Valentines Day Poetry 2011

The winning Poem


On our 1st Valentine's day you gave me a rose But alas the smell got right up my nose A chocolate heart for my 2nd Valentine Supposed to have my name on but they hadn't iced mine! For our 3rd Vally day ooh what did we do? Nothing cos you spent it in bed with man flu For our 4th Valentine you took me away But the weather was awful, it rained all day For our 5th Vally day we didn't do nowt For our 6th Vally day we had a meal out Our 7th and our 8th we spent with our child The 9th and the 10th I recall were quite wild Of 14th February I give a mixed review But after all these years I still love you So forget all the others let's get down and dirty As this year is Valentine's day Number 30!

Carole Littlehales

Entries for our 2011 Poetry Competition

You make my heart turn to jelly though sometimes your bum is a little smelly. you make my heart skip a beat but that may just be your stinky feet on a serious note I love you so and when you hold me I never want to let go. Your smile, your eyes, your beautiful kiss When your not here its you I truly miss. You are the equivalent to my valentines candy and I must say you make me randy ;) You are the man in my life whom I adore and I shall love and love you for everyday more

Carla Morris

I'd like to grow an apple tree but only with you by my side, I would watch it grow much like our love and feel an overwhelming pride, As years go on the fruit will grow and our family will too, then together we can enjoy our fruit with love so strong and true.

Gemma Harrison

I know you do not love me I know you do not care but if you ever need me, you know that id be there Your love may all be taken, your heart may not be free but when your heart is broken you can always turn to me I'll always be close at hand to ease you with your pain for every ray of sunshine there must be a little rain I'll never stop loving you I know because I've tried all the oceans could not have the tears that I have cried.

Donna Hunt

I'm sorry I forgot the flowers, The forecourt selection was bleak... And I seem to have no card, Though they've been in the shops for weeks. You told me not to buy you choccies, Because you were watching you figure. Apparently you over indulged at Christmas, And your bum is now a lot bigger. What I do have is a cuddle, And a bevvy of sloppy kisses. For my beautiful darling Valentine... My wonderful perfect missus. (written for a mate who had no idea what to put in his wife's card last year. She laughed - thank god!)

Kelly Dudley

I love you; your spirit and strength, The way that your perfect eyes shine, I love ally you do; I love all you are; But mostly I love that you're mine

Cathy Gordon

Every time its valentines your meant to be in love. You've got to have a special guy who fits you like a glove Chocolate, cards and jewellery should rain down on your head he should spoil you rotten And you should take him tea in bed Well this year I don't want to know you can keep your commercial toy I'm giving and receiving a hug this year which will be full of valentine joy

Kelly Hooper

my mummy was a single mum for years she did it on her own from before my little sister was born she worked so hard and looked so worn then one fine day mere 8 years on she stumbled on a kind young one they'd met a school few years before no more men!!!, my mummy swore finally she gave in and met the kindest fellow, my gran did vet he had a shock when he met us at first we didn't make a fuss but now he really knows us well and so in love we all have fell mum and chris got married last year and now we live happy ever after!!!! wrote on behalf of my two children brad and beth lol

Nicci Cowdell-Murray

Shopping can be a terrible chore, So I went on the website, Tree2mydoor. I knew I had found the best possible place, To find a great gift that would light up your face. A citrus or fig tree, I couldn't decide, Their range of shrubs was varied and wide. I imagined a sapling that grew tall and high, And just like our love, would't wither and die. I pondered for a little while, To find a tree that would make you smile. Fragrant, fruity large or small, Tree2mydoor had them all. I wondered if a Wollemi Pine, Would ensure you'd be eternally mine. Perhaps a Dwarf Flowering Japanese, would be seen as an amorous tease. Undecided that was me, Till I found the Twisted Olive Tree. From your ever loving wife, Comes this tree, a gift of life. Thanks to all at Tree2mydoor, For this unique gift, I know you'll adore.

Julie Al-Zoubi

Love is what it is You can't explain it You can't see it You can only feel it Let me feel this love..... Within my heart Within my soul Within my spirit The kind of love that we desire The kind of love that ignites our fire The kind of love held in the power Of a beautiful valentines day flower Let me feel this love.... Within my life.

