Holly Trees for Sale

Its green, glossy leaves and bright red berries remind us all of Christmas time. Holly is fun, festive and a harbour for wildlife. Shop our range of holly trees for sale today.

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Festive Trees for any Garden

An evergreen varietynative to the UK, the holly bush is a festive statement to add to any garden large or small. But holly isn't just for Christmas! As its slow-growing and low maintenance, it's ideal to use for hedging. If paired with a complementary variety like beech, in Autumn you'll get a striking leafy mix of dark greens, purples and bronzes.

The female plants produce bright red berries which will be perfectly ripe around Wintertime. If we're lucky enough to get a white Christmas, the contrasting vibrancy of the leaves and the fruit will stand out from the white snowy backdrop. Birds such as thrushes and blackbirds are suckers for the berries and rely on them as a source of food during the colder months. When it comes to nesting season, they like to lay their eggs in the protective, spiky confines of the bush. If you've been looking to attract more wildlife to your garden then holly is a great option.

The light edges on the leaves of the Handsworth New Silver and Golden King add an extra festive feel to the bush. More contemporary than the usual varieties, the pale borders add a stunning contrast that won't go amiss in the winter. These trees are often bought in pairs and look stunning placed either side of a front door, a warm welcome for family visiting over the holidays.

If you're not that green-fingered you don't need to worry: holly is hardy plant that's easy to look after and will happily grow in most soil types. You can plant it in the ground or leave it to grow in a pot, it's entirely up to you. Order before 11am today and get fast, next day delivery.