Unusual 21st Birthday Presents

Celebrate a loved one’s 21st birthday with a gift from our wide range of Unusual 21st Birthday Presents. We have many plants to choose from, each with unique natural style and symbolism. They happily clean the air of toxins, improving well-being and making life indoors more refreshing. Send a gift that stands out this year and it is sure to be remembered for many months to come.

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Send an Unusual 21st Birthday Present

Such a special birthday should be celebrated with a gift from our range of 21st Birthday Gifts. These fulfilling gifts are living and lasting, enriching homes with natural beauty and refreshing air. Life is indoors is simple and satisfying with these delightful indoor plants.

Buy a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for someone special on their 21st birthday. This plant is a firm favourite among our customers and it's easy to see why. It features a slender stem adorned with lush evergreen leaves and comes in a trendy, recycled pot, perfect for standing on the floor.

For a smaller and unusual 21st Birthday present, send our Rubber Plant. This charming gift features bold green leaves with a glossy sheen and soft, rounded shapes. Its dainty size and handy pot make it easy to display on window sills and tabletops, turning drab spaces into urban jungles.

Our Yucca Plant is the perfect living gift idea for those who forget to water their plants. Native to deserts of Mexico, this hardy plant loves indoor spaces in the UK and Ireland. It features a rough, brown trunk and lance-shaped, evergreen leaves. In Native American culture, it symbolises protection, the perfect sentiment for those turning 21.

Our Indoor Plants dislike waterlogged soil, but they thrive in well-drained soil in a spot with their preferred light levels. Be sure to check which indoor plants are toxic to pets.

Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.