Gifts for Students

Our Gifts for Students range is full of indoor plants for friends and family in secondary school, college, and university. These delightful living gifts happily show off their natural beauty and can even improve well-being and productivity. Get them a gift that will look after them more than they look after it.

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Unique Indoor Plant Gifts for Students

Treat a student a gift they can love and admire for months to come with a plant from our Gifts for Students range. The lovely bunch of indoor evergreen enrich the lives of the academically inclined with life and colour.

Sometimes all a student needs is peace and calm, so give them our Peace Lily Plant. This lush evergreen plant has stems topped with broad, pointed leaves and immaculate white lilies rising above them. It arrives in a trendy pot for easy display on tabletops and window sills. Oh, and NASA even rated it a top air purifier - a clean, green housemate who cleans the air you breathe, what more could you want?

One of our quirkiest indoor plants is our Swiss Cheese Plant. Students love this plant for its intriguingly shaped leaves that give the plant is cheesy name. It looks stunning all-year-round and will happily clean the air of toxins, reducing the risk of headache, illness, and fatigue. Students cramming for exams will love this living gift.

Busy students love our Yucca Plant Gift as it is as hardy as it is beautiful. When they are buried in books and forget to water it, our Yucca Plant won’t mind. It features a rough, brown trunk and lush, lanced-shaped leaves for a truly unique style.

Whether you’re sending them a plant for their new student digs or as a graduation gift, they’ll be over the moon! Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.