Vicki Sherman

Your waistband is expanding And your hair is getting thin Your face is getting wrinkly But my heart feels the same, within. I love you just as much As the day that we were wed To me you're still a handsome man Although maybe too well fed! Your eyesight's getting dodgy And your hearing's pretty sad But for a man of middle age I don't think you’re doing bad. You are my sun, you are my moon You are my torchlight it the gloom I love your lines I love your smile, For you I'd walk a thousand miles.

Sarah Giuffrida

Don't know how to write a love song for you. My words can't do justice to a man like you. You hold in your hands my fragile heart, Which strains whilst we're apart. When everything feels so unsure, The only thing that's clear is I love you forever more. You're there for me, to dry my tears, And take away my deepest fears. I love your smile, it fills me with glee. I'll remember it eternally. All that I know is you've changed me for good, And that somehow, inside, I knew that you would. My Boundless, Beautiful, Breathtaking Ben.

Cat Huthinson

Valentine's Day and just one year, I wish my dream would come true, a card that says "I Love You Dear" and a bunch of flowers, or two. Or maybe a rose, stiff in a vase or a tiny teddy bear I'm not after yachts or cars I know the money isn't there. But would it be too much hassle would it cause you so much harm Im not asking for a castle there's no need for alarm. But after 20 years together you'd think that there would be a little more on Valentine's morn than "where's the sugar for my tea?".

Andria Estell-Gibson

Wide eyed by the window we watch the birds fly, together we sit on this valentines night Share a drink in the kitchen with prime beef on the menu, a toast to a long life together at any venue I look into your eyes they sparkle like jewels, we cannot love? who made this rule? You see only the suface but im just assuming, for i'm not man i am cat whos says v day is only for humans?

Natalie Ramsey

My love for you is like a creeper slowly caressing a house. From the outside, no-one notices its progess, but to me its as clear as a bath filling drip by drip. Every day it kisses further across my heart, cradles my ribs through each breath, and promising to knock me over from the foundations.

Lizzy Dening

A year ago was pretty bad You were angry, I was sad The love we had, had drained away It looked as though we'd had our day We struggled on through fights and tears We'd scream and shout but never hear But now we're moving past the pain Attempting to be together again This year it seems we have a chance Of moving forward, no backward glance Appreciating our lot in life Staying together as husband and wife Enjoying happy times once more Talking, listening, feeling sure Working at keeping love alive Knowing this we should survive

Lisa Walters

Teddy's and dolls With what is wrong with a cuddle, not a lot of people do it. Have a teddy, have a doll, little children big or small. Do you love me? yes i do, can i have a cuddle? away with you! Love and affection, a kiss with you, please give me love and cuddles, i want to be with you. My house is full of teddy's and dolls big and small, with lots of children to cuddle them all.

Shona Clark

Love Poetry I can't write sentimental love songs, Or odes or sonnets or such, To be honest with you they make me sick, I really don't like them that much. I can't read sentimentality, Or sugary, syrupy goo, Which says (repeat in baby voice) I weely, weely love you. I don't like sickly sweetness, Things saying 'you are the one', They make me cringe, they're so horrid, Like poems with fluffy pink icing on. I don't want a sonnet written to me, Or a maudlin, soppy love-song, And if you ever choose to write one, You will probably prove me wrong!

Joanne Pickles

My Lover's Death At Harbours edge the waters grew where my lover was plunged to fate The breeze it blew and rasped my face That stared to stars at heaven's gate He stood tall with shoulders stern Unknowing of fear to force a shake His back was firm like the harbours wall Through glinting teeth a smile did break Why doth he smile? My heart it shook How could he in death be praising At the loss of love we once shared The scoundrel, the beast, now raze him "In death I smile for eternal love that from now can never be taken Poison your lips upon my grave and in heaven we shall be unshaken" He shouted this clear from the harbour edge In strength I knew my endeavour I ran with haste to the cemetery near To wait for my love and forever

Peter Doveston

Clock of the heart: Here is the ghost of my former wife pressing her stomach against my ear- I hear a clock I cannot touch- does she see my earthly tears as she deposits part of my spirit into the clock to unlock the door to eternity. This final visit i reach inside of her and cradle the clock like a rose-she reaches inside of me and touches my heart.

Fred Wesley

Do you know? I'm lost without you, hold me tight, And whisper nothings in my ear. I carry you with every step, In mind, in body, in my heart. When days become nightmares, as they often do, I dote on thoughts of finding peace at home, Cocooned and settled in your arms, A blissful night rest just with you. I love the way you make me smile, Or burst in child's laughter when you joke. Despite my years I feel young, My life has now a purpose, to beguile. There is no burden which I wouldn't help you obviate, Climb mountains bare hand and soon return, To be around you and thank God, That you found me, my wonderful soul mate.

