Tooth Fairy Coin Gift Box



The Tooth Fairy Box is an amazing gift that really highlights the best bits of childhood. The fairytale tooth fairy coin provides that special bit of magic to celebrate one of the many childhood milestones.

The Tooth Fairy gift is perfect for when a child loses their first tooth. You can give a gift that will last a lifetime and ensure that they always have something to treasure. The Gift is beautifully presented in premium packaging making it a wise investment.

The Tooth Fairy Gift 3.5g of solid sterling silver and is cast in a design by Matthew Dent. The quality is brilliant and is uncirculated so you won't see this design anywhere else. The Tooth Fairy Coin is beautifully packaged making it a real show stopper.

  • 3.5g of Solid Sterling Silver.
  • Cast in a contemporary design.
  • Portrait of the queen on one side
  • Beautifully packaged.
  • Perfect gift for a small child.
  • Dated with the year of casting.