Anniversary Camellias

All of our Camellias produce buds each Autumn that burst into stunning winter flowers throughout November to February. Send one of our Anniversary Camellias to celebrate the anniversary of a winter wedding!

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Blooming Camellias for Anniversaries

Camellia plants are an evergreen shrub that makes up part of the tea family. They have glossy, deep green leaves that look stunning all year round but from late winter to early spring is when they really come alive with large colourful blooms. The perfect anniversary gift for the couple celebrating over winter.

Celebrating 25 years together is the first big milestone and our Silver Anniversary Camellia Gift wont disappoint. The shimmering white blooms will open during winter to reveal beautiful yellow stamen. All of this is offset by the emerald foliage creating a contrasting statement in the garden.

The beauty in our Ruby Wedding Camellia Gift is an excellent reflection of the beauty found in a long and happy marriage. The passionate, ruby red blooms are the perfect celebration of a defining 40-year achievement.

In many cultures, camellia flowers are said to symbolise love, admiration and devotion. There's no better sentiment when choosing a gift to celebrate a special and important wedding anniversary.

All of our camellias are hand-chosen on the day of dispatch and delivered using a premium courier around the UK and Ireland. Add a personalised greetings card at the check out for no extra charge.