasure every day that I have with you.
Jo Ovenden

How do I measure 

The love I have for you?
I thought, while idly watching
A sparrow sippin' dew
And as I pondered thoughtfully
I gave my head a rub
And then I thought "Oh sod it
I'm going to the pub!"
Lisa Dunne

If my love was a heart,

And said to be true.
The shape would be perfect,
And red hot, not blue.

Kate Williamson

Love is ..............

Love is passion, romance and joy,
Love is knowing that one special boy,
Love is a strength that no one can deny,
Love is all around us, something money just can't buy.
Love is very special it makes the world go round,
Love is just so brilliant you know it when its found.
Love is warm and tender, Love is kind and true, but most of all what's wonderful is the meaning of
Love is YOU!
Mariella Lloyd

Our eyes met across the room

(it was a crowded pub)
And soon you became my groom
(and we put on a bit of chub!)

Now here we are after many a year
You still turn me to jelly
With your lovely smile and blue eyes so clear
(And a little bigger belly!)

Love you to bits forever
My darling valentine
Growing older together
Hearts and minds entwined .....
Kathryn Proto

The month, the day

The time, the place
All merge into the blur
But you are safe
You are home

I look into your eyes
And I hold your hand
Your eyes close
And I feel that one day
You will not know me

I hope you will feel
My love and care
My being there
Though your memories have gone
And I am a stranger

It will be gradual
I will adjust
And I think you will trust me
For so strong
Is the bond between us
Jane Hulton-Harrop

(I have made a love poem for my husband, who is suffering with Lewy Body Dementia. Not perhaps the typical sort of Valentine poem but it is from the heart and will  maybe  strike a chord with others...)

My Valentine

My Valentine is a picture, her golden wrist like a rose,
Her spirit held in a soft flame of stillness, freed in a pose.

My Valentine is a dancer, unfastened hair like a tide,
Her fingers fly out of time's rut: and pluck my heart as it blows.

My Valentine is an actress, whose neck is softer than sky,
She turns to me like a planet, and everything else explodes.

My Valentine is a priestess who trails her heaven scent
To hell and back round a navel the musk-deer* endlessly roves.

O heart, this quest is your own end, you're lost and that's why you win,
You’re stripped of even your held breath and kiss what God alone knows.

*The Kasturi-mriga, a deer of the Himalayas whose navel yields musk.
Gareth Calway

All the love 

All the love that history knows,
Is said to be in every rose.

All the love that makes me merry,
Can only be found in a Flowering Cherry

All the love that I can see,
would not be lost on a Tulip Tree.

So love for life,
And love forever.
Wine and chocolates
Can make it better.

But all the love that I adore
Is sent direct by Tree2mydoor.

Dedicated to my husband, Mike, of 25 years this year.
Jeannette Austen

To my childhood sweetheart on Valentines Day 2013

(in our 40th year of marriage)
Over all the land and all the sea,
There`s many young maidens, to meet for glee,
But none sae fair, as can compare,
To the bonnie, wee lassie that married me!
William Wyllie


'I love you so much ' as they say ,
You're my sunshine on a rainy day,
You're the air that I breathe ,
You're my sun , my moon, and my Milky-way!
You're my inspiration each and everyday ,
To go on living come what may.
You're my rock , my guiding light ,
Even in darkest night.
I miss you when we are apart ,
Living without you would break my heart .
You're the one I just happened to meet,
Out of the blue ,
When  I was far from looking for 'Mr New'!
I apologise for all these Cliches,
But what else can I do ?
See it's happened since the world began ,
To love another though is nothing new ...
But thank the heavens that I meet  YOU!
Michelle Morrow