Magnolia Trees as Gifts

Send a tree from our Magnolia Tree Gifts range for weddings, anniversaries, and spring occasions. These immaculate flowering trees are superb for ornamentation, offering life, colour, and fragrance earlier in the year than other trees and plants. Browse our range, find the gift with the right symbolism and natural beauty, and share it with someone special. Rest assured, they’ll love it for years to come.

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Buy Magnolia Trees as Gifts in the UK

Our range of Magnolia Trees are ever so unique. Many of them flower from late winter to spring, offering exquisite colours and fragrances while other trees and plants are bare and dormant. Watching these living gifts grow for years to come is fulfilling in ways other gifts aren’t.

A firm favourite amongst our customers is our Star Magnolia Tree Gift. It’s pristine white, star-shaped flowers are exceptionally beautiful and stand out remarkably well in late winter and early spring. We also offer a pink variety, the Star Magnolia Rose Tree.

Give loved ones our Lily Magnolia Tree Gift and they will wait for spring in anticipation. Spring warmth encourages the goblet-shaped flowers to open weeks before many other trees and plants. Their splendid pink colour is really a sight to behold.

Both our Susan Magnolia Tree Gift and Pink Magnolia Tree are effortlessly elegant. In late winter, their stark branches are engulfed by gorgeous pink blooms. Rich colour and delicate fragrances that lasts into early summer. These dainty trees can even be pot grown, so space isn’t a problem.

Our Magnolia varieties are fully hardy in the UK with extra protection from frost in the spring. Plant or pot them in full sun or partial shade location. Our Magnolias are suitable for small to medium-sized gardens.

We deliver our Magnolia shrubs around the UK & Ireland via a premium courier service. Order today, choose a personalised gift card and our devoted gardeners will hand-select and gift-wrap your tree on the day of dispatch.