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Our lovely customers, often ask if we have decorative plant pots for sale, to send with along with a tree gift. We are very pleased to announce that with the launch of this new range, we'll now be able to say YES! Tree2mydoor have just launched a range of tree pots and planters, which are available to order on their own, or with any of our fantastic tree gifts.

And these are not just any old pots.

We have put a great deal of thought into choosing pots that combine intelligent design with stylish good looks. Most people agree that if your looking for an attractive plant pot to sit on a patio, stone pots are the way forward. But tree pots made from stone can be very heavy and unwieldy - and that's before you fill them with soil. Plastic pots have the manoeuvrability you need to get the best from some trees, but just don't have that same chic look.

And that is where our new range of Capi pots come in.  Made from the highest quality, insulating plastic, all Capi Tutch pots have a stone look and feel, but unlike stone, they are also lightweight, frost resistant, and UV protected.

capi lifestyle

As an extra bonus, they are also made from recycled materials (we are suckers for anything with green credentials). All Capi Tutch pots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use though you would need to drill or punch a drainage hole into the pot if you are planning to use them outdoors.

These amazing tree pots and planters are so durable, that they even come with a reassuring 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

Below, our team have paired the new pots with their perfect tree partners.

The Elegant Vase, £29.99

Measuring 26x36 cm, this beautifully shaped pot is the smallest from the range, and comes in three colours; aubergine, grey and black.

Perfect Fit: We think that this pot would make a perfect home for a half standard olive tree or a small bay tree.

Grow to fit: If may look a bit big at first, but this size and shape of pot would make a good long-term home for a berry bush. Or how about a rose bush, which would favour a deep pot such as this so it has plenty of space for its long roots?

capi tutch elegant vase 2

The Square Planter, £34.99

This contemporary square planter, available in grey, black or aubergine, measures 30x30 cm.

Perfect Fit: Send the square planter along with the Castlewellan Gold tree gift - this would look really smart standing proudly on a doorstep!

Grow to Fit: This square planter would make a good long term home for a dwarf apple or dwarf pear tree, as they grow to a maximum height of 5 feet. I would also suggest this planter for one of our beautiful citrus trees to grow into, such as an orange or a lemon tree.

capi square planters

The Wide Vase, £44.99

This capi pot measures 35x34 cm, and would certainly make an attractive addition to any patio, conservatory or doorstep. Choose from the grey, black and aubergine pots.

Perfect Fit: A double corkscrew bay tree is a perfect fit for this larger pot. Alternately, why not try a dwarf red love apple tree 

Grow to Fit: The larger pot size means this planter would make a brilliant home for a beautiful star magnolia tree. Although they are suitable for pot growing, if you would like the magnolia to reach its maximum height of 15-20 feet, you will need to plant it into the ground at some point.

large vase capi

The Ball Pot, £44.99

 The largest of the new range, at 40x32 cm the roomy ball pot certainly has a lot of space! It is available in a choice of three colours; aubergine, black and grey.

Perfect Fit: Did you know that fig tree's grow exceptionally well in pots? Choose a nice big pot like this lovely roomy ball pot, which this fig tree will grow quite happily in for years to come.

Grow to Fit: If you are planning to buy a patio fruit tree, you will want to consider adding this capi pot to grow it in. In particular, we think our patio Victoria plum tree I would look rather fetching in one of these planters!

capi ball pot

So there you have it. Good or what?

Please make sure you keep an eye out for other exciting new products coming out this Summer!

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