Buy Lemon Trees


Buy Lemon Trees

Buy lemon trees to send as gifts from Tree2mydoor. Citrus varieties are perfect for bringing vibrant splashes of colour into the home all year round.

Buy Indoor Lemon Trees

Lemon trees are a wonderful gift to send to loved ones to brighten up their day. Who wouldn't want a fresh supply of lemons to hand all year every year?

Citrus trees are evergreen and don't lose their leaves, this means they look great all year round. Unlike other fruit trees, they can fruit multiple times a year it would be like having your own little lemon machine in the house. Homemade lemonade is definitely on the cards with this tree gift.

Even though they're more suited to the Mediterranean climate that doesn’t mean we can’t grow them over here. In the cooler British weather, they’re better situated indoors as long as it’s a bright, well-ventilated space away from central heating. Greenhouses, conservatories and porches are great places for your tree.

When the tree comes into full bloom the blossom will fill the air with a heavenly, sweet fragrance. A definite welcome addition to anyone's home.

A more unique tree to check out is our red lemon, it produces beautiful fruit that are blushed with a pink tone.

We have plenty of other citrus varieties available to send as gifts from kaffir limes to oranges to the weird and wonderful buddha's hand you'll be spoilt for choice.

Check out our care guide for information on how to look after your tree and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Order today and choose a delivery date in the future. Add a personalised greetings card to your order for no extra charge.