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Flowering Trees Gifts

Buy Flowering Trees as gifts to give loved ones gorgeous natural displays in their garden. Every tree in this range is living, lasting, and rich with symbolism, everything a gift should be. Our Ornamental Flowering Trees offer confetti-like displays of blossom every year and watching them grow is truly fulfilling. Rest assured, you won’t regret giving these gifts.


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Buy Ornamental Flowering Trees as Gifts

Give loved ones a gift from our ornamental Flowering Tree range for weddings, anniversaries, and spring occasions. These enchanting trees are treasured for their unique natural beauty, a confetti display of blossom that happens every year. Not many gifts are as enchanting as these.

For small to medium-sized gardens, give our Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree Gift. This dainty piece of Japan has glossy, green leaves and produces fragrant, pink-white blossom in early spring. It can be potted or planted and grows to a height of 6m (20ft).

Treat someone special to our Winter Flowering Cherry Tree Gift. Like our other cherry trees, it has an immaculate display of blossom, but they arrive in mild winters instead of spring. When most other trees are bare and dormant, this flowering gift offers life, colour, and fragrance, making it perfect for Christmas and winter occasions.

For larger blooms why not consider our Pink Magnolia Tree? Every spring the bare branches are engulfed with a display of large trumpet-shaped flowers. This seasonal magnolia is chosen by our devoted gardeners to bring you the best varieties throughout the year.

Our beautiful fruit trees also produce an abundance of spring blossoms that will slowly develop into delicious fruits that can be enjoyed over the summer months. Choose one of our many Apple Trees or Cherry Trees and get the best of both worlds with fruits and flowers every year.

Generally, our Flowering Cherry Trees are hardy in our terrible British weather. Plant or pot them in well-drained soil in a sunny, sheltered spot and water well while the roots are established.


When will my Flowering Tree Gifts Grow Flowers?

This will entirely depend on the Flowering Tree Gift, each tree grows differently. For instance, Magnolias and Cherry Trees often bloom in the early spring, while a Crab Apple will bloom in late spring.

Do I Have to Prune a Flowering Tree Gift?

Yes, most trees will need pruning in some capacity. Never prune away more than a third of a tree at any one time, and aim to prune when the tree has finished flowering to encourage the most growth in the following year