Cactus Plants

Order cactus plants from our prickly selection to bring a modern touch to your home. Our indoor plants can be ordered online for delivery anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

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The Cactus Buying Guide

Cactus plants are well known for their spiny appearance and ability to survive without regular water. Visually they look distinctive and are normally dominated by a thick, rounded green stem covered in spines.

Cacti have lived in deserts and are perfect houseplants in the UK and Ireland. They'll thrive at average room temperatures and can be placed in a sunny spot near a window. They don't require a lot of care and maintenance and can be given a little water once a week.

Our cactus family is combined with a range of lovely accessories to compliment the modern home. They're ideal if you don't have garden space for bigger plants and they add an element of style too. They also make great gifts that don't require a lot of commitment from the recipient, especially if they're short of space or live in a city centre apartment with no garden. If you're looking for a smoother alternative to cacti, try looking at our succulent plants, which look stylish in a modern home.

The African Milk Tree has interesting style and architecture making it perfect to give as a living gift. While the interesting plant isn't technically a cactus it does feature cactus like spines along it's upright stems. The spines are surrounded by delicate feather-like leaves and the plant gets its name from the milky white sap that it produces. 

We specialise in supplying cacti in smaller sizes that are easy to securely transport along with pots and planters. If you're looking for large statement piece cacti for your home, office or restaurant, we can supply these too. Please get in touch for a quote we'd be very happy to help.