Winter Tree Care 2014

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Winter Tree Care Guide 2014

Winter can be a very difficult time for all of the lovely trees out there. Some of the native trees that we have in the UK are very strong and can handle all that life throws at them. With Tree2mydoor being as cosmopolitan as it is we offer more than the norm when it comes to tree gifts, we offer some of the most unusual trees around and this little blog post is all for your tree gifts.

Our Top Winter Tree Care Tips


Cold weather and harsh conditions not only affect above the soil, we also have to make sure them roots are well protected as well. Apply a thin layer of organic mulch around the drip line of the tree. This will provide an insulating layer for the soil and also stops water loss. Be careful though, them little mice that we get in the garden will use it as a little snack and you don't want all your hard work to be eaten away.


Water is not always a good thing for trees, when it is freezing the water can become a bit of nuisance! Water freezing on the leaves or bark can cause sunscauld when it thaws out. This can damage a tree and make its winter life not very nice. There are a few simple and inexpensive things that you can do to make sure you tree is happy all year around.

  • Wrap the head of ever green trees in clear plastic over night.
  • The Common Big Bag is a perfect deciduous trees for protection
  • Trees like Peach and Nectarine need extra special care as frozen water can be very harmful, make sure they are wrapped as soon as winter starts.
  • Wrap the bark of young trees. Animals such as rabbits love young trees as a tasty snack.


Snow Protection

Snow can be a very tricky adversary and there are a few things you should try and avoid. (Thats if we get any this year! Its all been very mild!)

  • Carefully wipe away snow as and when it falls.
  • Ensure that heavy snow is removed from branches if not covered as this can caused breakages.
  • Don't try and melt the snow with a salt based products as that will damage the roots.
  • Calcium, Potassium or Magnesium products work so much better and give a little love to your tree.



Winter is the ideal time to prune your trees as they are either blissfully sleeping or now at full growing power. Below are a few little pointers to ensure that your pruning activity is top notch and will give your gifts the best start to the 2014 growing season.

  • Winter is an ideal time to look at the structure of the your tree and make changes where needed.
  • Pruning during dormancy can help with disease control.
  • Planting in winter is great for new gardeners as your tree is sleeping and you can pop it into its new home ready for it to come to life in early Spring.
  • Tending to the garden in winter is a great way to perfect your garden with minimal damage or disruption.


Citrus Tree Care

Here at Tree2mydoor there are many citrus trees that we send as gifts all year around. Of course they require a much different type of care during the Winter months. You must not place them in garden during winter as they really won't enjoy that (unless its mild and we have a nice bit of sun). Below you will find a few little pointers to make sure you are swimming in lemons this winter.

  • During winter keep citrus trees indoors
  • Make sure that citrus trees are kept away from central heating and air conditioning.
  • Ensure that citrus trees have a good supply of fresh air.
  • Invest in a Winter Citrus Feed to add a little love to your trees pot.
  • Ensure that the citrus tree has lots of light to grow that special fruit.


Citrus as we all know don't grow naturally in the UK, however they do do very well as an indoor tree. Following those simple steps will give all those special Citrus Christmas gifts a great start to the New Year.

Olive & Bay

Olives and Bays are a special kind of tree and they can really make any garden or occasion pop. They are of course a staple of any Mediterranean setting, so they require a little TLC during those long winter days.  Don't you worry they are very strong but the little tips just help make sure that they get upset during winter.

  • Wrapping the head of the Bays and Olives prevents water freezing on the leaves.
  • If you want to wrap the head overnight, the common big bag will be perfectly fine.
  • Covering the soil with a bag or cloth with provide a barrier from frozen water and keep the soil from freezing over.
  • Move the Olives and Bays to a sheltered spot in the garden.


Winter Tree Protection


Winter can be quite a busy time for trees, even though they maybe asleep there is more going on than meets the eye.

We hope that you find some handy pointers within this blog post, remember if you need any help at all we are always happy to help. If you need specific advice on any of your tree gifts why not give one of our customer care team a call on 0161 870 6368.

We are always happy to help and hear the wonderful stories of your tree gifts!

We hope everyone is having a lovely January so far!

Much Love,


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