Trees for Autumn Colour

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Autumn is a time for cosy jumpers, crisp mornings and hot chocolates. But it’s not quite Autumn until the leaves have changed and tree branches are a stunning blaze of fiery reds and oranges. September and October is a beautiful time for trees and plants.

Find some of Tree2mydoor’s favourite Trees for Autumn Colour and send a beautiful tree gift to brighten up a loved ones garden this season.


Japanese Maple Trees


Japanese maple trees provide the garden with colour and interest all year round, whether the leaves are green, purple, red or orange there’s so many different varieties out there and each will bring something completely different to the garden.

Red Enkan Japanese Maple LeavesFor most of the year both the Enkan Japanese Maple and Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree leaves are a beautiful dark burgundy in colour but as soon as the season starts to change you’ll come to find a vivid red that will stand out loud and proud from the rest of the garden.

Orange Dream Japanese MapleThe Orange Dream Japanese Maple is a vibrant lime green, almost neon through spring and summer, the edges of the leaves will slowly start to tinged red with the centre of the leaf turns to a yellow orange before totally transforming to a lighter but just as beautiful red.

You can’t go wrong with a Japanese Maple Tree and as they have a small growing habit and are perfect for smaller gardens and container growing. Amazing to send for any occasion they’ll light up even the gloomiest day sat on the patio or planted out in the garden.


Flowering Cherry Trees


Similar to the Japanese Maples, Flowering Cherry Trees provide seasonal interest in the garden.

In early spring, the flowering trees will leave you in a heady whim of fragrant blossom but in the autumn they will become a blaze of reds and oranges. Check out some of our favourites below!

The Prunus Pink Perfection has large green leaves that become deep red almost magenta in colour, a show stopper for sure in spring and autumn.

Royal Burgundy Cherry Tree LeavesFor something to contrast the summer foliage in the garden the Royal Burgundy Cherry Tree has deep red leaves.

Our flowering cherry trees are popular to send for weddings and anniversaries, the blossom and vibrant autumn colour make it a wedding gift that keeps giving year after year.


Beech Trees


Beech Trees are a beautifully large UK native tree and in particular, the copper beech tree provides a year round display of deep burgundy leaves. The large tree then transforms through beautiful shades of orange.

Although not evergreen, if pruned a certain way the beech trees are known to keep their leaves way through the winter right up until the new spring growth.

Bear in mind that beech trees can grow to be very large so are best suited to larger gardens or grounds where it will have enough space.


Red Oak


Red Oak Tree LeafThe Red Oak Tree is pretty much like regular oak but you guessed it… redder! While the regular oak tree does turn a lovely shade of orange for the season, the quercus rubra turn a much more rich, vibrant shade of red.

Like our much beloved beech trees, oak varieties grow to be very large so is best suited to spaces where it will have enough space to grow. Known as the ‘King of the Woods’ it’s an ideal gift to send to a special man in your life.


Crab Apple


Crab Apple Sapling in a Jute BagCrab apple trees aren’t just a pretty face when it comes to autumn, this is when the crab apples become ripe!

Leave as food to attract hungry wildlife or if you do want to have a go at using them you could try your hand at making some delicious crab apple jelly or liqueur. A tasty little autumn gift, YUM!

Our lovely little Crab apples are also known as the tree of love and are the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays or just for someone you love.


Blueberry Plant


Although not technically a tree, we couldn’t help but include the lovely little Blueberry Plant. It might be quite surprising to some, but blueberry plants in fact have an absolutely spectacular autumn colour.

Blueberry Plant in AutumnThe blaze of red leaves that cover the bushy plant will create a stunning focal point in the garden. Not only do they look stunning in Autumn, but the exquisite blossom they produce in the spring is also certainly eye-catching.

Blueberry plants make the most perfect birthday or anniversary gift, especially in the autumn.


These trees and plants are all perfect for Autumn birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion you could think of. From the smallest gardens to the largest, each one deserves some beautiful autumn foliage to see it through into the wintertime. Send a loved one an autumn tree gift and brighten up their garden even on the greyest days.

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