Valentines Day Poetry 2012

The winning poem

Matthew you are my Valentine as you have been for 13 years,
To think how on earth we've managed it reduces me to tears,
I met you when I was 14, I thought I was a lucky girl,
Now i'm almost 27 and you still have me in a whirl.
We've done a lot together, been to paradise and back,
How on earth you've put up with my PMT, I take off my hat!
We have a baby daughter and another one on the way,
I know we'll all be together forever and a day.

Kayleigh Sheppard

Entries for our 2012 Poetry Competition

I see you there
I see you there the wonder that I see,
I see you there will you be mine can this be,
I see you there you are my love.
I see you there you wrapped my heart in a glove.
I see you there and hope I always will as my love for you will never falter, wither away or alter.

Mike Whaley

Valentine's a day to say, "I love you,"
A ritual that stages something real,
Letting out the truth of what I feel
Even as I think it often of you.
Nor could I with such grace without this day
Tell you that I'm grateful that I have you,
Impress upon you just how much I need you,
Needing such a frame for what I say
Even as I would my heart reveal.


I wish I was a shoe,
And you a piece of leather,
And some old cobbler came along,
And sewed us both together.

Mrs Maureen Millward

Valentine's Day reminds me
of the smile I smile
every time I think of you,
the emotional lift I feel
at the sound of your name.
Valentine's Day reminds me
of the strength and comfort I get
from knowing
there are people like you in my life.
Everything good about Valentine’s Day
reminds me of you.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Lee Tunnicliffe

Once again it’s that time of year
To honour those you hold so dear.
It’s time to show through word and deed
That special person is the one you need.
A chosen card or a special gift
Will always give our spirits a lift.
But this year I will also remember to say
That I love you more each and every day.

Bridget Masters

Beautiful Dreamer
Twirling through the cherry trees
Into his arms always open.
Daisies, daffodils and dahlia
Smiling, dancing; simply spoken.
You call me ‘Beautiful Dreamer’
As I wait for the stars to come out.
Ignorant of an inglorious people;
The world changing on a merry-go-round.
By day you skip in the sparkling sun.
By night, you dance beneath the moon and stars.
He smiles upon your shimmering skirts
While the moon shines down on you, dancing.
Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for you
As I spin in this splendid sunshine
Surrounded by God’s benign beauty;
A world lulled by the moonlight.
‘Beautiful Dreamer of a bright light
Glowing incandescently by my side.
Twirling through the cherry trees
Smiling, dancing; simply spoken.’

Roisin Jenkinson

It took me many years to find love of a very special kind
You may not have the look of youth and can be a little uncouth
But I no without a thought that love like this cannot be bought
You make happy my life's complete
I just can't stand your smelly feet
If love is blind I cannot see
You mean the whole world to me
Valentines gifts what are they
They never seem to come my way
Silly gifts I don't need in my life
Cause one day soon i'll be your wife

Tonya Duprey

My heart was broke
life changed at a stroke.
Then chanced to see
the radiance of your face, my Valentine.
Ah! my heart sang
when you smiled at me.
Couldn't believe the seriousness
of your surprise declared intent, my Valentine.
Now life looks good
future all fully mapped out.
I want to scream and shout
Yes! Yes! to your proposal, my Valentine.

Mrs S Gandey

I want to give you more than flowers to show you my true love.
Quickly they wither, Roses are lovely but yet are not enough.
I want something to say I really do love you.
With real meaning for every season and always in your view.
Always in time together loving forever mature and always intwined,
So I send a tree  too your door you are my true love my Valentine xxxx

Mrs Marie Nicklin

I love him so much, he's just so sweet,
His smile and personality you just co uldn't beat,
Sometimes he's silly and picks his nose,
He jumps around and steps on my toes,
He's so funny and very smart,
My nephew Maxx has my heart

Lindy Hamilton

My hubbys not romantic but i still love him lots,
he doesnt buy me flowers,
or gifts wrapped in a box,
but he'll clean up all the dishes,
and get up in the night,
to change a stinky nappy,
or just dim down the light,
this year i have decided as a special treat,
to make his favourite dinner,
and something nice and sweet,
then after we will sit,
and have some yummy wine,
whilst we watch a little tv,
kids sleeping,
how divine ;-)

Melanie Edjourian

A closed little bud could blossom into a beautiful flower.
That single raindrop could bring down a shower.
Those muddy footprints may lead to an inviting shore
Cupid has come calling so please open your Door.

Delia Cazzato

A Diamond ring I would buy,
big enough to make any woman cry!
Then relaxing under a setting sky,
I would ask - Marry me, Sweetie Pie?