Demetra Ciobanu

Take One Lover On hot days or when it's cold, Love is best eaten raw With no time spent in preparation or careful simmering Just rip the skin off and sink your teeth in deeply,

David King

Love and Despair Alone in my bed in the midst of the night You come to me so vivid and bright Shake me and stir me until I arise To find you have gone when I open my eyes You come to me in memories fair And I come to you in utter despair

Edwin McCann

Solar ships collide to light the darkened sky As broken hulls unleash princes frozen gems Falling through darkness in a silent decent Beating with sound of instrumental drops Upon mother Earths welcoming embrace Then on to flow through her warming veins Only to await in stillness near open canopy Like rock pools held in her upturned palms She offers back to fiery prince all affection For his gift of ice has melted into her heart.

Carl Lemmer

I won't get a card, and no bouquet of flowers but he'll be there, I know, in the darkest of hours There'll be no rich choccies or bottle of wine or clothing so sexy - but that will do fine, for he offers his all for me ever-y day and shows me he loves me - what more can I say?

Louise Wellenkamp

The Dance We skirted around each other When we first began this dance Both silent but still sure We could not have me by chance But I was shy and so were you Both too afraid to say Time went by and you and I Felt our certainty slip away I watched you dating other girls I dated other guys I loved them all in my own way But it was you I idolized And suddenly we were both alone Older, braver and more sure Together finally in the end Our love always endured And so this year I could not care For hearts and flowers and wine I have the best life has to offer For you at last are mine

Emma Ormond

They say that romance is electric But they don't know the half, I say my boyfriend’s got a voltage, But all they do is laugh. I get a static shock from him, Every time we touch, I invite him up for coffee, But it never amounts to much. It's said that sparks will fly, When he drops onto one knee, It’s just a shame that his proposal, Landed me in A&E. My heart would skip a beat, When he said 'I'll see you later' Lucky then, for the ambulance team That he's a human defibulator. When he walks into the room The air begins to tingle, With the amount of lightbulbs he can fuse, It's a wonder I'm not single.

Lucy Martin

I would give the stars to you, for one sweet tender glance. I would give a flower with dew for just that other chance, I could dream from dawn to noon, without a thought or care, If you would tell me softly soon, a world that we might share. I could wait a lifetime dear, just to see you smile instead I share a lonely tear and walk a long long mile. I have waited many years for love that never come. Maybe you're no longer there, The law of years to blame. But some day maybe we can meet as the sun meets the distant sea. And wish and hope your heart will beat just as passionately for me.


I love you so deeply, I love you so much, I love the sound of your voice And the way that we touch. I love your warm smile And your kind, thoughtful way, The joy that you bring To my life every day. I love you today As I have from the start, And I'll love you forever With all of my heart. When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you... you'll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more. Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart. So these seven words, I pray you hold true, "Forever And Always, I Will Love You."

Solange Thomas

Mine all mine. He ain't a looker that's for sure With his cauliflower ear And misshapen jaw And his teeth could do with a bit of a clean And as for his eyes Well ones blue and ones green He's well over weight, plenty of girth And as for his limp, well his had it since birth But i love him dearly, his mine all mine And my one and only valentine.

Trudy Simpson

While the economy slumps our love continues to boom Whilst share prices plummet our commodity increases in value I fell in love with you when we had our very first kiss Making me wait until our fourth date...hisssssss! I've waited my entire life for a love like this before I met you I was lost in the abyss. I treasure the map which led me to your heart I was surrounded by 13 of cupid’s arrows and hit with 1 dart. I know you’re looking forward to the 14th Sniffing around for a hint and a sight of your gift. When I feel low your encouraging smile gives me a lift. Your belief in me lets me stand as tall as a mountain I am under the thumb I'm not embarrassed to say I fancy a roll in the hay What do you say?

