Valentines Day Poetry 2009

The winning Poem...

A Dreadful Love Poem for Andre (Blame the Vogons)

Be my Homer
I wanna be your Marge.
If I'm your Norfolk Broads
Will you be my barge?

Let's please be Tom and Barbara,
I will show you the good life.
Even though we'll never marry,
I would love to be your wife.

I've the passion Lily Munster
has for her dear Herman.
I would love you if you were ginger
I would love you if you were German.

Like Mr and Mrs Huxtable
we'd smooch even when we're wrinkley.
I'll even consider ironing your shirts,
but I hope you like them crinkley.

Like Mr and Mrs Incredible
I'm flexible and you're tough.
But if you promise to be my true love
That will always be enough.

Like Bonny and Clyde without all the dying,
Like Gwyneth and that Coldplay guy without all the crying,
My partner in crime, the love of my life,
my muse, my joy, my fun.
please be my one and only,
cos you've always been 'the one'.

Claire-Janine Munn, 36

Entries for our 2009 Poetry Competition

Ode to ?

Your beauty is so alluring
your style is one of grace
your mind is pure and gentle
untroubled by the human race.

Your freckles are cute and endearing
your hair is one with fashion
your sleek loose curls most appealing
whilst your body exudes such attraction.

Your eyes, how much they smoulder
your nose and lips by design
a kiss from those lips would be
so divine, so divine
I hope that pleasure
will one day be mine.

Jeff Sims


It could have been the handsome man
Who bought me gifts and flowers
Or the funny chap who dressed all wrong
And made me laugh for hours
It could have been the shy one
Whose heart was buried deep
But you gave me all that and more
And you are mine to keep

Amanda McCormack, 47

The smell of your hair,
A touch from your hand.
The sparkle in your eyes.
Your grace,
Your wit,
Your affection.
I desire you.
All of you.
I want to drink you up,
Carress you.
Take you in my arms,
Make love to you.
My love,
My heart,
My valentine.

Susannah Leggatt

Our story

I went along in my hectic life
Thinking I'd never be someones wife
Relationships were a short term thing
I loved the excitement of a fling
Permanently single I thought I would be
There was no soulmate out there for me
Flatmates we were and best friends we became
Our personalities so matched we were one and the same
But as friends we stayed so as not to destroy
This rare connection between girl and boy
As other people saw the affinity we had
They knew before us, to deny it was mad
But still we denied it maybe through fear
Now we'd found this friendship so dear
Maybe it wouldnt work and we would ruin it all
Why change things when were having such a ball?
Then one day we could hide it no longer
Our friendship had grown into something stronger
All our fears weren't enough anymore
My friend had turned into the man I adore
Everything we were looking for but never thought we'd find
How could we have ever been so blind
Now 4 years down the line and our love great as ever
Our friendship stands strong and will do forever
Nothing could break us its me and you till the end
Youre my love, my life and always my very best friend.

Sajdha Bashir

To my Valentine - She knows who she is

Let mountain ranges rise and fall,
Let oceans drain, rainforests die,
No force of nature , nor of time
Can turn the truth into a lie.
When ice-sheets crack and glaciers melt,
And tempests rage , or deserts grow,
My love for you will yet survive,
Still will my heart sing, words you know.
No rupture in the world's true course,
No cataclysm of heat or cold,
Can shift the axis where I turn,
Or make a fresh new love seem old,.
You are my sun and moon and stars,
There is no thing exists above you.
The very universe may end,
Yet still, eternally, I love you.

Michael Deparis

If the stars were to fall from darkened skies
and tears like rainbursts fell from my eyes
all that i needed to vanquish the pain
would be your love and mine together again.
For the world it spins fast but it cannnot compete
with my heart beating so furious whenever we meet.
Venus looks down with a jealous eye for she never did find the right guy,
So my girl let us live a full life and enjoy what we can and avoid any strife,
with you by my side we will live every day
through hell or high water we will see the sun's ray.

