Wedding Day Indoor Rose Planted Bouquet


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White roses symbolise true love and new beginnings. Mark the happy couple’s first day of the rest of their lives with a beautiful wedding day indoor rose bowl gift.

The roses will be dispatched covered in buds at every point in the year making it perfect gift for both Summer and Winter weddings. About 3 days after delivery the rose will be in full bloom and covered in stunning white flowers.

These are an ideal gift for people who don’t have a lot of garden space. As long as the plant is stood in a bright area of the house and is watered 2-3 times a week it can be enjoyed for up to 8 weeks if not longer.

If you’re on the lookout for a longer lasting gift that will flourish and grow with the couple we also have a hardy outdoor wedding day rose bush.

  • The Wedding Day indoor rose is a miniature indoor rose variety.
  • Suitable for container growing, place in a well lit room
  • Keep compost moist but not wet
  • Plant is dispatched is 17-25 cm in height
  • Stunning white blooms with deep green foliage
  • No scent
  • Indoor roses last for 3-5 weeks

Product Details


Dark Green, White
Plant Type
Leaves and Foliage

Caring Information


Difficulty to Grow
Grow in Pot?
Suitable for pot growing (lifetime)

Soil information

Perfect Location

Suitable for growing indoors

What's Included

How will it arrive?

Supplied in:
cardboard box outer (no branding on outside)
Delivered in:
3 litre pot


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