Valentines Day Poetry 2007

The 2007 Poetry Competition Winner

Like the flowers that blossom,
As the rains come and Peacocks dance,
As the birds that fly across the skies,
I have a pleasure on the face,
Evincing the deep happiness with a throng.
As the relation has become so strong,
It is the lasting desire that is now true,
When I have her,
Pouring immense love and concern.
I am so glad that I can't state,
To have someone besides me in my fate .
Even the long distances are now short,
When I close my eyes to get closer forth.
I move through an imaginary state,
Where I feel and see the presence,
To keep me engrossed and smell the fragrance .
This has a deep influence on me,
I have a melted heart,
With Sentiments and Emotions grown.
It would be so pleasant to be together,
When I cherish the everlasting relation.

Arpit Sahai, India

UK Entries

Tree of Love

Our love is like a sapling
It starts so weak and small
But with tender care and watering
It shoots up through the soil

Through night and day the sapling grows
and now we are a tree
not only that what we have achieved
our saplings now add up to three

Seasons come and seasons go
but still we stand here strong
Healthy roots that's what we have
That and the manure we are standing on!

Kim Holgate, Norfolk

For you I would climb
The highest mountain peak
Swim the deepest ocean
Your love I do seek.

For you I would cross
The rivers most wide
Walk the hottest desert sand
To have you by my side.

For you are the one
Who makes me whole
You've captured my heart
And touched my soul.

For you are the one
That stepped out of my dreams
Gave me new hope
Showed me what love means.

For you alone
Are my reason to live
For the compassion you show
And the care that you give.

You came into my life
And made me complete
Each time I see you
My heart skips a beat.

For you define beauty

Sarah Plusnin, Devon


Your love for me is tender,
Your love for me is sweet,
It makes me stand in splendour
For your love is so unique

One day your charming prince will come along
And sweep you off your feet,
That is when you will feel a love,
So sweet, so real, unique.

Bethany Webb, Kent

I love you I love you, I love you almighty.
I wish your pyjamas were next to my nightie
But don't be mistaken don't be mislead
I mean on the clothes line and not in the bed

Kirsten Waugh, Manchester (Kirsten works for Tree2mydoor, so she can't win!)

14th February a special date
Make a special effort, don't be late
flowers or chocolates, what will it be
Maybe it will be an everlasting love tree

realitys arrived, the postmans at the door
rushed to pick up my valentines galore
no red envelopes on the mat
just bills, now my day is really flat

Get in my car and go to work
get there late and my boss is a jerk
later I get a text, who can it be
Its my husband to say he really loves me

Valerie Slatter, Devon

We may have been together for years
And you've overdone it with the beers
Your girth is growing day by day
But who cares how much you weigh
Gone is the six pack, now there's just flab
But I suppose there's more for me to grab
Mention exercise and your face turns white
You'd rather eat crisps and chocolate all night
Your haven't got much hair left on your head
And you spend most of the weekend in bed
Your life is going into decline
But I'm still glad you're my Valentine!

Sara Sunderland, Suffolk

When I look at nature
It makes me think of you
Because it is so wonderful
And looks so darnned good too.

Trees maintain the air we breath
Some bring colour all year through
The earth would die without the trees
And I'd die without you.

You're as steady as an oak
Whenever life's storms rage.
And fun when acting your shoe size
Rather than your proper age.

I want to still be with you
When I'm ninety-four -
Our love will still be growing
Like the trees outside our door.

Hazel Rea, Colchester

Just as an acorn into a tree shall surely grow,
Maturing as time goes by,
My love for you is just the same,
Too strong now to die,
I could talk of hearts and kisses,
Of chocolates and a teddy bear,
But that sort of fluffy love,
Is not the love we share,
We don't have rows and arguments,
We have branches, reaching out on their own,
And just as leaves form on the tree,
From these branches, resolutions are sown,
Our tree now is too strong to fell,
Safe from external threat,
And as our tree comes of age,
The best is to happen yet,
For as any tree must bear fruit,
If future life is to be grown,
So now it's time for our little tree,
To lovingly bear fruit of its own.
Congratulations and surprise, "Daddy"! I love you.

Beverley, Derbyshire

I love you because...

The way you look at me in that very special way,
Makes me feel loved and adored every single day,
If I didn't have you, my world would be empty,
The Fun and Laughter we share and smile's aplenty,
You brighten up my cloudy days, when I'm feeling down,
I enjoy every minute of everyday when you're around,
Hoping you'll always be mine and I'll enjoy you forever,
My Life is fun and so perfect as long as we're together.