Bob McConell

He was Elder than she
And Orange'd to propose at the Beech.
'Willow Marry me'? he asked, 'or I'll
Pine in Privet for ever.
'Do Yew love me?' he asked,
'Willow promise to oBay?'
He was Spruced up, his Chestnut
Broad and strong.
He held out a small Box, taking out
A ring and placing it on her finger.
'Lemon hold your hand', he Pined.
'Don't say no, or I’ll be Sycamore'.

Frances Heaton

I dedicate this to my daughter April

We've had our struggles, our ups and downs
And have battled through our fears
But we've stuck together, side by side
Despite our many tears

You've given meaning to my life
I will love you eternally
You fill my heart with happiness
You are the world to me.

Times have been hard, as a single mum
But it all has been worthwhile
The joy you bring into my soul
With just a single smile.

You've given me so much in life
So much I hold so dear
Patience, love and understanding
Has grown throughout the years.

You're my one and only valentine
My heart is oh so true
Today, tomorrow and forever more
All my love I send to you.

I count my blessings everyday
And although you are only nine
Give your mum a big hug and kiss
Say you'll be my valentine.

Love forever more, Mummy.xxxxxxx

Alison Law, 36

Loved, restored yet lonely

Loved, restored yet lonely, I have been told to wait for you,
By you yourself my love, you’ve said we will make it through,

I now believe in you, and what you have said to really be true,
So this love now comes down to patience, and I know you'll wait for me too,

You have said that I'm your world, these words I know you mean,
That no one can change your feelings, down your face your tears stream,

Your sadness touches me, your feelings I do feel,
And all because of this, I now know your love is real,

Distance is apparent, yet our closeness cannot be broken,
You may be miles away, yet my arms will always be open,

Do you see how much you mean, have I entered your scarred heart,
Well it is now time to realise, as this is just the start,

The start of a true love, a chance meeting months ago,
The beauty of this time, only me and you could know,

We have come so far since then, growing deeper by the day,
Ignoring what they've said, we let our love lead the way,

I hope these words I write to you, will now make you see,
That no matter how long it takes, that you will be with me,

I will tell you this again, that you will always be a part,
Of the man and life in me, and my once broke but mended heart,

To think just days ago, I thought that you I had lost,
But again fate took over, and our paths again did cross,

I may not have seen you in person, but that does not change a thing,
Because tonight I have spoken to you, from my pain you have taken the sting,

It is now 2.53 in the morning, so it is now time to enter my dreams,
To close my eyes to sleep, and to think of you it seems,

So I will bring this poem to an end, with you firmly in my thoughts,
Thank you for choosing me, and now bringing back my hopes,

Goodnight my angel, my eyes are now closing,
I will go to sleep and know, I will hear you in the morning.

I love you and I always will xxxx

Simon Gardner

Ode to my love?

Will you be mine
to have and to hold,
have you the courage
to be so bold.

Give me a sign
that I may know,
of a new love
that may well grow.

Don't be shy
and ask me around,
or you'll not know
what you may have found.

I long to hold you
in my arms,
to kiss and caress
and share your charms.

Will you be mine?

Jeff Sims, 45

I have forgotten how you kiss

Alone, I chance to reminisce
Upon our non-connubial bliss
And love, I have to tell you this;
I have forgotten how you kiss.

Believe this not an artifice
To lure you from more grave business
But something truly is amiss;
I have forgotten how you kiss.

Although your body I do miss
(the central heating is remiss)
It is your oral orifice
That most concerns me: how you kiss.

I am as lost as Atlantis,
Bereft as shipless Onassis;
Grant me one brief armistice,

Let me remember how you kiss.
I gaze into the precipice
of unconsoled wretchedness
(I have had offers, generous
But none remind me how you kiss).

Beloved, be not pitiless,
I know we argue, know I dis-
-Respect your little ways but please,
Don't tease with your mischievousness:
but come and show me how you kiss.

