Start earning points today...

MyTree Loyalty Points

Start earning points today...

Tree2mydoor's customers can now earn Mytree loyalty points with every order placed on or website.* The points collected can then be used to pay for future purchases. Start earning and open up an account with Tree2mydoor today!

What is a MyTree loyalty point worth?

You will earn one Mytree loyalty point for every £1 spent at One Mytree Loyalty point is worth 5p to spend on the Tree2mydoor website.

How do I spend MyTree loyalty points?

When you log into your account on the website, MyTree points will be visible and can be selected as a payment type. It will be possible to pay for all, or part of any purchase using MyTree Points. MyTree Points become active 14 days after we receive payment for the item that you ordered. Prior to this date, MyTree Points can be seen as Pending or Provisional in your account. MyTree Points can only be used to make a payment when their status is Active.

*Mytree loyalty points cannot be earned for dedicate a tree products, gift vouchers and P&P charges.