Saint Patricks Day Gifts

Send a tree for Saint Patricks Day from Tree2mydoor. We recommend choosing a native tree species that have been used to make sturdy staffs for hundreds and thousands of years around Ireland. 
Send a Saint Patricks Day tree gift to grow into a strong tree that helps absorb the pollution Saint Paddys Day partying is responsible for!

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St Patricks Day Gift Ideas

The national tree of Ireland is the Willow tree, have a look at our selection of Willow trees to send to Irish friends and family.

Short Saint Patrick History Lesson

Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland, on the 17th of March each year people celebrate St Patricks Day all over the world. Saint Patrick was a Christian Missionary. He was born in Roman Britain during the 5th Century AD until he was captured by Irish Raiders who took him back to Ireland as a slave where he lived for six years before returning to his family.
He joined the church and later returned to Ireland as a missionary to convert the locals to Christianity. Saint Patrick died in Ireland and his grave can be found in Downpatrick in County Down, Northern Ireland.