Damien Castello

Nightingale: The last song of a nightingale found me standing on the shore it stored its secrets in my heart guiding me to the one i adore. Take my wounded hand we will walk across the earth collect the treasures from the light and dark to give our love its rebirth. I hear your heartbeat echo in the sunrise i make contact with infinity in the depth of your eyes i will sell the nightingales song and buy you the four seasons be my own true love my soul is fatigued from supplying you with reasons. The darkness in your soul sinned against the ghostly caroling offspring of the wind, i want to see your loveliness brighten with the night time skies, from the remains of your dreams provide our silence with its alibis. The tides and the sea are waiting for the nightingale to tell our story, with the rays of the sun and moon i will rebuild your heart so it is sensitive when it is light and dark along with the nightingale and her song we will never again be apart

Barry Carter

SARAH JANE She has lately become my life, And committed herself to me. Ready, nearly to be my wife, As I am on bended knee. Hurt and pain do not breathe, Just small amounts of passion. Although here, we might deceive, Not arguing in the usual fashion. Endorsed by fate - a unique bonding, Two hearts like ours, corresponding...

Andy Grant

Love Is Love is you and love is me Love is a prison and love is free Love's what's there when you're away from me Love is... Love is wrong and love is right Love is slack and love is tight Love's what's there when I'm alone at night Love is... Love is short and love is long Love is weak and love is strong Love's what's there when you've long gone Love is... Love is happy and love is sad Love is sane and love is mad Love is ours so I'm really glad that Love is..

Jessica Reid

To My Valentine A holiday romance - a dream come true! My life’s been complete since I met you. Our hair is now silver, we’re growing old, Our hearts still entwined, our love still pure gold!

Catherine Thorp

IF I WAS LOOKING FOR A SECRET LOVE I'd choose a chunk of cheddar I'd certainly choose cheese I hanker for Halloumi I'd get down on my knees For a nibble of Northumberland Or a piece of Perroche please I'd love a lttle Leafield Lick a plate of Liptoi clean I crave a Cambazola In my deepest Edam dream The vulgarity of Vulscombe The hue of Beenleigh's Blue Adamantine Ardi-Grasna Creamy Crottin, I love you Teifi is terrific Try some Teleme on toast Taste Tillamook, Toscana Or Cuajada from the coast I have a penchant for Pencarreg A lust for Leicester Red A yearning for some Jarlsberg A hunger in my head For a sliver of Scamorza A hunk of Hermélin A knob of finest Neufchatel A smear of Soumaintrain I'd grab a Gruyère in a minute On reclette I'd spike and spin it My love of Langres knows no limit Craving crack just isn't in it! In Serra da Estrela In a pungent Parmesan In a dish of Devon Garland Every woman every man Join me in jubilation In Apache or Chinese Oh! Yield to Temptation And cry 'Three Cheers for Cheese!'

Roderick Smith

Like two halves of the same page One without the other is incomplete You are the love that fills me up The person that makes my life story whole For now and all times I hope that you will remain my love

Hazel Leese

You make me feel alive Make the day go by, Just whisper in my ear, Sing my verse and hold me close Until the moon disappears. We’ll sit on shingle, walk on sand, Minds floating oh so high, Until were harassed to make it back And sit with beady eyes. I’ll hide in your jacket, stand on your feet Under a manmade arch, Your face painted pretty by the broken shards Of the coloured, ornate glass. We’ll linger late, afraid of the gate Leading to my door, With glass so black in turns your heart As you leave me wanting more.

Traighana Smith

Love is good, Love is fine, Please, please, please, Be my Valentine. Even though I’m ninety, And you are eighty seven, It doesn’t matter a jot, Because our love was made in heaven. Each time I see you, I get a spring in my step, We are as young at heart now, As the day we met. Engaged since I was thirty three, Valentine days have come and gone, Please will you marry me? I feel the time has come.

Pamela Moore

Being There I heard your voice out in the woods Calling to me through the trees I changed my path to follow you Trusting that you would be there I saw the sunlight glistening In a far and distance glade Beckoning me to come to you I know you will be there I tasted the wind upon my lips As I tasted yours so long ago The bitter sweet loving memories Longing for you to be there I gather my dreams around me And carry them in my arms A gift for you my lover Hoping you shall be there Darkness closes in about me I loose you from my view Please wait for me my Valentine For heaven holds you there

L J Ibbett

We've been 23 years together, 19 years married, And blessed with 3 sons that I have happily carried. Being outnumbered every day, with 4 men to look after, It is never a chore, just days filled with laughter. But keeping the toilet seat down, is a never ending battle, And the constant eating is like living with cattle! Time on our own is so far and few between, But when we are alone you treat me like a Queen. Love is a joy which is shared by us all, And with you, in love, I really did fall. I would not change my family or my life with you, As a happy ever after is what I got when I said "I Do".

