Valentines Day Poetry 2010


The winning poem

Sunday 14th Feb is a very special day,
For I love you in every special Bay,

Lets have a slow dance, lets have a shuffle,
For you are my little Truffle,

To you on my knees I do fall,
So lets get wed and have a Box Ball,

You're so gorgeous and cute,
And so good for me, like a piece of Fruit,

To live without you I just can't,
Our love is eternal just like a Plant,

So much joy to me you do give,
Just like Popeye is to Olive,

No-one else do I need to date or pull,
I'm crazy for you, you send me in a Spiral,

Lets stand proud together on a podium,
I'm proud of you, my sweet little Lemon,

Our relationship is solid, nothing has been rushed,
So this day of romance is ideal for the two of Citr-us,

You may not be a man, you're something else instead!
For this Valentines poem is a little Twisted...

Its especially written for you ... '',
But the question is ... who is it from ????

Jeanette Baker, 39

Entries for our 2010 Poetry Competition


See the question mark that foots this card?
Who is this unnamed lover? Who is he?
You frown and puzzle. Can it be so hard?
Of all your suitors who else could it be?

There's only one as constant as an oak,
Whose thoughts , like one addicted, all fixate
Upon one single flame within the smoke,
The brightest-burning coal within the grate.

Who else feels parting sharper than a knife ?
Come now, feel it, you know who it must be.
There's only one to whom you're more than life,
There's only one, my love - and it is me.

Michael Deparis

Passion killer

Don’t wear that old nylon nightie

It’s really not turning me on

When you turn around in bed

The sparks hit me head

And bingo my passion is gone

Wear the one I bought you last valentines

The one with the ribbons and ties

Oh, please wear the one that I bought you

It might help my passion to rise

Well you can’t blame a bloke for complaining

I put up with curlers and sock

But I must draw the line

Because I’m not feeling fine

Laying next to a nightie that shocks.

Trudy Simpson

Sometimes he can be moody and he gets a little huffy,
Sometimes he can be thoughtless and appear a little scruffy,
But comewhatmay forever he will be my special fluffy.

Maxine Amos, 48

Native, Olive or Bay,
I would never let anyone say,
Citrus, Topiary or Truffle,
On the off chance it would ruffle,
Unusual, fruity and Plant like,
The feathers of my valentine Mike.

Don't get me a card,
It's a complete waste of money,
No need to think hard,
Trees to me are like honey.
He says this to me,
In the hope that I'll listen,
I guess there's a first time,
Cos usually I'm missing.

So how splendid for me,
To get Mike a Valentines Tree,
And no complaints about the cost,
Cos priceless is compost!!

Nicola Baker

An acquired taste for romance

A group of loud brassy girls with matching ugg boots and tan

Binge drink every weekend to find that perfect man

However Romeo fails to appear for their second meet.

He’s always too drunk, urinating in the street

So again each week they go out and continue to seek.

Literature has no place here, only talk of the newest bags

A national competition to look like the cheapest WAG.

Whatever happened to deference that seems so long ago

With morals in high regard and open slutiness was low

Everyone’s just too wasted to know.

What the hell has happened to our women, And when did their fake nails get so long?

And what’s with all these hair extensions flowing over non existent dresses? When did things become so wrong?

A drunken snog and fumble in a club where you can barely hear each other speak

How do you expect a real relationship to develop if its in a gutter you seek?

And the eerie silence of a Sunday morning

While the few last remaining exit clubs and start yawning

As their drugs wear off and so does their fawning.

The town centres across Britain that were once so reserved,

Has now given way to drunken fools in their herds

Of finding your true love you don’t stand a chance

For this is the age of 21st century romance

Claude Bow, 22

I love you, I love you
More than you could ever know
I doubt so.
You are my life, my light, my soul
I love you, you will never know.

I wake up,
You are my first thought,
My dreams,
My everything.
Oh you, i wish, i wish.
That you could ever love me, how i do you.

I once laughed at love,
Thought, it cant be true
I met you, my dreams came true
I love you, I love you.

I see you
My heart beats fast
This feeling, i know, will always last.
You are my future,
My present,
My past.

Patricia Howie, 18

For Anne

My precious and passionate darling Anne

Mi amiga y mi amante

I will forever be your man

A lady and true romantie

It pains me so to be apart

But my love for you gives me strength

Time away will not break my heart

I may search this land’s breadth and length

From highest mountain to golden beaches

And never able to find

A lady as fair as my Peaches

Your always on my mind.

John Goodwin

When all the world is sleeping,

And the stars are shining bright,

I will come to you my love,

From those deep and hidden corners of my soul,

I will climb into your heart and lives in your dreams for always.

