Buy Orange Trees


Buy Orange Trees

Buy orange trees from Tree2mydoor and send them to friends and family for unique gifts for many occasions. We have lots of varieties such as satsumas, tangerines and calamondins.

Evergreen Fruiting Trees

Oranges are originally from much warmer regions making them great indoor plants in the UK when the weather gets too cold. They loved to be placed in well-ventilated spaces, greenhouses and conservatories are the ideal place but if you don’t have either then anywhere with enough light and no central heating will do.

Citrus trees are well known for having beautiful blossom and the orange tree is no different. The small white flowers look stunning on the branches and will fill the room with an incredible fragrance. A welcome addition to any home for sure.

Our lush mini calamondin tree is an espalier trained and produces tart little orange fruits. The miniature tree is perfect for growing on an office desk and brightening up any small space.

Orange varieties are great gifts for many occasions, they’re perfect for new houses, new babies and birthdays or simply just a gift for a food lover.

We have plenty of other citrus varieties perfect to send as a gift. Take a look at our kaffir lime tree, both the fruits and the leaves can be used to add new depths of flavour to cooking. The lemon tree is by far one of our most popular products and it’s easy to see why, it can fruit and flower up to 4 times a year so they’ll always be a fresh supply of fruit and heavenly scented blossoms.

Check out our orange tree care guide for some tips and tricks on how to care for your tree and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.