Wedding Silver Sixpence Gift Box


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The Wedding Silver Sixpence is a traditional gift to give on a wedding day to a special blushing bride. The Lucky Silver Sixpence symbolises a happy day and a prosperous lifetime ahead, send a traditional gift with a contemporary twist.

The Lucky Sixpence is an ideal wedding day gift, from Father to daughter, uncle to niece or just from a friend on a special wedding day. The Wedding Silver Sixpence is loving and last gift that can be enjoyed for a lifetime just like the marriage it is celebrating.

The Lucky Sixpence is authentic and was cast between 1920 and 1946 making it a traditional gift in a contemporary setting. The weight of of the coin is 2.83g and is 0.500 silver. Give a gift of timeless tradition, give a Lucky Silver Sixpence.

  • Struck between 1920 and 1946
  • Original designs
  • Made from 0.500
  • Weight of coin is 2.83g
  • A lovely wedding day gift to bring good luck.
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