Marcy Wheatley

The unblossomed rose full of thorns that bleed
My heart that beats eternal for your need
The stars that dissolve the moonlit sky
This undying love between you and I

Even when your far from me, each heartbeat is for you
Each teardrop on my pinding breast is love so pure and new
I yearn to see the smile on your face, to hear your voice echo
through time and space

So remember our love this valentines day, like the bright new morning sun
And our hearts will come together once more, beating now as one

Tina Engelen, 38

If you could be a four letter word,
I wonder what you would choose,
Sometimes I listen to your deepest thoughts,
And think your word is Muse,

Other times I see you bent double,
As you let out a delighted guffaw,
And then I think I know your word,
It's Joke, I think for sure,

Other times you caress my hair,
As I drift off to sleep,
And these times, I name you Love,
That's the name I'll keep,

From now on, I dub thee Love,
For that is what you are,
Love when you are by my side,
And love when you are afar.

Beverley Kerry, 38

Give me your kiss!

O Miss! Give me your kiss,
You are my first tips
One sided love is dangerous
I am your one sided valentine
Let me climb upto the hill of your body
Or I am falling down on others'
Where is your passionate kiss?
O Miss! Give me your lustful kiss!

How the love has had
I love whom see so I am cad
Youth is probably mad
And the proudy blood is boiled
Let me fire in the breast of your body
Or I am cooled down on others'
Where is your harsh kiss?
O Miss! Give me your lustful kiss!

My heart isn't your enemy
Virus may infect your beauty and virginity
Don't be a bookish valentine
Give me a pledge or I will follow other
Let me swim in the blood of your body
Or I am dived into other's
Where is your obsequisous kiss?
O Miss! Give me your lustful kiss!

Tirth Ghimire, 30

A Valentines...Past, Present, Future
Happy Valentines to both of us,
A celebration for the amorous
You are "sin duda" my Anteros,
Far beyond the bonds of Eros
Our lives entwined o’er many years
Encompass fun, love, loss and tears
Though, each day now is fraught with fears
I know a better time soon nears
I thank you now for all you’ve done
In helping me this course to run
It’s been so hard to find my feet
And not been making ends to meet
Has stressed me out to near defeat
Each waking day is hard to greet
But there you’ve been with cup in hand
And those fond words, "you’ll be grand"
Make all seem well and fear be damned
We’ll look ahead and make a plan
And know together that we can
Surmount life’s little ups and downs
We’ll turn those frowns upon their crowns
And hopefully avoid the clowns
Our time is now and on from here
Filled with laughter, mirth and cheer
We’ll try again and get it right
And never, never throw the fight
For that is life, it’s day and night
And after darkness comes the light
So cheers to us and happy days
Our time has come to bask in rays

Geraldine Daly, 54

Lets have a date! lets get together and meet,
Where better than on Coronation Street,

I hope my hair wont be a mess as its blowing a gale,
By the way, my name is Emma-Dale,

I want a cheap Valentines Day, with no added frill,
I'm very old fashioned and will offer to pay The Bill,

Make it about 8pm when you knock on my door,
It takes me ages to look good and have the X Factor,

Please dont serenade me, please dont sing,
My parents request is Strictly Come Dancing,

We're only allowed to kiss, everything else has a ban,
I'm far from a Loose Woman

I mustn't be home late, I'd hate to get a warning,
I've also been up very early This Morning.

But True love for you I do feel,
It definitely is the Real Deal

Jeanette Baker, 39

Our love, it started underground, a seedling love,
finding its way,
rooting through darkness, until one day,
it found the light, one summer night.

We're rooted firmly, anchored deep,
we grow together,
branch out united-
I'm the vine that wraps you in love,
and to you I'm bound, my valentine.

Others shaded me, stifled my growth,
kept me from sunlight, deprived me of bloom.
But you let me blow as free as the willow,
you let me flower as cherry blossom buds-
You nurture me, nourish me and so I thrive,
in this garden of our love, my valentine.

And so our love blossoms, our arms are our canopy,
like the boughs of the towering, touching trees.
Nature made us, and it's natural we love,
and may this fertile earth now bless our union.

You're my mighty oak,
I'm your climbing rose,
and as Valentines,
we are now entwined.

Jane Skelton, 34

Temporary Blip?

Your eyes speak more than your mouth
When we meet
Your words are robotic and logical, well thought out
We need a break you say
I sigh
Try again in summer

I've put my heart in a box
On the shelf
My words are flippant, lighthearted, inconsequential
This break will be an age
It hurts....
Miss you

Hannah Ormondroyd, 36

Sarah’s Poem

I don’t need one day a year
To tell you how I feel
I don’t need you to buy £50 roses
Or an overpriced meal

You won’t find me checking in
For a romantic spa break
Nor will I expect you to turn on the grill
And cook a medium rare steak

We could book a weekend
To Rome or Venice
Or a visit to Wimbledon
For strawberries and tennis

The recession may scupper
Any luxurious supper
But my sex appeal will soar
As we receive our prize from
The good people at tree2mydoor.

Austen Dack, 42

Love without Money

Can you not love, a reason to love
All the people you love
On Valentines Day?
You can't get swept up, like we all get swept up
In the swirling commercial
Of caramels and bouquets,
When you wake up and stare
At your lovers face.
Just a day to remember
That they make your heart pound
So hurrah for Valentines!
Let love’s song abound!

