Large Indoor Plants

Fill yours or a loved one’s home with our Large Indoor Plants. Customers treasure these gifts for their hefty size and natural beauty. Stand them on the floor or place them on a large table to transform drab spaces into urban jungles. Watching this gift flourish and thrive for years to come is so simple but so fulfilling.

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Send a Large Indoor Plant as a Gift

Give a loved one a gift from our Large Indoor Plants range. We have selected our largest indoor plants for those who love to fill their flat or home with contemporary and tropical style. Rest assured, these living gifts are a joy to give and receive.

A firm favourite among our customers is our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. Its 3ft tall stem is adorned with layers of lush, evergreen leaves. These leaves have the most exquisite colour and detail and even purify the air you breathe. Life indoors and your wellbeing are better off with this gift.

Our beloved Yucca Plant is another in our large indoor plant range. This plant is as stylish as it is hardy, featuring a rough, brown trunk and lush, lance-shaped leaves. This piece of the Mexican desert stands at 1m tall and comes in a trendy pot for easy display.

Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.