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Our Top 5 Unique Christmas Gifts

Welcome to our guide of the top-selling Christmas Gifts at Tree2mydoor. It’s getting cold outside and getting more and more cosy to stay in and we are definitely starting to feel rather Christmassy at the Tree2mydoor office. So here’s a quick guide for all you shoppers looking for unique Christmas gifts ideas.

Unique Christmas Gifts - Lemon Trees Wonderful lemons fresh from the tree - enjoyed straight in your winter cocktail.

1.       Lemon Tree – Lemon trees make wonderfully unique Christmas presents particularly if you a buying for a food lover or someone who enjoys making a cocktail – fresh lemons from your very own lemon tree cannot be beaten you know. Lemon Trees look great at Christmas also and are very often in fruit (they fruit up to 4 times per year). So if you are looking for a gift that not only looks great at Christmas time, but can be used as well, then why not try one of top quality Italian grown Lemon Trees.

2.       Golden King Holly Tree – Holly trees are synonymous with Christmas; with their gorgeous dark green foliage and stunning red berries, however for an alternate take on the Christmas holly send one of our fantastic Golden King Holly Trees. Featuring dark green leaves gilded with a golden edge, these trees look superb at Christmas. Send one of the three kings with this lovely tree.

3.       Orange Tree – Orange trees, like Lemons fruit up to four times per year and look great at Christmas too. The wonderful smell that orange trees give of makes them smell wonderfully Christmassy also. A great gift for a foodie, oranges fill the home up with colour and excitement. Best grown inside a porch or conservatory, our orange trees are classed as indoor trees and won’t survive outside at winter so you’ll have to bear that in mind.

Orange Trees make Unique Christmas Gifts Home Grown Juicy oranges for Christmas

4.       Large Bay Tree – Bay trees are the perfect gift for foodie’s, their leaves are the staple of Mediterranean and Asian cooking. They also look fantastic when bought in pairs and can bring the wow factor of Christmas day.

5.       Silver Holly Tree – Instead of sending a Golden King Holly Tree, why not send a Silver Holly Tree? Beautiful red holly berries just in time for Christmas, they look great beside the door and are often bought in pairs.

So there you have it, our favourite trees for Christmas. Browse through our entire range of unique Christmas gifts today and find a special tree this Christmas.

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