I Love You Mug and Bean Gift Set

Personalised Mug Gift Set

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Are you looking for a completely different way to say those 3 little words to your loved one? Then look no further - send them a unique I Love You Mug and Bean Gift set today. What’s included?

  • I Love You Mug
  • I Love You Bean
  • Sachet of vermiculite for germination

These brilliant beans when planted will shoot into a cute little beanstalk and the bean it grows will actually have the message I Love You imprinted. How clever is that!

The bean can be grown in the I Love You Mug in the home or transferred to a bigger pot to grow outside in the Spring and Summer months. Plant the bean in the Vermiculite provided, sprinkle with a little water and watch your I Love You Message grow into a brilliant beanstalk.