Susannah Shaw

Wanderer of my heart I hear your voice on the wind, You fall like rain around me, You are everywhere and nowhere, My love and my dream. You are a child of the night, Perhaps because you shine; Like the beauty of a star, Not needed in the sunlight. I wait and extend my hand, My love and my dream, For you to put your light in, Through the stormy night. I wait by the window, For you, my love to find me; For your wanderings to cease, For our hearts to meet in bliss. And through the storm you walk, Searching for my light. As you finally reach towards me, Sparks illuminate the night.

Louise McMorris

There are many reasons I love my hubby, For one thing he's just him, He loves me when I'm tubby, And he loves me when I sing. He makes me laugh when I'm down, And always looks after me, He turns my forwn upside down, And would help me plant a tree!

Kayleigh Beirne

My love for you will last forever My love for you will fade never You are the beginning of my day The one with whom I will always stay You brought me Rachel and Ben Gorgeous children who when I look into their eyes each day "It’s you we love", they say And yet they remind me of you They are you through and through For together our love is great Ever since our very first date

Revd Mark K Madeley

Heart, Mind & Soul We were strolling along the moonlit beach As I look up into the starry sky With thoughts of you in my mind You turned to me and said you felt sublime It was a sign to return my love this time I felt like flying sky high Full of joy and happiness Your kisses and embrace were tender, loving and gentle Your love lights up my heart, warming my mind and soul My days are no longer cold For this true love will together see us grow old

Kerry Chu

Valentines Day Every year February 14th is Valentines Day Which gives everyone a chance to say how much they care for another in more than one way. Over priced roses, stale candy or a cheesy card helps us to express feeling like a poet or a Bard. We rely on these commercial sentiments to convey, what our hearts really want to say. Instead we should offer a simpler gift, a thought or deed that would express love for another and in its effects feed a desire to grow, love and express how another adds, gives comfort and tends to impress on the tender folds of our heart, and gives us a desire to never part. For if Valentine's Day is the truest day to express love then extend that gesture to all As God does to us from above.

James Southern

Growing love It s a funny feeling getting no card at all For were ever I look im heading for a fall Its bleak behind the curtains sat here in this chair I know the cats love me but I don’t think its fair. Then the letterbox opens, something hits the ground I run out of the room, what’s this I have found? It’s a bloody gas bill, a few hundred pound!! I’m going to have a bath, hopefully I’ll drown. Someone knocking at the door I run down half dressed ‘Its’ he says, a delivery for you The note reads ‘may our love grow like this tree’ Oh, yes, oh yes and then it reads remember I LOVE YOU.

Paula Hinds

The man who loved too much The man who loved too much sits alone at the harbour into skies he stares with wistful eyes in hands he catches the tears he cries The man who loved too much is always there at the harbour I watch and see with wistful eyes that though love leaves it never dies.

Rachel Sizer

Here is your Valentine poem. I'm not really sure how to start. Roses are red and violets are blue. Won't sound like it comes from the heart. Goldfish are orange and grapefruits aren't grapes, No.....that’s not the way to begin. How 'bout, I think your pretty And I think your smart, And you seem to have very nice skin. Your friendly and funny. You seem awfully kind. Your really quite sexy, (I hope you don’t mind.) Your eyes are beyond my description. I've admired your nose more than twice. I've never been one who's attracted to ears. But yours really are rather nice. Your body, I'll speak of just briefly. It would bring me right down to my knees. It's exceptionally nice, I wouldn't think twice. About giving it gently a squeeze. Your smile is much more than just beautiful. Your lips, so much more than divine. If I had my way, I'd spend most the day. With them squashed softly up against mine. I know that I don’t have the right. To most of the things that I say. But I hope the words bring you a smile. And your happy, this Valentines Day. P.S. You smell good too!

