Top 5 Unusual Christmas Gifts 2015

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A gift guide showcasing Tree2mydoor's top 5 unusual Christmas gifts for 2015. These Christmas plant gifts may no be your usual gifts, but they will certainly make an impact.

Guaranteed to bring Christmas cheer!


Christmas Zing, £49.99

A beautiful lemon tree in a gift wrapped pot. Citrus scent wafting around your home this Christmas thrown in for free.

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, £60.00

Killing Christmas tree's just isn't in the spirit.

Instead send this alive and kicking 3ft baby tree which will grow bigger every year, and dress it up in Christmas finery.

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A Whole New Twist On An Orange In Your Stocking, £49.99

 Very jealous If your Christmas stocking is big enough to fit one of these in. If oranges aren't really your thing, what about a Satsuma tree or a Tangerine tree?

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White and Red Christmas Roses, £24.98

Floribunda roses in a choice of Christmas colours. The roses arrive all tucked up for winter, but will bloom in gorgeous colours through spring and summer.

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Jolly Holly, £39.99

These handsome holly bushes provide a lovely pop of winter colour. They have been pruned into ornamental shapes, meaning they a look perfect on the patio or doorstep.

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Even more gift guides will be coming your way through the Christmas period, filled with unique Christmas gifts and accessories. so keep your eyes peeled!

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