What to Buy for Silver Wedding Anniversary

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Silver Anniversary Gifts

What to buy for silver wedding anniversary? The 25th wedding anniversary, otherwise known as the silver wedding anniversary is one of the most difficult occasions to buy a gift for. Whether you are looking for anniversary ideas for a friend or buying an anniversary present for your own partner it can be hard choosing especially with so many of the usual choices on offer.

Silver Anniversary Tree Gift Pack Silver Anniversary Gift Pack

The 25th wedding anniversary is perhaps considered the first really ‘major’ wedding anniversary, and it is usually celebrated by family and friends and not just the husband and wife. As everyone knows, the traditional gift for a 25th anniversary present is something silver related. Very often it is a piece of silver jewellery or an item for the household that gets given, but you can break the mould and send something more unique and loving; a tree to grow with the couple, for hopefully another 25 years.

Silver Anniversary Rose Gift

We have some lovely silver anniversary gifts, perfect for those searching for something that is a little extra special and meaningful. It is not only trees; we’ve also got some lovely silver roses for anniversaries.

Your favourite Silver Anniversary Presents

1.       Silver Anniversary Rose Bush: The silver anniversary rose bush is perfect as a silver wedding gift. White roses are often associated with weddings and symbolise unity and these roses are very elegant and have beautiful blooms in late July – lovely for a 25th anniversary.

2.       25th wedding anniversary pack: Our silver wedding anniversary packs come complete with a silver birch tree sapling, tree guard to protect the tree, engraved silver wedding anniversary plaque with your own personal message and a wooden plinth for your plaque.

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