Stuart Dunlop

I married you, darling, a long time ago
They told me for better or worse
You`ve been by my side for four decades or more
It`s been more a blessing than curse.
You`re a fabulous bloke - a regular saint -
In fact,you`re an absolute brick.
You dig in the garden with all the right tools -
A very big shovel and pick.
I hope we have many more years yet to come,
Both of us digging away.
So please send some trees to this derby and joan
In time for valentine`s day!

Mrs Lin Parsons

A witty ditty from my true love,
After 23 years of a rollercoaster ride -
Violets are Red,
Roses are Blue,
I am so confused!
Must be living with you!
I never know from day too day,
How the mood will take you,
Whether you’ll hug me to death
Or bite my head off,
But I wouldn’t swop you,
Or the marvellous adventure that
is our marriage.
Don’t ask my why I stay.
Must be the mad part of me that remembers
the day I said,
"I love you, ‘till death do us part!"
Now I have expressed my undying love
in the closest thing to mushy verse,
can I please have just one day off from my
never-ending scroll-list of jobs to do?

Amanda Goldston

To my Dearest Husband Mr Fox,
I don't mind washing your pants or smelly socks,
but for all my hard work I must implore,
please buy me a gift from treetomydoor!

Kirsty Fox

You're there for me, you always were,
the times I smiled when I felt like tears.
You made me brave when I just gave up
You led me through despite my fears.
I married you on trust not knowledge
Hoping you would show the way
You made me feel that if I had the courage
Your love would reflect the state of play.
I acepted your proposal after just seven days
Three months later we tied the knot
Hoped and believed that the love I craved
Was meant to be in the eternal plot.
After thirty years my fears are gone,
Replaced by trust and I love where you lead
the warmth that I wanted has come, you shone
My hero in time meets my every need

Gerri Tennant

To Stevie
The minute that I saw you
I knew you were the one
Pulling pints behind the bar
Smiling, having fun.
I had a boyfriend at the time
But that was not to be
I had my eye on you for sure
If only you would see!
One night we all went dancing
A group of friends just having fun
I had a few too many wines.......
And that's why what was did was done!!!!  ;)
And ever since that night you know,
We've barely been apart,
20 years, laughter, tears
2 kids and you're my heart.

Michelle Bruce

The Hungry Lover
I met you on that moon silvered night
You, with your huge appetite.
How would I get you into bed?
Piece of cake. Take it as read.
You nibbled during foreplay
You munched whilst we made hay.
I kissed lips full of crumbs
But most of those were on our bums.
You started to talk of how to bake
You stop me putting icing on your cake.
Pray, be my Valentine said I
But you gave me the recipe for banoffee pie.

Ian Johnson

After forty years of wedded bliss
I just want to tell you this
There were plenty more fish in the sea
But you were the best catch for me!

Val Fish

Let us make uncertainty our home,
we can be a wigwam of limbs and lust,
pitched in this field of unknown,
we can casually idle in kisses
built for nothing but this....

Jess Howard-Armitage

You'll always remember the time I forgot,
A Valentines Day on which there were not,
Flowers nor chocolates not even a card.
I felt the pain when you took it so hard.
I said, as I held you,
Cometh a day, when I'll show you my love, in a most special way.'

Summer and cricket and you came to the ground,
Out on the boundary, you were there to be found.
In the afternoon sun whilst you lay in the deep,
Your eyes slowly closed as you fell fast to sleep.

You woke to the sound of the ball on the bat,
and a tumultuous call from a nearby, 'HOWZAT?'

Standing before you whilst pointing above
I said, ‘Now my darling, I'll show you my love.
Here is my present written on high.
For what more could you ask,'

Tony Butlin

An Ode How Not to be my Valentine
Don’t bring me flowers for Valentine,
You know very well I’d rather have wine.
Don’t write me a long heartfelt verse,
It’s all very well but I’d rather have pearls.
Don’t try and woo me with flowers & song
It might suit some, instead bring me a thong.
Don’t book a romantic candlelit meal,
Tickets to the theatre will seal the deal.
Don’t whisk me away for a City break,
Romance starts at home with chips and a steak.
No candlelit dancing under the stars for me,
Let’s rock out to AC/DC.
I don’t want a card with a verse by Proust
Instead do the washing up and clean the house.
Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m demanding,
But abide by this and our love’s long-standing.

Caroline Elmhirst

To my Valentine, Hubby Mr. T
It’s our 5th wedding anniversary this year -
Gosh, I didn’t ever imagine we would get here.
Seems like such a short while ago when you first caught my eye -
Thinking of that night still makes me smile.
Who knew we would embark on a journey of a decade long -
From the moment we met to the day I’m writing this poem.
Hopefully our love continues growing -
No matter if it’s sunny or if the wind is blowing.
I will always be your little bit crazy wife -
I hope you will always be a part of my life!

