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Want to see our latest tree gifts for this Christmas? Check out our new gift guide - The 12 Tree Gifts of Christmas for plenty of festive inspiration.

It is fast approaching Christmas and we hope you are all feeling festive and prepared, in time for Christmas we wanted to make you aware of some new additions to our tree2mydoor eco friendly Christmas gift ranges. It can be a stressful time of the year trying to pick the perfect gift, that is useful and still exciting, at tree2mydoor we believe it is a time to indulge and surprise your friends and family with something extra special and unique. So we have compiled together the latest additions to our Christmas gifts and we hope we can make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier this year.

We have made some quirky additions to our Citrus range and have a special Camellia guest in the lineup for Christmas. Be sure to read our Christmas guide below and what to give and who to give it too:

2012 Christmas gift guide

Buy Yuletide Camellia

Name: Yuletide Camellia Gift
Price: £32.99 - available for premium next day delivery up to Friday 21st December.
Description: The Yuletide Camellia is a classic festive, fiery red, with a beautiful yellow centre, the Christmas Camellia is perfect to brighten up any winter garden. The bright blossoms stand out against it’s evergreen and glossy foliage to make a stunning and wonderful plant. This Christmas Camellia is the perfect gift to give to anyone over the festive period and will make an everlasting impression.
Perfect for: her this is a true girls gift, someone who really loves their garden.
Gareth Says: “I think that the Yuletide Camellia will be my top gift pick for this Christmas. The plant will has buds at the moment that will be opening into beautiful red and yellow flowers over the festive season, making a lovely colourful gift”


Name: Buddhas Hand Tree GiftBuddahs Hand Tree
Price: £49.99 - available for premium next day delivery up to Friday 21st December.
Description: The Buddhas Hand Tree prime time is late Autumn early Winter, the full fruit will develop and with a wash of vibrant orange to subtle yellow. The Fingered Citron will fruit up to 3 times a year providing joy, excitement and a taste of the orient. The Buddhas Hand Plant is remarkable just like other citrus trees, the use of the rind is perfect for cooking, infusing or creating a mind-blowing aroma. The fingered citron is perfect for the experimenters, thrill-seekers or for someone who has everything offering a perfect gift in an unusual setting.
Perfect for: Him, a food lover, or a more unusual member of the family!
Gareth Says: “The Buddhas Hand tree will make a very unusual gift. This very odd-looking tree produces striking finger-like fruit that will fill a conservatory with a fragrant Citrus smell.”

Chinotto Tree for Sale


Name: Chinotto Tree Gift
Price: £49.99 - available for premium next day delivery up to Friday 21st December.
Description: The Chinotto Tree is a Mediterranean classic, providing all the passion and flavour that you would expect from Italy. The Chinotto Plant is a small citrus that will delight and sparkle in any garden. The uses of this great product are numerous and will provide a lasting gift that will give back year after year. The Chinotto Tree fruiting season is summer time. This beautiful gift will produce fruit up to 4 times a years that will provide colour and fragrance to any kitchen. The beautiful flash of orange contrasting against the vibrant green leaves will provide a delight for the eyes.
Perfect for: Her, a Campari lover, or the mixologist amongst you.
Gareth Says: “Our Chinotto Tree Gift or Campari Tree will make a superb gift for someone who likes the odd tipple! Campari is made from blending the Chinotto fruit with herbs and other secret ingredients.”


Name: Satsuma Trees Satsuma Tree for Sale
Price: £49.99 - available for premium next day delivery up to Friday 21st December.
Description: The Christmas season would not be the same without this Satsuma Tree. Reliving memories of the festive period are always a highlight and provide warmth when the winter hits. This personification of family time and laughter will always bring a smile to anyone's face. The Satsuma trees for sale are evergreen and will provide beautiful colours all year round. The Satsuma plant will fruit up to 4 times a year and will always provide the magic that won’t be equalled
Perfect for: everyone who loves Christmas, any food lovers, this makes a classic gift for perhaps the older members of your family
Gareth Says: “Orange varieties are massively popular over Christmas. Send one of our new Orange Trees as a lovely Christmas Gift. Best suited for recipients with south-facing porches, sunrooms, or conservatories.”


Don’t forget our fantastic stocking fillers, Love in a Bag gift, a perfect little something for everyone who is on your Christmas list. Our love in a bag is the perfect starter pack to get growing a mix of red and pink native wildflower seed gift of Field Poppies and Corn Cockle.

We hope we’ve helped you make some great Christmas gift decisions, and would love you to let us know what you are going to be buying this Christmas, we have made a ‘question’ on facebook vote for your favourite gift here. Or tweet us which you think is the best Eco Christmas gift.

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