Kavyasiddhi Mulvey

I'm looking for love, not for a tree,
But to "grow your love"? Well, the idea appealed to me!
So I clicked on the site that promises to be ethical and green -
I was not disappointed for although times may be lean,
A gift of a tree that will bloom and bloom
Can help conserve the planet and banish gloom.
But what of love? Well, my heart did soar
To get a tree delivered2mydoor.
Overcome with passion as I unwrapped the jute,
Here was a concept that deserves to take root.
Love and flowers will be spread over ravine and crag,
Once I order online my wildflower seed gift bag!
Yes, love has grown amongst the birds and bees...
All because I ordered my trees!

Claire Ruderman

My James

My James is tall, dark and handsome,
My James, I wouldn't betray for a ransom,
My James is my hero and loves me, though I'm not a Size Zero,
My James, along with shopping, is my heart and soul,
So this email I'll send, because James is my best friend,

I'll love my James for all of my life,
So, tell me, what's your James like?

Kelly Evans

My one and only love

My one and only love
makes me flutter like a dove
I was amazed at first sight
I finally knew everything would be alright
That special feeling you give to me
A love thats true and filled with glee
As everyday that passes by
I love you more and more sometimes I cry
But only tears of joy come true
I cannot wait to say "I DO"
I can't wait for that day it'll be great
Happy Valentines Day my love and soulmate
You make me the happiest man in the world
I'm so glad you are my babygirl
I hope you like this poem i'm new to this
My One and only love

Robert Swailes

Tell Her

My heart cannot fathom the joy,
Nor can it grip the strength from my thought.
It is something I must converse,
To bring me to this final ploy and short.
A means to an end yet a start of something new.
It's what's inside this ever expecting heart,
That holds its one love so true.
It will never break or fall,
And cannot be changed.
But have me forever knowing,
Your the greatest thing I've ever gained.

Matthew Kemp

Perfect Valentine

Awoken by kisses
Then breakfast in bed.
A shower together
Maybe cuddles (nuff said).
A lunch in the country.
A bottle of wine.
A small gift of diamonds
Or gold would be fine.
A hairdo and facial
To fill in the day
Or even a makeover -
He's gonna pay!
And then, when I'm ready
No rushing, oh no,
He'll escort me to dinner
And maybe a show.
A bottle of champers
To round off the night.
Now don't that sound perfect?
But likely? Yeah - right!

Wendy Barbe

Souls in the storm

I look up at the sky and I can see a thunderbolt,
it reminds me of a neon light.
A sudden storm surrounds me,
I start to crumble - until you are near.

I can feel your soul next to mine,
I can almost touch it.
Floods swell around us, endless rain falls over us.
I can hear is the thunder,
storm ripping,
endless rain,
lightening stiking.

Then we fall...silence.

The storm covers others now,
every rain drop was a thought for you.
I then get drenched by your gental touch,
and through my eyes and I see you with a talent,
a talent to make me smile.

Naomi Hefter, 25

I am and always shall be your friend

A broken heart always seemed like a metaphor
I never thought for one moment it could be real
But I felt the pain inside
When I told you how I feel.

I've put our friendship at risk
And for that I can only apologise
But I’ve wanted us to be so much more
And I can no longer where the disguise

Of just being a friend,
Of standing idly by
While I watch you fall for someone else
You seem me smile for you but don't hear me cry.

I thought you knew
or at least hoped you'd see
Something special about us that meant
there could be a you and me.

Gareth Jenkins

My poem

Standing in the sunlight
Goldness in her hair
Butterflies surround her
Strangers stop and stare
Flowers bloom and smile
Caught under her spell
Captivated by the girl
Who calls me her angel

Richard Deavall


He moves his arm and I can't help but stare
At the lightly tanned skin, the dusting of hair
The shape of his hand, long fingers and thumbs
If I look any longer I'm bound to succumb
To the raging desire to jump up and touch
Those strong arms around me; I want it so much
I glance at his face and he knows I am staring
Lips curve at the sides for the smile he is wearing
Those blue eyes meet mine and I feel such a rush
My heart beats so fast and my chest starts to flush
He's my husband and how he delights in the knowledge
That I can’t focus with him beside me at College

Jennifer Deavall, 25

There is something about you

There is something about your smile,
That makes mine run a mile.
There is something about your tone,
This never makes me feel alone.
There is something about the way you treat me,
That brings out the best person in me.
There is something about the sexual tension,
This makes me feel so wanted i thought i`d mention.
There is something about the way you turn me on,
That makes my pain and stress all gone.
There is something that makes me love you,
This makes me hope you feel the same way too.
There is something that feels so right about us being together,
Inwhich i know we will make passion and love last forever.
There is something that made us meet that day,
and for that, i am thankful in everyway.