Lorna Spence, Blackpool

Like a pebble held in your hand
You throw into a vast ocean
Into water splash a visual memory
Ripples fade like memories of me
Until gone and at the bottom I lay
I hope I pray for the tide to push
To pull me from the dark
Now on a beach I lay
I hope to be held in your hand again

Ian Maslen, UK

My Poem

A special day is here
To send a wish to you
You always make me happy
When I am feeling blue
Your loving arms so precious
Your kisses are so sweet
To show how much I love you
Enjoy this special tree-t.

Jacqueline Pollard, UK

So Innocent and unaware
Of all the joy she brings to share
For many people along the way
She will brighten their darkest day
Her hair so long on the breeze it flows
Grace and radiance all about her
But she doesn't know
Too busy lending a helping hand
No time for her just to stand
And admire the beauty we all see
Or just how perfect she is to me
Her caring heart, her gentle touch
When she's gone I miss her so much
But what right have I to hold on tight
To stop that flame from burning so bright
For the world would be a duller place
Without her smiley, glowing face
So I stand back and let her go free
With the hope everyday she'll come home to me
And I can share the rest of my days
With one so special in every way
Then when they lay me down to rest
And the angels ask what I liked best
There's only one answer I will say...
My time with Sam....
Every moment..... of every day

Nigel Briggs, UK


Those lover's kiss,
Float drunk on broken wine,
Fermenting opulent words,
and drowsing the shatters,
The bed they lay on in all it's glory.
Beneath the coco-eyed sheets,
there hangs the prize of romance,
draped on a sultry vine.

Anna Green, UK

Drunk on love, (like sweet champagne),
We took a walk down Lover's Lane.
We stopped beside an ancient oak,
Away from prying eyes and folk.
He murmured words of love, what bliss!
We closed our eyes, began to kiss.
Gentle, tender, sweet and mild,
'I love you babe', he softly smiled.
Then took a knife, began to carve
Our names entwined, 'Mary and Marv'.
Now, some would say that's quite romantic,
Oh no! Not me! It sent me frantic!
How dare the swine? What blasphemy!
To stab a knife into a tree?
And there and then I slapped his cheek,
Began to shout, began shriek,
You lousy git! You're goose is cooked!
We're finished pal. Get lost! You're chucked!
So, this Valentine's I'll be alone,
I mustn't grumble, mustn't groan.
I'm not looking for your sympathy
I'd rather have a nice new tree!

Lydia Houghton, Wiltshire

My love for you is like a tree,
It's branches, your arms that envelop me,
It's roots are like our love, are deep and strong
Like leaves on a tree, to me you belong.

The bark protects it like you protect me
I'ts tall and strong a beauty to see
and as it's sap rises when spring comes around
It captivates me as I lie on the ground

You are my tree in everyway
you shelter me when skies are gray
I love you more than words can say
Darling Happy Valentines Day

Lisa Wheeldon, Whitby

Oh what is the meaning of this love,
My heart flutters like wing's of a dove.
It some sort of uncontrollable feeling in me,
I know that my inner soul needs to be free.
You try to revert to common sense,
But the feeling of love is so warmly dense.
So let the mind roam to escape,
To pure white swansÊfloating on a calm lake.

Vicky Allum, Cornwall

I love you more and more each day,
And this is how i want to say.
You mean the world to me,
You make me smile with joyfull glee.
You give me a reason to wake in the morning,
I hope by now the message is dawning.
You are the sun up in the sky,
You are the birds that overhead fly.
You give me hope when things are bad,
Although to love you some may think im Êmad.
So this is to say I LOVE YOU,
And every word ive wrote is true.

Sian Weiner, Milton Keynes

A Rainy Day Affair

Beneath the umbrella,
hidden from sight
who would have known
that their hands
were gripped tight.

As the rain came down
in a rage that day
safe beneath that brolly
their cares blew away

The wind howled fiercely
around their shoulders it blew
but not even a hurricane
could separate these two

Love you see
had brought them together
but it would not have been so
had it not been for this weather

When the rain started to fall
she had run for the bus
but got tangled in a crowd
who were making a fuss

over who was first
it seemed in the queue
when the bus just drove off
she didnÕt know what to do

Then in a flash
the rain was cut dead
an umbrella appeared
to shelter her head

The darkest brown eyes
smiled handsomely coy
and it was love at first sight
between this girl and this boy

A romantic tale
but one not in vein
it will bring you a smile
next time you're caught in the rain

Laura Louise Alford, Brighton

When we first met my heart was yours
I had tingles through each of my pores,
my head was spinning, my heart aflutter
we go together like bread and butter
These words above cannot relay
how much i love you each and every day

Karen Walkden, Braintree, Essex

Steady Eddie has an impeccable ability to balance
The way he jumps from pillar to post just puts me in a trance
I love his way of walking, high amongst the trees
Steady Eddie’s brilliant, in spite of his squeaky knees

Ready Eddie cooks, better than any man I know
His concoctions taste like magic, though his washing up is slow
I love his attention to detail, it makes me feel quite great
The jazz food he prepares is like art for the palate

I'd like to beddy Eddie more often than I can
He's a very intelligent, entertaining and sexy man
So I'll take this opportunity, in the form of verse and rhyme
To ask you... ready, steady Eddie... will you be my valentine?