Patrick Andrea

Till the end Our Eyes had meet our lips had touched I knew I loved you forever The minuet we had touched. We never grew apart We grew together The day you died My heart went with you to heaven One more moment One more kiss One more Love I knew my life was set forever I was wrong Times were tough You picked me up You Blew my mind away You were my soulmate My rock My Knight in shining armour But life goes on and your spirt still remains Future seems no brighter Life seems so empthy My heart is broken It will not mend My eyes will never see you again But I have loved you once I will love you again Untill that time comes round I will love you till the end

Melissa Larmer

Valentine's Poem All around us we can see, Couples makin 'Love' gestures on the 14th of February. Dinner, Chocolates, Flowers maybe? Just Some of the things that show this, we see! Cards saying 'To the One I Love' But are these words alone enough? There are also those on bended knee, Promising that someday they'll marry! Millions of people all 'Loved up!' Soppy and acting like 'Love-sick Pups!' Should we not, now change our ways? And instead of one, profess our love for all our days! When we ask: 'Be My Valentine' Mean this sincerily without even trying?! Are we meant to forget the single and lonely? Seemingly though, for one day only! Let's take this fortune that is spent, And give to the poor and needy instead! What we have, can be spread, The very hungry would Love to be fed! Then all that remains for us to say, Is: 'Have a very happy Valentine's Day!'

Stephanie Brant

This poem is for my Valentine Vivienne! Your sweet, sexy laugh and your great cheeky smile; Your beautiful clothes and your great unique style: The first time I saw you, I instantly knew - You're special because there is only one you. Your long stunning hair, and your perfect brown eyes, That light up my life like a summer sunrise. You're sexy and gorgeous and kind-hearted too - You're special because there is only one you. Your strong fighting spirit and fab caring heart; The way that I miss you when we are apart. All these things and more mean it's forever true - That you're special because there is only one you.

Paul Marshall

I can feel it but cant touch it Its all around but I cant see I wonder if everyone feels the same Or is only me I’ve never felt this way before It’s a strange and foreign feeling Confused don’t know what’s going on Its really got me reeling Cant get to sleep at night My heart is pounding, racing fast I know something weird is going on How long will it last A warm glow inside me Feel I could walk on air Friends make fun of my sudden change But I don’t really care I found myself listening To slow songs on MTV Then I realised I was singing along And think "That’s not like me" Then I realise what is happening Like a bolt from up above These feeling started when I met you It must be the power of love

Alan Simms

I’d never dated a girl with such a broad Yorkshire twang, Being a silly posh fella from the south that I am, Always chirpy and a little shy, You never fail to make me feel so high, I don’t just like you because you’re a cheap date, One glass of vino and we're sure to fornicate, Or because you don’t mind the hours of football I watch on TV, Your arm wrapped around my torso, no inclination to flee, My love is complete, no fault do I view, Endless hours we spend together, not enough, too few, Many more days with you I hope to spend, Not just Valentines, but all days til the end.

Martin Creffield


Yvette Bailey

Roses are red Violets are Blue But evergreen Is my love for you

Pamela Cook

That feeling Your eyes catch mine, uncertain but hopeful My eyes catch yours, nervous but confident You start to walk over; butterflies start to form in my stomach You sit down, I look away, blushing I glance across, only to find you looking at me We talk, easy and comfortable, An uneasy feeling forms as I know I will have to leave, not wanting to lose the feeling, whatever that feeling is. One month later, we are still here, together, That feeling coming back to me, whenever I see you or hear your voice or feel your lips upon mine or having your arms wrapped around me. The butterflies, the warm feeling I get, whatever that feeling is, I wonder if you feel the same... Then I am reassured by this feeling, as it hits me, And I never want to let go.

Hannah Taylor

The image of a perfect guy, beautiful, smart and caring. I love you, a thousand times said, means no more or less. No rainclouds in my sky, your smile lights up my world. At the end of the day, safe in your arms, a brand new day begins, in your arms I remain. Oh sweet Valentine, I adore you.

Hannah Karim

My love is like a solid oak Lasting a long, long time And even though we're sometimes broke You'll be forever mine. My love is like the poplar tall Flourishing year on year Rising far above the rest You're the one I hold so dear. My love is like a silver birch Shining in the light And after fifty years with you You're still my Mr Right. My love is like the Christmas fir Reaching for the sky. You're head and shoulders above the rest And I'll love you till I die.

Jean Baxendale

Your so gorgeous and that is true Life without you would be empty and blue

Ann McTurk

A present for you It’s secret to your smile It’s unique like you It's what you desire It's from me to you Your my one and only forever xxx

Lisa Rollinson

The flower. Sweet scented and Kind. The scent of it lodged, in the crux of your mind. For we all remember times, when we smelled its sweet scent, But we also remember, how quickly it went, In your heart theres a flower, that no-one’s yet touched, Its waiting... its waiting....oh its waiting SO much. For it takes someone special to inhale its love, Someone so angelic, that they could come from above, But until that day comes it will sit there and wait. For someone to approve, appreciate. Sometimes you have to take the rose by its thorns, If it hurts, so what? Pain makes you feel born. So remember my friend, whilst in pain you might shower, Forget what has happened, because rain feeds the flower...