Jemma Ozanne

I will find you
For my wife Stephanie

Through driving snow and hurricanes
Through stormy blackened skies
Through ups and downs, with smiles or frowns
With dry or crying eyes
Through oceans, lakes or rivers
Over gentle brooks and streams
I'll hear your whisper calling softly
On the wind or in my dreams
But in countryside, or city
Over land or sea or air
I will find you, and remind you
That I love you and I care

Chris Tisdall, 39

The Vow
This poem is dedicated to my wife Mrs Ferial Law

How can I show you the way that I feel,
That you'll be convinced of its power?
How can I show you, how can I reveal
To your eyes, just the thoughts that are waiting to flower.
How can you hear what my heart keeps on saying?
Those thoughts, I'm unable to hide
Can you not see that I'm only obeying
The voices that tell me, in you to confide.
We both know the answer, it's plain we've been hooked
By a love-that we know, can't decline,
And I know that you love me, because you've just looked
With your heart and you've seen what I'm saying with mine.
So this is the story of love most compelling,
A love that will last for all time
And that I vow to you on this Valentine's Day
That my love will not alter, not fade, never die!

Bonar Law, 64

Burning Dreams - St. Valentine's day

Love is just a burning dream,
I sleep with every night,
And wake with every morning.
Love is like a plane in flight,
An eagle in the sky,
That swoops without a warning.
So come with me,
To far off places that the eyes can't see,
Where we can be together.
So come with me,
Where purple flowers grow brightly in the sea,
Of time we call forever...

Howard Ruderman

An apology

I feel your warming ray
Filling me with purest light;
I have nothing left to say.

My eyes are hung all about with grey
Until you flood them: through the night
I feel your warming ray

Pulsating about me in a way
That makes my dreams seem bright.
I have nothing left to say

That can make up for all the yesterdays
That I have wronged in my blinded sight.
I feel your warming ray

Even though you have gone away.
Even though I try to write,
I have nothing left to say

To make you come and lay
Your body next to mine. Tonight
I feel your warming ray

And tears will try to stop the decay
That will come if you take flight.
I will feel your golden ray.
I have nothing left to say.

Stephen Campbell, 23

Rose is in bed
Violet seems blue
But Juglans Regia
Means my nuts are for you!

Kate Cole, 41

It takes two...

I would kiss you deep in your garden;
I would kiss you under your stairs;
I would kiss you wide
At your narrow bedside
When your head is bent low for your prayers;
I would kiss your pale hair, drifted
And soft as a baby’s breath;
I would kiss your eyes
Open wide with surprise -
I would kiss you in life, in death;
I would kiss you warm in the sunshine,
Or cool in the shade of a tree:
Of my kissing's no lack -
But, again, you draw back
And, as ever - you kiss not me.

Angela Arratoon, 62

The Amorous Cockroach

The sun shines bright from your window,
Lighting leaves on the tree by your door,
It even shines bright
With dazzling light
Through the cracks in the boards of your floor;
That sun is your own dear radiance
In your eyes, in your lips, in your smile,
And for one small sight
Of that innermost light
I would creep over many a mile;
So let me in swift through your window;
Past the leaves of the tree by your door -
Or by way of respite,
At the deep dead of night,
I shall crawl through the cracks in your floor...

Angela Arratoon, 62

I know you don't believe in Valentine's Day,
And claim that it's just a racket,
You say that proving you love me,
Doesn't require you to spend a packet,
I agree, I suppose, to a certain extent,
The price of cards is almost a crime,
And you show you love me every day,
Buying little gifts all the time,
So as usual, I won't buy a card,
Saying "Each Year I Love You More",
But instead, with a little luck,
I'll announce it through Tree2Door,
You should have kept your mouth shut,
And let me buy a private soppy treat,
'Cos now the whole wide world will know,
You make my life complete!