Ceri Angood, Essex

Without telling you, what can I say?
Without showing you, what can I do?
Will I always suffer in silence
because of the way I feel for you?

What if I were to tell you?
What would you actually say?
I think I'll suffer in silence
for fear of driving you away

And how my heart does bleed
and long for true romance
it wants to learn to love again,
and sing and laugh and dance

But to dance you need a partner
and to sing, needs harmony
and to love you need a soul mate
that sets your spirit free

Justina Pena-Pan, UK

My Valentine Tree

If my love were a tree
I know it would be
Strong and dependable
But which would it be?

If my love were an Ash
I know it would be
Healing and Sacred
Not gone in a flash

If my love were a Beech
I know it would be
The Queen to your King
Yet not out of reach

If my love were a Birch
I know it would be
Protective and Fertile
Not left in the lurch

If my love were a Pine
I know it would be
Sweet and long lasting
Not gone after time

But my love is an Oak
Strong and true
Growing in strength
Every moment with you.

Lynn Gibbins, Banbury, Oxon

Loving you is easy,
But loving me is tough,
You always stuck by me,
Through the smooth and the rough,

For better or for worse,
Those are the words we said,
But who could know the struggle,
That for us, lay ahead,

But you never faltered,
Stayed by my side throughout,
When others would have given up,
You never had a doubt,

And we came through the other side,
Our hearts still locked together,
And knowing that we came through that,
I believe they're locked forever.

Martin, Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Crossword Cheat

You speak to me in cryptic words, knowing
That after you are gone and the warmth of your
Place in my bed chills, then I will ponder the meaning
Of your words and the way they add up
To empty

Teasing at the truth behind the lies, the antonyms
And the synonyms that we parry back and forth,
Like dualists on a chess board, completing
The puzzle in Sunday newspapers
Coffee in

I'm tired of the syntax of our love the dialogue is old
And stale. For each hint and clue a hundred words
Have filled the grid and still they make no
In snatched

I live in the closed boxes of your mind, a dark
Space between the words that are running out
And soon the grid will be full of black
I am your punctuation
Mark, your full

Lisa Fuller, Newport

Come out with me and drink some sap
We'll have a dance (no, not a lap!)
Please say oak ay, or I will pine
And birch myself till you are mine.
I'm aspen you, please let's get going,
Come to the beech, we could go rowan!
And when we're elder remember these things.
Then cut my leg off and count the rings.

Jill Douglas, Leeds

I'll love you until the stars leave the skys
and the sun kisses the ground and wakes the birds in the morning
and ill see your face your sleepy eyes and ill brush away your tiredness
with kisses warm and searching
and rekindle the flames of our love

Amanda Pickering, Birkenhead, Merseyside

Quiet cup of coffee in the morning hours with Jazz playing in my mind,
how could life be better? and my mind is busy planning magic ....
But may the Gods protect me from eating poisonuous seeds
of flowers or trees as delirium is surely to set in...
Although I think I am there already since we met.
Where, What, How -haven't got a clue...
all I can see is your eyes in the dark
watching me closely all hours of the day.
I have to reach for your touch every now and then,
this need itches even now....
What do you see in the future?
Hope I am there...
as I don't seem to be able to shake you off

Johanna Jussila, UK

Glimmering crystal droplets
Glitter on frosted leaves
Spectacular rainbow
Splendour that's hard to believe

Babbling brook
Bubbling within a forest
Petals on the breeze
Prettiness on unknown quest

Glowing silver moon
Guiding light on sleeping world
Whisper of the ocean
Waves crash, breathe and swirl

So much natural beauty in life
Simple resplendence galore
Though I'd give it all up
To be yours forevermore

Jennifer Deavall, UK

This is a little something for you
I'm sorry it's not brightly coloured
It's not even silver or gold
But it is for you

I couldn't fit it inside a box
I'm not sure where it ends or it starts
But I hope you will like it
It is made for you

Sometimes I thought I had forgotten
Even thought that maybe you had too
Though it's not something you need remember
I know it,
Like you know it too

