Poinsettia in a Pot



Red poinsettias are the epitome of Christmas and a seasonal favourite. The red foliage complements the gold embossed pot which adds a contemporary feel to the otherwise traditional plant. Wish someone a “Merry Christmas” with a gift that grows this year.

Our poinsettia in a pot is wonderfully compact but still packs a punch, the vibrant leaves are popular choice to use as a bold festive centrepiece.

Poinsettias like a lot of light, placing it in a nice bright room and watering when the topsoil gets dry will keep it looking lovely long after the celebrations are over. Most people will ditch the plant once Christmas is done but they will last a lot longer than this and would make a lovely year-round potted house plant.

  • The poinsettia is a red variety.
  • Will thrive when grown indoors.
  • Red foliage complement the contrasting golden pot.
  • Perfect for using as a centrepiece and Christmas decoration around the home.
  • Brilliant idea to send as an early Christmas gift or for decor.
  • This poinsettia is planted in a contemporary gold embossed pot.
  • Plant is 40-45cm in height.

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Dark Green, Red

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