Beverley Andrews


If we had met
In some unclouded previous existence,
Some other country, age,
Manner of being, inside or out of time,
It would have been the same:
This dawning light of shared, enjoyed coincidence,
Names, dates of birth,
Joy of surprise at paralleled experience
Hard-holding, firm and fast
Far beyond everyday’s smaller, familiar frame:
Though fret with fear that each time might be our last -
We, like twin trees, inhabit our landscape we need not name.

Angela Arratoon, 62

Theme and variations

I hold your face fast on my mobile;
Your letter's stashed deep in my room;
I searched long and hard for a Christmas card
But hell - we were only in June;
Then seeking out New Year bargains
Your birthday gift stood out a mile:
Though not in the sale, I paid on the nail -
Next July I shall savour your smile;
What loving is this? it just happens:
So much of the stuff that I do,
Whatever my stunt, (upside-down, back-to-front,)
Ends up in the name of just - you,
Who's implied that you’d rather not know this,
That you’d rather I just let you be -
So I'll mail it away, for St Valentine's Day:
Just some birdsong, hid high in a tree.

Angela Arratoon, 62

To Matt - my Husband & Valentine!

The time's getting on
nearing the end of the day
as I write you this poem
I mean what I say

Your my wonderful husband
the man who I love
who's smile and affection
is more than enough

As we spend our first Valentine's
as husband and wife
I want to say thank you
for my happy life

I know that I'm loved
and as I look at you
I remember the day
when we both said I do

You're thoughtful and caring
you're honest and true
my Mr. Perfect
that's certainly you

So Husband & Valentine
I just want to say
remember I love you
more every day!

Lisa Twigg, 36


I'll wake up, another day
with you, another day
to celebrate.

Pink cards
can't summarise an emotion
any better
than I can define
this warmth.

Unspoken words
are difficult to evoke
when everything
has been said
by someone else.

is superfluous, every day
is an anniversary, every day
is a memory.

I just
love you.

Sarah Woolsey, 21

Oak trees are green and.
Well all trees are green -
sometimes brown too,
Or mottled with gold
kissing skies that are blue,
Roses have thorns whilst
violets won't last,
Spring whimsies with flimsies
are flings of the past,
Red leaves or no leaves -
limbs thick with flowers,
Beneath blankets of blossoms
we can call each other 'ours'.
Some trees are one colour
though some are another,
What really matters?
Is that we love each other.

Ms Rebecca Louise Mulvaney, 17

You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky,
the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart

Mrs E Cella, 39

First meeting

We were ever then?
Those first moments when
We met.

Your hand upon the door.
My first sight of you
As you stared around the bar.
By one glimpse let,
But sensing more.
Your everything
So good and new.
Your very being
And all you are.
Your how.

All was never then,
But now.

Robin E J Chater, 59

What does missing you mean?

You're not here.
You are elsewhere,
But you are 'not being' here.
There seems to be a physical effect of your non-presence.

I have loose ends, lots of them.
Things that were begun with purpose seem temporarily purposeless,
I am missing you.

I just want to put my head in my hands.
I can't care enough about things without being able to share that care.
It must be because I am missing you.

I am sighing too much, I am eating too much, I am drinking too much, I am thinking too little, but I'm not doing
Anything that seems to be important.
That's how I'm missing you this Valentine's Day.

Alaric Pugh, 50

You are my love life
And I am happy to be your wife
You make my knees go weak
Everytime you speak
You are my friend
And make my heart bend
You are the only one
Under the sun
You are my treasure
And give me great pleasure
You are the one for me
And I am happy to be in the sunshine
With you as my Valentine

Mercia Van Tonder

My Relationship at school

To the one I love,
The way I love you
Has as a beat in side
Your loads of fun for me
Your family to
Girls are jealous
But that doesn't bother
Me or you
Been together for
Three months
First valentines
Together cant
Wait hope you
Feel the same
Way to
Most of your friends
Are mine i only
Have one friend
That's a girl
My old friends had
Made us argue
And we both
Hate them to

