Magnolia Trees as Gifts

Magnolia trees are cherished for their uniquely, large flowers that come in a variety of shapes and colours. These immaculate flowering trees are superb for ornamentation in the garden, offering life, colour, and fragrance earlier in the year than many other trees and plants. The colourful spring display is a breath of fresh air after a long, cold winter. Browse our range, find the perfect magnolia tree gift with the right symbolism and natural beauty, and share it with someone special. Rest assured, they’ll cherish it for years to come.

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Buy Magnolia Trees as Gifts

Magnolia trees are named after the 17th century French botanist, Pierre Magnol. Magnolias make up a large genus of flowering trees that have been traced back millions of years using fossils. They flower anywhere between late winter to early spring, even before the leaves begin to grow and are ideal for encouraging early pollinators to the garden such as beetles.

The selection of magnolias from Tree2mydoor are all deciduous varieties, however, there are some evergreen varieties out there that are perfect for use as screening in the garden.

Our range of magnolias are fantastic gift alternatives to send to loved ones for spring occasions, each year when the large flowers bloom not only will it bring life and colour to the garden but it will also remind them of you.

The Susan magnolia or tulip magnolia tree. Both are effortlessly elegant and in early spring their stark branches are engulfed by gorgeous pink purple blooms. Rich colour and delicate fragrances that last into early summer. These dainty trees can even be pot grown, so space isn’t a problem. The Susan magnolia tree was even awarded the Garden Merit Award from the RHS.

All of our Magnolia varieties are fully hardy in the UK with extra protection on the flower buds in spring frost. Plant or pot them in a sheltered location with full sun or partial shade, bearing in mind that full sun will give the best display of blooms. For more information read our magnolia tree care guide.

We deliver our Magnolia shrubs around the UK & Ireland via a premium courier service. Order a tree gift today, choose a personalised gift card and our devoted gardeners will hand-select and gift-wrap your tree on the day of dispatch.