Happy Anniversary Mug and Bean Gift Set

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Are you looking for a completely different way to say Happy Anniversary to that special couple? Then look no further- send them a unique Happy Anniversary Mug and Bean Gift Set today.
These can be bought as an individual item or as a set of 2, one each for the Happy Couple. So what’s included?

  • Happy Anniversary Mug
  • Happy Anniversary Bean
  • Sachet of vermiculite for germination

These brilliant beans when planted will shoot into a cute little beanstalk and the bean it grows will actually have the message Happy Anniversary imprinted. How clever is that!

The bean can be grown in the Happy Anniversary Mug in the home or transferred to a bigger pot to grow outside in the Spring and Summer months. Plant the bean in the Vermiculite provided, sprinkle with a little water and watch your Happy Anniversary Message grow into a brilliant beanstalk.

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