Fig Trees for Sale

Want to grow your own tasty fruit? We have large and small fig trees for sale to suit different garden sizes.


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Grow Your Own Delicious Figs

Did you know that figs are some of the first-ever fruits to be cultivated by humans? They were widely popular in many ancient cultures and often mentioned in the Bible and Qur'an. Although they're native to Mediterranean countries, they can still thrive in the UK climate when given the correct care.

These trees are quite hardy and can be grown outside in a sheltered space that has some exposure to sunlight. They can be pot grown or planted and their sweet, flavourful fruits are ready for picking in July- August.

Our brown turkey varieties produce the perfect fruit for yummy desserts and provide attractive decoration for gardens. Large trees are supplied in 10 litre pots, ideal for roomy gardens or patios. If you don't have much space, go for our small trees, which are delivered in 3.5 litre pots.

Make rolls, tarts and other sweet treats with fruit from your very own tree. Figs are also great sources of fibre and calcium what more could you want?

Why not browse our other fruit trees and start growing a whole raft of delectable fruits? Spend over £50 with us and you'll get free delivery across the UK and Ireland.