Tree2mydoor Press Coverage in The Larne Times

The sky is the limit for the tree man and his business.

The former Lame High School pupils innovative gift company, Tree2mydoor - set up in October 2002 - has just beaten off stiff competition to come tops in its category in the 2004 Gift of the Year Awards at the Savoy Hotel, London. The Gift of the Year is the industry award for excellence and is open to all UK gift and home related companies; giving the opportunity to prove that products are winners. Tree2mydoor entered the popular ‘Ancient Wisdom’ Tree Gift range into the Gift of the Year in early spring. The Ancient offers a range of native tree species to the United Kingdom, detailing the magical properties as well as the individual zodiac sign associated with each species.

Gareth’s childhood in Larne helped to inspire his now thriving business. Under the guidance of his grandfather, local butcher Tom McKeen, he learnt about the many different species of local wildlife and plant life. Every Tuesday, Tom would take his grandson out to gather dulse on the seashore, or blackthorn sticks and pick wild berries and nuts. From these early lessons, Gareth grew up with a strong desire for conservation of his natural surroundings and the protection of ways of life. After leaving college, Gareth moved to Middlesbrough to study marketing at university. After a year working in marketing and publishing in South East Gareth moved to Manchester.


Drawn back to his environmental roots, he began working for the national environmental charity Groundwork, where he was responsible for setting up new Internet marketing systems along with a range of corporate displays and newsletters. The concept of giving a tree as a gift came to Gareth when he wanted to buy his parents a Christmas gift with more meaning than a box of chocolates or a music CD.

After an Internet search, he couldn't find a company that could supply a ‘tree gift’ and from here the concept of Tree2mydoor was born. A working business model was created for Tree2mydoor in Gareth's spare time. Gareth explains, “As the model was developed, it demanded more and more of my time which eventually led to me handing in my notice and going it alone!”

Tree2mydoor offers consumers the opportunity to send living gifts to loved ones, whilst helping to support the environment and not for profit organisations. A full range of Scottish grown sapling gifts and wild flower gifts are available from the company website,

Publication date: July 22, 2004




Gareth's green gift idea shoots throughout the UK

What better gift is there than something that will live for hundreds - and perhaps thousands- of years?

Tree2mydoor's very own Gareth highlights the spirit of the company and how lasting memories can be gained by our unique gift service. Chronicling his rise through entrepreneurship to become the champion of eco-friendly gifts. 

Publication date:  January 29, 2004