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Buy magnolia trees to send to friends and family around the UK and Ireland. Breathe colour and life into someone’s garden this spring with a beautiful flowering tree perfect for any garden size.

Stunning Blossoming Magnolia Trees

Magnolias are possibly one of the most beautiful flowering trees out there. Best known for their large, tulip-shaped blossoms that set the tree alight in the springtime.

In Ancient Chinese culture, it was believed that the magnolia blooms are a symbol of gentleness and feminine beauty and if you were gifted a tree it was someone saying that you are worthy of the beauty of a magnolia tree.

The stunning flowers come into bloom first and the leaves follow shortly after. Magnolia varieties mainly come in white but it’s more common now to get pinks, purples and even yellows.

Our most popular star magnolia produces elegant white blooms that closely resemble the shape of a star, it’s a Stellata variety and is perfect for people with small gardens.

If you’re looking for something a little more colourful, the Susan magnolia has vibrant pink blooms. When the flowers start to form on the bare branches and makes the tree look ablaze with colour.

Check out our other flowering trees like our ornamental cherry blossoms. The blooms are a lot smaller but just as beautiful.

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