Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Ficus lyrata


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Enrich your home with natural beauty with our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. This plant has a riot of lush foliage for a tropical style and mood, superb for indoor ornamentation, health, and well-being.

Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant arrives in a trendy, recycled white pot. Its stem is adorned with glossy, dark green leaves, stacked in intriguing patterns and shapes. Simply place it in a spot with bright filtered light, mist regularly, and make sure the soil is well-drained - not many plants like sitting in water! The broad leaves help with air purification and help prevent colds and coughs, all while looking beautiful. Just mind the leaves, they are toxic for cats and dogs if eaten.

This plant is a Ficus lyrata variety and is very simple to look after. Click ‘Add to Basket’, add a personalised card if you’re giving it as a gift, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the rest!

  • Arrives in a 21cm (5L) pot made of recycled plastic
  • Delivered at a height of 90cm (3ft)
  • Thrives in bright indirect light
  • Plant in well-draining soil and mist regularly
  • House plant with uniquely stacked and shaped leaves
  • Purifies the air in the home
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Product Details


Plant Type
Tropical indoor plant
Pet Friendly
No, can be toxic to cats & dogs. Keep out of reach.
Unique Feature
Large, veined violin shaped leaves

Caring Information


Soil information

Soil Moisture
Keep moist but not wet

Perfect Location

Light Level
Bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sun.

What's Included

How will it arrive?

Supplied in:
Purpose made outer box (no branding on outside)


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