Saija Mahon

As days grow long and moments short
Gentle breezes blow clouds over rolling hills
Synchronised seagulls swoop in aerial ballet
A graceful production entrances and thrills
Grace and beauty takes my breath away
Nureyev or Fonteyn cannot match this revue
As the world looks up in peaceful hush,
Then you awake and breathe elegance into this view
Beauty and refinement to make a robin blush
I remember when you stole my heart away
And the thought of you touched my soul
And passion burned the night away
And life was a tapestry for us to unroll
Nights were cold but we were hot
Remember that wonderful time
As we grow old, should our hearts grow cold
I’ll remember the joy that you were mine
Though our eyes now grow dim and our limbs creak
Our love has remained steadfast
We never lost the mystery or mystique
We just saved the best ‘till last.

Harry Toye

Love's old image of hearts and flowers, romantic music and ivory towers,
makes young lovers chase a dream that isn’t really all it seems.
Love’s something deep within your heart that makes it ache when you’re apart.
If you should find your true soul-mate, no gifts could ever compensate.
For time spent with that special one and as life’s tangled web is spun.
Love will grow despite the lack of expensive gifts and romantic tat.
Love is the memories you make - the gifts the icing on the cake.
But sometimes a spot of icing’s nice and champagne and chocolates would suffice!

Elspeth Durrand

We were so in love that day,
You swept me off my feet leaving me with nothing to say.
No bad feelings to feel no hatred in my heart,
That day nothing could tear us apart.
There was no reason to feel loneliness or despair,
Because you were there I knew you cared.
When I'm with you all my problems disappear,
I can't seem to think straight whenever you’re near.
I know I'm lucky to have you in my life,
To keep me from feeling pain or strife.
When I'm alone all I think about is you,
When I wake up in the morning or have nothing else to do.
You’re the last thing I think about at night,
And when I fall asleep I dream of holding you tight.
I love you so much I hope you see,
How much you really mean to me.

Lisa Waugh

Hands in your pockets
Don't sit there
And look at the ground
Before telling me you love me.
Don't close your eyes
And mutter under your breath
Until your lips begin to tremble.
Don’t close your eyes
Or start picking your eyelashes.
Don't put your hands
In your pockets
Or start fiddling with
Your damp gloves
On the radiator.
Just tell me
You love me
And stop fiddling
With your laces
Until they look like a Jigsaw.

Andy N

I Love Him
I love him,
But i dont know how to tell.
Everyday i cant help wonder,
If he feels this way as well.
It's sad when i think,
He might not feel the same.
He doesn't know what im thinking,
He doesn't feel my pain.
I think of him,
Though night and day.
I try to get closer to him,
And hope he feels the same way.
Three years later,
And I love him still.
We are best friends now,
And i still don't know how to tell.

Mackenzie Hutchinson
You mean the world to me.
You are my sun, my star, my knight,
You mean the world to me.
And what you fill my heart up with,
Is sure enough pure glee.
I have never told you, enough times what you mean to me,
But now I can,
On this special day,
To tell you,
You mean the world to me.

Lauren Harper

Sending a valentine
to one I hold true
My darling I'm sending
my sweet love to you
You are deserving
of the best of my love
Heaven must've sent you
from heaven above

Laura Main

Roses are red violets are blue
I thank god every day that I have you
I love you James

Mrs Sarah Brobin

Valentines Day is nearly here,
Our very first one which makes it dear,
We dont have much money, but we don't mind,
Because cuddles are free and we'll share a glass of wine.
I am glad i'm with you Tom and I know this will be,
The best ever Valentines there has ever been.

Rebecca Marshall

An ode to my husband, Paul. It is our 12th wedding anniversary today (Valentine's Day):
I was just sixteen and you were just nineteen,
When we met thirteen years ago this May.
And Heaven knows we sure were keen,
And we got married twelve years ago this Valentine's Day.
People thought that we must be mad,
Getting married oh so young,
But we were happy and very glad,
To seal our love unsung.
As time went by, our love grew more and more,
Days turned into months and then years,
And proved what we already knew for sure,
That this wasn't going to end in tears.
Then our son was born in the year two thousand and two,
He made our family and our lives complete.
A wonderful life we had created together then grew,
And our family is so strong it's not one you could beat. 131

We love each others quirks,
We see them as our relationship perks.
Happy anniversary & Valentine's Day, Paul xxx

Yvonne Brownsea

When the vellum of my life
is offered up to the light of finality
assuredly there will be the watermark
of your love.

Margaret Carruthers

My wife name of Sue
Without her I'd be blue
20 year of matrimonial bliss
But each day we still kiss
Beautiful kids there are 3
All a little piece of me
She's my true love
Sent from heaven above
To lighten my life
By being my wife

John Mills