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Browse our stunning willow trees for sale and send unique tree gift to loved ones around the UK and Ireland. A tree perfect for people with large gardens and similar landscapes.

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Choosing a Willow Tree

Willow trees are deciduous variety best known for their beautiful, low weeping branches. They make up a part of the Salicaceae family and are originally from China but can now be found all over the UK. The name weeping willow was given to the tree as when it rains the water looks like teardrops falling from the leaves.

Willows are a very fast growing variety and can gain up to 10 ft in height every year. Although they are fast growing they are also short-lived, most only living for up to 50 years.

In different cultures, the willow can be seen as a symbol of immortality, healing, strength or grief. With so many different meanings it can be the perfect tree gift to send for a variety of occasions.

Grey willows are in fact a variety native to the UK and are a great way to add some British character to the garden, they can be added to any of our tree gift packs. We have gift packs for many occasions and they come with an engraved plaque and plinth, tree stake and tube and a personalised greetings card.

The golden curls willow is a unique gift to send to a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, it fits in with the golden theme perfectly and is a gift that symbolises the love and strength of the relationship.

Add a greetings card with a personalised message at no extra cost. Order before 11 am and get next day delivery from Tuesday to Friday to all UK and Irish addresses.