Taylor Davey, 9

My Invisible valentine

A valentine I cannot feel neither touch
A valentine yet, missed so much
A valentine I cannot hug or kiss
A valentine so far from my lips
In my heart, this valentine I miss
She is meant to arrive the 14th of February
Just like last year but that is all a wonderful memory
A valentine I cannot see
Dear valentine, how can this be?
Are you here or are you there
My dear valentine you could be anywhere
This poem is for you
But their is no place I know of to send it to
Valentine if you really exist
Show yourself; come out from the heavy mist
Take 1 rose today, take one for tomorrow
Take my last one before you disappear into the empty hollow
A poem for you, read it once more line by line
I have to go but remember
I'll be by the bench where the storm ends and the light start to shine
Ps I love you, my invisible valentine

Ahmed K. Badi, 23

Sight of light

I want you to be my delight
to be my very guiding light
with every word i say
I want you to stay
and forget yesterday

I know you might
bless my sense of sight
you give me courage
unlike any ot the others

so I hope one night
you will be my one delight
and the guiding light
that will give me might
and be the goal on which i set my sight

Isaac Swanson

To my Valentine

So sturdy
Earthed as a huge tree
A trunk to embrace
Accommodates gently
My joy and grief.
Arms that comfort
Without intruding,
Encourage humour
Not condemning
Harvest relief.

Maker of songs
Connect through your centres
The seasons. Sing
Of sap rise and fall
Through life-support systems.
Describe delicate growth
Flowering, pruning.
Celebrate the rhythmic
Cosmic re-cycles

But song-maker keep
Like firm tree roots
Those fundamental feet

Margaret Bradshaw, 65 (feels about 44)

For the one I love

Does the light shine in your eyes

As it does in mine when you are around?

Are the days full of joy and beauty

As they are when I spend the time with you?

You are the magic of the moment

The sweet dreams of my endless joy

In the long darkness of the night time

You are the beacon to guide me home

When l am afraid and lonely

Your presence heals my shaking soul

The sweetness of your compassion

Fills my world with light and love

The rising colours of the morning sun

The full shining glory of the moon

The glorious radiance of a forming rainbow

All these and more, remind me of you

You are the candle in my window

The story of loves never ending joy

The reason for my believing

That love really does conquer all

For this love I thank you my joy

The times we spend together magnify

Our shared warmth and wealth of passion

To you my angel of love I dedicate this my love

May our moments last beyond eternity.

Colin Skilton

Dedicated to my beloved, Mr. Leon Clarke

Do you know how much I love you?
I love you so much, that I'd live on nothing if it meant that I could spend every minute of every day with you.
I love you so much, that our problems seem petty when I'm wrapped up in your arms.
I love you so much, that I'd simply die for you.
You're the only person I will ever love; could ever love.
My heart makes love bubbles for you, it is yours and no one elses and it will always be yours.
You are my ultimate sweetheart. I am so proud and lucky to have you.
I could never get sick of loving you.
Everything I do, it is for you. I'll love you until I die.
You are my ultimate soul-mate, you complete me.
You have helped me to better myself and to love myself.
I keep our memories in a special place in my heart,
and when I'm sad, I visit that place; then I am no longer sad.
All the love in the world wouldn't make up for the love I have for you,
My Boo.

Emma Harper

Tree me up
Free me up
Let me lean on
Something stronger
Than a pole
In a bus or
Moving escalator rubber.

Shade my heart
Let me feel the
Warmth of bark,
Not the scorch of sun.

Let me run my
Fingers deep
Along your lines
And know the shape of time.

Gabriella Alexander

Passion killer

Don't wear that old nylon nightie

It’s really not turning me on

When I turn round in bed

The sparks hit my head

And bingo my passion is gone.

Wear the one I bought you last Valentines

The one with the ribbons and ties

Oh please wear the one that I bought you

It might help my passion to rise.

Now you can't blame a bloke for complaining

I put up with curlers and socks

But I must draw the line

Cos I'm not feeling fine

Lying next to a nightie that shocks.

Trudy Simpson