Birch Tree Symbolism and Meaning

The Birch tree is an elegant force of nature. The silvery white bark looks sophisticated and graceful but under this beauty lies a strong, willfulness to grow where nothing else can.

Silver Birch Tree Leaf

It is almost always one of the first species to regrow in places of tragedy, a forest fire perhaps or even after the great ice age. It can thrive in harsh conditions of low nutrient soils and colder climates. It’s also one of the first trees to regrow leaves after the depths of winter bringing us into the new life of spring. It’s widespread across the British Isles and a coloniser of many UK woodlands.

The native tree holds strong connections with feminine energies and in Celtic Lore is known as ‘The Lady of the Woods’. It’s most recognisable features are the paper thin bark that peels to reveal dark fissures along the trunk and the delicate, flowing leaves that cover the tree in summer.

The beauty of the tree can be seen in every season making it a great specimen tree for the garden. Silver birch trees are amazing for garden wildlife. The tree is a great attraction and will be unconditionally adored by the birds and the bees.

As the birch is a pioneer species this gives it a symbol of rebirth, new beginnings and growth. It’s a sacred tree within the mythology of the Celts and is thought to have very protective influences.

On Midsummer's Eve, branches from the tree would be hung around doors of dwellings in hopes to bring good luck and guard against any evil misfortune. To bring in the new year with goodness, evil spirits were brushed from homes using a broom made from the twigs of a birch tree.

Not just magical but also medicinal, the leaves of the birch can be brewed into a tea that can be used to treat infections and remove excess water from the body.

The Birch Tree was the centre of the Beltane Festival, now more commonly known to us as May Day. Maypoles would be created from the wood of the birch and everyone would gather round and dance to ensure a fruitful harvest that year.

Birch is the first lunar month in the Celtic Tree Calendar lying between the dates of 24th December - 20th January.

Birch Tree Zodiac

  • Silver Birch Tree GiftRuled by: the 1st Lunar Month
  • Dates: 24th December - 20th January
  • Ogham Letter: Beith (B)
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Ruling Elements: Air and Water



Just like the tree, people born under the birch sign are courageous and willful. They have high ambitions and will always strive to reach those higher aspirations. They are pioneers, explorers and drawn to careers in leadership. They can take command of any situation and keeping their cool under pressure is their forte.

Even though they are tough, they are in touch with their softer side and like the bark of the tree bring beauty and radiance through the winter and often help others feel lifted and motivated with the lightness they bring.

Birch signs are ideal matches for Vine and Willow signs.

Silver Birch Tree Gift is the perfect ideas to send to someone as a zodiac themed birthday gift throughout December and January. Although the tree is bare at this time of year the leaves will soon emerge to welcome the spring.

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