White Poplar Tree


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The Poplar tree is often referred to as the "Whispering" or "Talking Tree". This is probably due to the rustling noise the leaves make, even in the most gentle breeze. The Poplar has strong connections with protection and the wood was often used to make shields to protect against death or injury.The White Poplar Tree grows as a medium-sized deciduous tree up to 20m tall and suckers freely. It is roundish in outline with a greyish-white bark marked with black pores.Tree supplied is 20-40cm.

  • The colouration in the leaves of the White Poplar tree is due to hairs which protect the breathing pores on the leaf.
  • The White Poplar suckers freely and can be grown to form windbreaks where other trees will not survive.
  • This species of White Poplar is introduced and widely planted in parks and gardens, mainly for the beauty of its foliage.
  • White Poplar flourishes in polluted air or near the sea.

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