Kerris Horne

I'd like to be your Venus
Enchanting and admired
Who turns into a housewife
As soon as it's desired
I'd like to feel your breath
Whilst lying bound together
Your cold nose on my neck
Regardless of the weather
I'd like you to stop saying
We need, we'll buy, we'd better
Cause all these goods without you
For me- just do not matter
I'd like to be your best friend
The fairy for life hired
Support you when the bad comes
The one who puts out fire
Don't give me any presents
No flowers, drinks nor dolls
I want you to come back from work
And promise in the hall
To love me not this one time
But once and for all

Patrycja Bartoszewicz, 23

A Valentine Ode to the Handsome Butcher

"Morning ma'am, what can I get you today?"
He calls across the counter in his adorable cheery way.
I smile and blush then order a chop
Any excuse to come into his shop.

My butcher, my hunk, my handsome beefcake,
You're delicious and tasty like fine fillet steak.
With your apron, scales and great wooden block,
I make conversation and enquire about stock.

The way he picks up liver,
Gives me butterflies and makes me shiver.
And when he runs pork through the sausage machine,
My heart beats fast and I muffle a scream.

As he gently handles his meat with care,
I imagine those hands are stroking my hair.
Any excuse and to his shop I'll go,
That I'm vegetarian, he'll never know.....

Lynsey Roche, 34

Us and them

Two single souls were drawn so strong,
from their first embrace, they knew they would belong.

Time grew strength, and love grew more,
the feeling was nothing like each other had before.

An unreal intensity, their love was so deep,
the secrets they shared, their devotion to keep.

With tears and pain, along with love and desire,
they never grew apart, they had always kept their fire.

His arms were so strong that kept me from harm,
the sweetest of man that made me feel calm.

The sour turned sweet, the love was so strong,
with all of their bad times, it would still last so long.

I pray to my star that you dont want to replace,
and when you see your strong future, you still see my face.

Naomi Hefter, 26

Whenever I need a best friend i always think of you.

When I need a cuddle I think of you too.

You have that special something that always makes me smile.

I dont think I've told you this for quite a while.

So never mind the chocolate goodies and wine.

Just be my one and only Valentine.

Jennifer Heaton, 54

Well Sophie I don't know where to start,

From the very first time you touched my heart.

When I first saw you at the nott, (Notting Hill Pub)

I thought, "Damn that chick is just so hot!"

From the very first moment I heard you sing,

The glass would shatter and my ears would ring.

You're so amazing, and that's why your my girl;

I wish I could afford a Bvulgari Pearl!

And so more than 10 months in, this is where we are;

Via the journey through New Zealand, we have travelled so far!

For a very first girlfriend, I have done so well;

It leaves behind 1000 stories to tell.

Through thick and thin and occasional fights,

You always manage to leave a few bites.

But I love you so much and you have changed my life,

With a bit of luck and you may soon be my wife!

Ryan Camille, 21





For my husband on our 50th Wedding Anniversary

Anne Hanson

I once met a guy called Russ
So funny, he turned my heart to mush
Together now for 10 years
So we'll celebrate with a few beers
Because he's totally lush!

Hannah Beadle, 29

Valentine Smile

On Valentine's Day we think of those
Who make our lives worthwhile,
Those gracious, friendly people who
We think of with a smile.

I am fortunate to know you,
That's why I want to say,
To a rare and special person:
Happy Valentine's Day

Christopher Mason, 33

This is an ode to my one true love,
With me through thick and thin.
This is to say that I love you so much
I just don't know how to begin.

I'll start by admiring your pretty green eyes
And the way that you look right in mine.
I'd try to extol all the rest of your virtues,
But I fear I would never have time.

When you cuddle up close in the dead of the night
You are so soft and so lovely to hold.
It's wonderful to sleep next to a boy who's so warm
And who's feet are never cold.

No human could match you,
Nobody could catch you
You're furry and fat
My beautiful cat.

Jennifer McCann

As I sit and think of words to say
it becomes clear to me
that it does not matter what the day
we were meant to be.

Life has dealt some cruel hands
and challenges we have faced
starting with the exchange of golden bands
and years through which we've raced.

Sometimes hungry and sometimes sad
with bills and kids we have worried
but always I have been glad
that you are my own beloved

Glenda Profit, 50 this year

He gazes at me with a loving stare
I gaze back noticing his receeding hair
He tells me he loves me at least once a day
I return the favour on his pay day
He told me once I have beautiful eyes
I stumbled a reply fraught with lies
He gives me everything a girl could need
but i'm just happy I got him on a lead
By now you think this love is one sided
your right it is but he dosent mind it
I want his money he wants my figure
cos you see he is 90 and im a gold digger!

Helen Spearman

I see you in the office
You linger by my door
Then every time you look my way,
My heart just flips the floor.

And when I see you blushing
I ponder is it me
Who makes you fall to pieces
Now really could that be?

I'm almost sure you like me-
A blush can not be tamed
Yet if you never venture
Then nothing can be gained...

So now I hope this message
Does offer you a plan
My shy brown eyes are saying to you
"You are my perfect man."

Janine Conteh