Luke Brierley

The One: O.K, so your hair is a little sparse, And you haven't got the worlds firmest arse, Your face has its fair share of wrinkles, Age-spots, saggy skin and many wrinkles. Your belly is perhaps rather round And everyday getting nearer the ground. Hairs are staring to grow out of your ears; Soon you'll be needing not scissors but shears! But your sense of homour is second to none, And that's how I know that you're The One!

Karen Francis

From all the girls ive ever known One stands out from the rest Her attributes were big and bold To me she was the best Her eyes were big and blue and pink Her hair grew down her back She had everything a man could want In nothing did she lack Her mouth was like a draughtsboard Her teeth were black and white She cleaned them with a Brillo Pad When she took them out at night Unfortunately I lost her My Darling Valentine A two ton beam it fell on her While working down the mine

Thomas Mitchell

You wake me with a gorgeous smile each and every day, You saved me your last Bakewell tart. You make life so bright in your own special way, That's why you've stolen my heart. Every day is a pleasure, an adventure, a joy; I love you a little bit more; You have no faults (that I can mention here), That's why it is you I adore. I know that together we'll weather life's storms, The tea-cup variety they'll be. But for now, we've each other, and that's the main thing, I'll love you forever. From me.

Claire Liew

They say that I'll forget you They say you'll fade away They say that I'll regret soon And be glad you didn't stay They may be so much wiser They may be very sane But the fire in my heart Is an ever burning pain To you I write this letter To you I say these words You are the one and better You are my Valentine's curse

Tabitha Witviliet

You dare to whisper an acquaintance of true love. A simple prayer may be regarded better in heaven. You liken this thing to the firmament above. And to what stars have you visited verily? You ingratiate yourself with both abstinence and grace! How many lovers have witnessed your eager embrace? Your promise is but a scheme to pass the time. Forever would be better with you out of mind. You push me away when your passion is spent. My sentiment is left as forfeit to this true loves rent! Your mockery is spiteful and reeks of loves true decay. Darkness is welcome silence and sanctuary at the end of the day. Though these things and more I have said, and it’s true. Sad, my life would be nothing and everything with, or without you...

Lee Blakeborough

The Emotional Balance I am lost in my own room Like a tourist in a tomb Everything looks so strange Reach out nothing in range Open my eyes see his face Shaking won't stop begin to undress Heart beating very fast An exciting scene I forecast This is all new to me A stranger in my realm Is this were I want to be As he takes the helm With much lust my new lover smiles at me Look behind is there someone I didn’t see It is the bed him and I The passion he supplied Run my fingers through his hair He eyes me up 'don't stop there' Do I dare to take the plunge? Sweating so much I need a sponge His soft loving words do calm me down We make the connection nearly splashdown I embrace him now with all my love Look to the sky and release the dove Making love is such a wonderful grand experience But alas the pain of departing is far worse If I weigh the two up in the emotional balance I’ll stick with love no need for another verse

Caroline Wood

Romance is in the air. Chocolate hearts, roses, and greeting cards are everywhere. If you really want to be romantic, ignore all of these commercial products this Valentine's Day. Buying a card or some candy from the store only shows that you're doing what's expected. Going the extra mile to be creative shows that you really care. If you want to really be romantic take the time to find out what is special and meaningful to her. That gesture will be worth more than the biggest chocolate heart.

Adam Kay

Your smile entices me with dreams of love I am at mercy to pure desire My heart is incinerated by your words Your body, I cant help but admire. When our eyes meet, even just at a glance You notice things that I don’t allow others to see You look past my face and straight into my soul You don’t see what I portray, you see Me. I lust for the passion you arise in me You make me feel insouciant to all but you One touch and I’m yours, there’s nothing I want more It may sound fictitious but its oh so true. When your not here I long for you near Its almost more than I can endure to be apart And its then when I realise that it’s not just lust But its love, and you’ve simply stolen my heart.