S Acton, Northwich, Cheshire

Oh Darling Dear

You are all Iwant to see
Will you please be with me
I will give you a rose
then I intend to propose
You will give me a kiss
that I don't want to miss

You are perfect beyond imagination
You're my number one beauty nomination
I love you so much
Please don't deny me your touch
We could talk and talk
We could walk and walk

You will always be there
I will always care
I will hold your hand
And fulfil all that you demand
When you call I am here
Oh Darling Dear

Isaac Swanton, Lymm, Cheshire

Stumped, no idea, my mind adrift
I visited tree2mydoor for my guy a gift
Holly, Cherry or Oak tree for my beau
Will, like our love, flourish and grow

Frances Heaton, Preston, Lancashire


In dreams I used to wander through green unblemished grass,
past daffodils that turned they're heads and whispered as I passed.
My eyes were there enchanted by a most divine mirage,
one scarlet rose that stood amidst her thorny entourage.

At once I felt so near her, transfixed by what I saw,
the graceful glow that shone above her verdant palace floor.
Ivy plants were straining, entwined around her feet,
to be the one she blesses, to be the one she greets.

Deities do not care for woe to which some are consigned,
nor do they sway in sympathy for the humble love of vines.
Her sighs were undeciphered as towards my ear she leant,
but in soft transitions of dreams to life I sometimes catch her scent.

Craig Bradshaw, Essex

my boy is special,
hes a real treat,
chocolates, rose, champagne the lot,
nothing compares to the boy i've got

Michelle Sigley, Stockport, Cheshire

International Entries

Oh my love,lets take each other into a different world.
Lets tell each other our love through silence.
Oh my love,let the wind between us kiss us.
Lets still feel the warmth we give each other.
Oh my love,though there is darkness around.
Lets have light in front of each other.
Oh my love,let the world disbelieve us.
Lets lie on the bed of mutual trust.
Oh my love,let the sleep disturb us.
Let us still entertain her in our dreams.
Oh my love,let the tresspassers come.
Let them know its in vain too.
Oh my love,let the mind intervene.
Lets listen to our hearts.
Oh my love,let me wait for your answer.
Let me still tell you that you are my life.
Oh my life,though you are silent.
I know what your lips want to say!

Neha Nayak, India

Dreaming about you and me,
waking up and knowing it'll never be.
You are always in my dreams,
I don't know why, or what it means.
My dreams are filled with thoughts of you,
Us together, someday two.

Us together, someday two..
Seems too good to be true
For what is true and what is lie
I still don't know but can't deny..
That if we never dare to dream
And once try out our unseen wings,
We'll never reach that shining star,
But we've been thru this and come this far
And though the light seems miles away
I dream all night. I dream all day
For me my strength lies in that dream
Shattered still, not perished yet
Those memories fond I shall never forget
Of kisses sweet and warm embrace
...another time...another place

Sudhyasheel Sen, India

For Dalibor

Happiness of your smile
I love.
I also love waterfall of
yours-mine hair.
I love sadly shine of
sky blue eyes
And your love,
I love.
I love who you are,
I love you.

Tatjana Vorel, Croatia

Thirty tremendous years we’ve travelled together
Separated even for a day we long for each other
Long lingering love of tender touches and pulsating passion
Faithful, trusting, mutual respect in each others' position
Together we've shared trying times and tribulations
Reveled rapturously in the joy of euphoric occasions
Often adventurously, venturing on a daring date
We are truly each other's undying soul mate
From time immemorial we've sought each others' heart
Nothing, even death will ever keep us apart.

A. Krishna Gosine, San Fernando, Trinidad

February Fourteenth - What Valentines Day Means to Me.

February fourteenth is Valentines Day from coast to coast.
To me it is the birthday of the girl I love the most.

Everything about you is the reasons why I've fallen.
Your voice is music to my ears, I love when you come calling.

In this poem I write to you, to let you know my feelings.
Sometimes I like to sing you songs, love is common thread, in each of
their true meanings.

Your personality is perfect to me, it suits me just fine.
Your interests are unique, some similar to mine.

Your tears are genuine, when I see them I wish you'd share.
Your smile is my only concern, it makes me walk on thin air.

Your touch is amazing, it simply melts my heart.
Your beauty is this world's best piece of art.

I wish to take your hand and look at you from one knee.
I write this poem to you, I will ask you to marry me.

Once a year lovers will raise their glass and give a romantic toast.
But this poem is how I feel always,
and for me everyday is Valentines Day,
because it is the birthday of the girl I love the most.

Robert Dale Friske, NY, USA