Tree Care and Advice by Type

Acer Japanese Maple Trees

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Bay Trees

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Citrus Trees

Citrus tree are one of the fussier trees we have to offer but are definitely worth the extra care when the fruits of your labour are ready for the picking.

The basics of citrus tree care is as follows:

Keep indoors in an unheated conservatory, porch or hallway. Citrus trees need a lot of bright light and good air ventilation.

As they prefer slight humidity make sure not to place near any central heating or radiators. This both dries out the air and causes dramatic changes in air temperature.

Never leave the pot standing in water. The roots will not tolerate over watering or waterlogged soil. Only water when necessary and make sure the pot drainage is adequate.

You will know when your citrus trees start to feel stressed as they may suffer with something known as citrus leaf drop. While it is alarming, don't be too worried. With the correct care you will be able to bring your tree right back to full health again.

If you want to see more information about your specific variety you can find all the in depth care guides on our blog. From how to care for your lemon tree to our full lime tree care guide.


Fruit Trees


Holly Trees


Magnolia Trees

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Native Trees

All our native trees and saplings are grown right here in the UK. They are the ideal addition to any British garden and are fully hardy against our weather.

Make sure to check on the particular sizeof the tree to make sure it can be planted safely in the garden. A lot of our UK native trees like the Oak and Beech can grow to be extremely large so are not well suited to be grown as a specimen tree in a regular garden setting.


Olive Trees

Olive trees are easy to care for and can be planted in a pot or in the ground. They are slow growing and look beautiful but may need a little bit of extra care in the winter when it gets frosty.

Need help caring for your olive trees? Our Olive Tree Care Guide is hear to help you out.


Rose Bushes

Most rose bushes will need to be planted into the ground but check on the variety to see whether you can plant it up into a pot. Patio roses in particular are perfect for container growing.

Rose bushes will like to be in a sunny but sheltered area where they can get a lot of light throughout the flowering period.


Fruiting Plants