Shani Bray


James Holyland

So here it is again Valentine’s day A celebration of love around the world We ask each other Are we going to bother After all its just a waste of money All them cards Let’s think of the tree’s After all these years together Is it just an empty gesture I smile in agreement But my heart sinks to the floor A rose a rose my love for a rose

Victoria Boardman

I love my other half so much He was once so dark and fit The first time I clapped eyes on him Love at first sight - that was it! Well that was many years ago And we're now well past our prime What was dark and fit is grey and fat But he's still my valentine!!

Mandy Eakins

The day I met my husband I knew it would be for life. My heart would flutter every day Until I became his wife. I once was a single filly Who roamed the streets alone. All my friends had wonderful partners Whilst I sat home alone. Would I remain a spinster It's not what I really planned. My dreams of a white wedding. Just a simple affair nothing too grand. Life is about living. Finding someone to share your dreams. Love is an emotion worth giving. Life's too short to worry about pension schemes. Live for today Tomorrow we'll watch the sun go down. We'll grow old together and the hair may turn grey. Laughter is our secret that's spread around our town.

Delia Cazzato

I met him on the Clevedon Pier, I slipped and fell and dropped my gear, He said "OK?", I said "I'm right, I wonder if I look a sight?" He said "Oh no, I love your hat, It's all the rage, it's where it's at!" He looked so sweet with eyes so blue, He had that look, it's then I knew. I had the feeling that love was here, My Prince Charming was so near. The sailing boats were drifting by, The sun was setting in the sky. The future was golden like the sun, With this man I would have great fun. So romance is alive and well, If like me you slipped and fell.

Tersa Naughton

Love Survival Our love is emotional DNA, after we've gone it will stay on and on defying gravity. Our love is made of stardust which, though it's old, surely must outlast gold, oblivious to entropy.

Phil Howard

Secret Valentine Sometimes I steal a look into your eyes and hope you don't guess what I'm thinking inside And sometimes I look over, just to see if I can catch your smile And sometimes when you walk past I wish you'd stop for a while but you don't and its ok, cause you make me smile through my day and if you did ever look over and see the smile on my face you don't need to know why, I don't need a reaction because only I know you’re my secret distraction

Angela Wilson

Older these days we may, be but over the years we have planted our trees together The joy on your face when they survive, for years they have been a joy to see Just as you have given me joy to be thankful for You have loved me enough for many years even though there has been a few tears but together we have blossomed The seasons come and go but our love continues to flow Happy Valentine Day my love Like our trees our love grows and grows and that is something that will will never die

Sue Collier

My love for you is like a rose, beautiful, bold and bright. My love for you is for everyone to see, like a flying kite. My love for you is strong and proud, that can stand the test of time. My love for you grows each day, now that you are mine.

Jane Stevens

Valentine poem for 'my dear' How your eyes shine with passion How your lips like scarlet ribbon caress mine with tender kisses You taste of the sweetest honey Your fragrance recalls your name Your lilting voice like wild flowers swaying in a gentle breeze Come to me 'my Dear' with love

Naomi Rich

February 14th its valentines day, Hear what my heart has to say: Your cute nose makes me smile I love the way you can run a mile Your cooking is the best by far Jeez, I'll even let you drive my car I love the way your sweet and caring Your so spontaneous and very daring You are my sunshine you are my life you are the best Be my wife?

Jess Chadwick


When i was born in 62 god planned my life for me so,far across the water, you arrived in 63 Time passed by and suddenly we met,and fell in love, i knew you were my destiny sent from heaven above, A special love to cherish seldom shared by two it started as an acorn, into an oak it grew From that oak, new acorns came our daughter and our son from our love together, when we ve been joined as one The love i feel grows daily just like that proud oak tree and i cannot thank fate enough for leading you to me.

Ellen Watson

I had nothing Until you came into my life My world blossomed as if it were spring When you asked me to be your wife.

Kulwinder Lombardelli

In between' - for my fantastic husband Simon In between a dream and waking Silver sunlight slants indoors Round the curtains, cross the pillow, Kisses you, and I am yours. In between my home and working Cycling through the city drone Head is filled with traffic, bursting, But my heart is yours alone. In between the stars and shining Moon, between the earth and sky, Conquering the past and future, Holding hands, stand you and I.

Melody Clarke

May not have the riches, or the body of a god, but I've given you two gorgeous babies, a happy home, and your dog! Ive put up with your man mess your magazines, your bikes, your cars. I will even forgive you dog, chowing down on my new bra's! However should you forget, Valentines day is about love and caring, Then let me just remind you, That my chocolates wont be for sharing!

Sammy Kaye