Lucky Silver Penny Gift



Giving of a British Silver Penny has been considered good luck for years. It brings the owner luck and prosperity for many years to come making it a perfect new baby gift! The Silver Penny is packaged beautifully and is a lasting token that you and your baby can keep forever.

The Silver Penny Gift is an amazing token for many happy occasions, however the most special is the arrival of a new baby. Imagine sending a gift that they can keep throughout their life and then pass on when they have children of their own.

The British Silver Penny is made from 3.5g of solid sterling silver and has been struck with a contemporary design by Matthew Dent. A real show stopper of a gift that is beautifully packaged ensuring it is centre stage at all times.

    • 3.5g of Solid Sterling Silver
    • Cast in a contemporary design
    • Portrait of the queen on one side
    • Beautifully packaged
    • Perfect gift for a new baby
    • Dated on year of purchased to mark the year your baby was born.