Bougainvillea Bush Gift

Bougainvillea glabra sanderiana


The Bougainvillea Bush is a symbol in the world all over for beauty and sunshine. The majestic flowers are beloved across South America, Asia and California, due to their impeccable beauty. The demure and elegant Bougainvillea Plant provides a state of tranquility to any garden with its beautiful flowers and graceful stance.

The Bougainvillea Plant is a perfect gift to bring out the true beauty of any garden. The beautiful colours that will flash brilliantly against the sun while in full bush, add a splash of elegant colour. The Bougainvillea Bushes for Sale are perfect gifts for New House, Engagement, New Baby or Wedding anniversary. A true personification of a beautiful moment that will last a lifetime.

With beautiful flowers that will shimmer in the light, will prove a delight during Spring and Summer. The beautiful white flowers will provide an array of colours, set atop an elegant green foliage.

  • The Bougainvillea Bush is a Bougainvillea glabra sanderiana
  • Bougainvillea Bush arrives in a 2.5L pot
  • Bougainvillea Bush will be approx. 30cm tall
  • Bougainvillea Bush will be suited to a patio in the summer or indoors on a sunny window sill or conservatory
  • Bougainvillea Bush loves light so keep well lit
  • Looking best with purple flowers between February and October
  • Bougainvillea Bush also loves to be kept as warm as possible, preferably not below 5°c
  • Pictures of the Bougainvillea contain purple flowers when the actual flowers will be purple.

Product Details


Dark Green, Pink
Plant Type
Evergreen (green year round)
Leaves and Foliage
Ultimate Height
Medium - up to 8m / 26ft

Caring Information


Difficulty to Grow
Can be tricky
Grow in Pot?
Suitable for pot growing or planting into the ground

Soil information

Best Soil?
Loam, Sand
Soil Moisture
Moist but well drained

Perfect Location

Sun Position
South-facing, West-facing, Don't know the direction the garden is facing? Add the postcode to Google Maps and zoom in to find out.
Sun Strength
Full Sun
Suitable for growing indoors in an unheated conservatory or porch

What's Included

How will it arrive?

Packaged in:
Pot gift wrapped in recycled jute
Supplied in:
cardboard box outer (no branding on outside)
Delivered in:
3 litre pot


Send directly to your recipient. You choose when you want your gift delivered.

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