Beech Trees for Sale

Linked to wisdom and knowledge and seen as royalty of the woods, the ‘Beech Queen’ stands tall next to her ‘Oak King,’ head and shoulders above the rest. Browse our beech trees for sale and add the charm of a native tree to your garden.

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Large Native Trees for Gardens

Beech is one of the largest woodland trees in the UK, not too far behind the oak tree and can grow well over 100ft in size. This can make it an unsuitable specimen tree for smaller gardens. Check out our other native trees if you don't think this variety is suited to you.

It is, in fact, a deciduous tree; however, if pruned around the midsummer time the tree will hold onto its beautiful, bronzed coloured leaves so you're not left with a bare Winter skeleton. It will stay this way until the new Spring growth pushes through. This makes it a perfect alternative to your usual hedge. Like the hazelnut tree, it can be pruned close to create a dense, bushy wall. If paired with a complimentary variety of evergreen the hedge will change to stunning mixes of different colours throughout the year.

Beech nuts ripen in the Autumn and are a great source of food for wildlife. You might not see these nuts around the supermarket but humans are able to eat them. For the small, nimble hands of a squirrel, opening the spiky casing is a walk in the park but for us, it might get a little fiddly. The nuts produced are only small and don't reap great rewards when you've actually managed to get through the outer layer but it's always fun to try something new, so why not?

Hardy through most of the UK and easily grown in a variety of different soils, you have no excuse. Add a slice of royalty to your garden and order before 11am to get fast, next day delivery.