Hazelnut Trees for Sale

Also known as the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ people once believed that eating the fruits of hazelnut trees would allow you to gain an abundance of new knowledge and skills. Browse our range of British grown hazelnut trees for sale, you’d be nuts not to.

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Nuts about hazelnuts?

Hazels are generally more of a small, bushy tree and if pruned correctly can be kept at a manageable size. Although they are a smaller variety of deciduous tree, if left they can grow up to 30ft in height so are better suited to large gardens. If laid properly, however, they are a good alternative option for creating dense hedging.

The tree produces 2 types of blooms: bright yellow catkins and small green buds with red styles on the end. The catkins come through before the leaves and add a nice pop of colour to bare winter months. The smaller buds are something you need to look out for, at a glance they are easily missed. The dainty red tendrils poking through catch the pollen so the nuts can form.

In Autumn the nuts on the tree will be starting to ripen and if you don't want to share, you better be quick. Local wildlife goes crazy for hazelnuts and arent shy to pick them a little bit before they're ready. Enjoy cracking them straight from the tree or why not try having a go at roasting them yourself? We have a whole selection of nut trees available for purchase.

Hazelnuts just not enough? We have a range of hazel truffle trees. The tree root is inoculated with rare native truffle spores so that after a few years of growth you will be well on your way to harvesting both truffles and nuts. Take a look at our other native truffle trees in the range.

If you want some more information be sure to check out our hazel tree information page. Order today and get free delivery on orders over 99.