Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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It’s that time of year again to celebrate all those wonderful dads out there and we know that every Dad is the greatest Dad in his very own way! That's why each and everyone deserves one of our Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas delivered on his special day.

We like to think that all the dads out there are as big and strong as trees, always there, never asking for anything back in return but love.

Now that we have got you in the mood to embrace the full amazingness of this year's Father’s Day, we want to show you the amazing and unique gift ideas that we have selected this year.


Tree2mydoor’s Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day


Father’s Day Rose Gift Set


Unique Father's Day Gift IdeasThis is the ultimate rose bush gift set for every dad out there. Just like an everlasting bunch of flowers, the plant will produce vibrant red blooms all throughout the summer months. The blooms are extremely fragrant and will fill the air with their scent.

When paired with a Love in the Bag wildflower seed gift, what more could you ask for in a Father’s Day gift? This gift ticks all the boxes. Vibrant colour, strong fragrance, easy to look after and as it can be both grown in a pot and planted out in the garden. This is sure to be a welcome addition to any dad’s garden no matter the shape, size or style.

The rose bush will be delivered in a 3.5L pot and comes fully gift wrapped with your choice of personalised Father’s Day greeting card. We deliver Fathers Day Roses nationwide to make things easier for you and can deliver to your dad’s door right up to the Friday before Father’s Day.



Wollemi Pine Tree Gift


Wollemi Pine Tree GiftThe very original and very rare dinosaur tree! Found in a gorge in Australia in 1994, this prehistoric tree will really make a statement on Father’s Day.

The Wollemi Pine Tree Gift is a cheeky little gift that really will bring a smile from the day it’s delivered and for the many years after. How many other Dads do you know that have a tree that outlived the dinosaurs? You can't get more unique gift idea than that.

The Wollemi Pine is always a popular choice meaning the stock runs out fast. Make sure you get your hands on one quickly if this is the tree for you.

My Dad would love this gift, it would remind us of all the times I made him watch Jurassic Park. It’s amazing how something so unique can help you relive some fantastic memories spent with your dad. Plus the Wollemi Pine is a potted so perfect for balconies and patios.


Think a tree is a perfect gift idea to send your dad this year? Check out the rest of our Father's Day Trees for a carefully curated selection of gifts ideal for any dad.



Blueberry Plant Gift


Blueberry Plant GiftThe Blueberry Plant Gift is looking amazing at the minute with all the beautiful weather we have been having. This fruity plant gift will be delivered with small ripening fruits which will start to swell over the summer months ready for the picking from August to September.

Give the gift of blueberries as a unique Fathers Day gift idea this year. Go on your dad deserves it. Fresh blueberries are a dream to use in the kitchen. From using them fresh in breakfasts like yoghurt and honey or porridge or baking them into a dessert-like a tantalising blueberry muffin. You name it, a blueberry will usually go with it. If your dad is a bit of a foodie himself now he’s got the chance to grow his own blueberries right in the garden.


Our easy to care for and compact Father's Day Plants will be perfect for you. We think they make the best gifts for dads with smaller gardens. Each one will bring life to a patio or decking.



Fathers Day Oak Tree Gift Set


Father's Day Oak Tree Gift SetKnown as the “Father of the Woods”, possibly due to its size, strength and longevity, all the qualities that a father holds. The Oak Tree is a symbolic gift that really highlights how special he is and how proud you are to call him dad. The Father’s Day Oak Tree Gift Set also comes with a Love in the Bag wildflower seed gift just to add that extra bit of love.

The sapling is delivered between 20-50cm in height. It may look on the small side now but will eventually grow to great heights and live for hundreds of years. It’s perfect for growing in a pot for the first 10 years but we recommend to plant it out to a larger area where it can grow to its full height.

The oak is a timeless gift that will bring joy for literally a lifetime. Every time dad sees it he will be reminded of you.


For a twist on the native oak, take a look at our Oak Truffle Tree Gift. The roots are inoculated with fungi spores that allow the tree to grow its very own truffles under the soil.


Want to check out the rest of our Unique Father’s Day Gifts? Head over to our main site and have a browse.


So there you are, we have given you everything you need to make this Father’s Day one to remember. There is no excuse this year not to send the perfect gift especially when it can be so easy!


Finally, we would like to wish all the wonderful Dads a Happy Father’s Day from the Tree2mydoor Team! x

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