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Tree2mydoor is proud to announce a beautiful new partnership with the fabulous Highland Soap Company. We have come together the create a feast for the senses to make truly magical Tree Gifts.

Tree2mydoor has been bringing magic right to your door for the past ten years and now with the addition of the Highland Soap Company products the magic is going to keep coming. We are always looking to push the boundaries with amazing gifts and we are so excited with this beautiful partnership.

We are always looking for new areas to explore if you think you have something that will make everyone go WOW then get in touch! We love hearing ideas and will always try and make dreams come true.

We chose the Highland Soap Company for a few reasons, the fact that they stand for the same ethos we do.

  1. Natural products presented in a beautiful way
  2. Stunning gifts that really will stand the test of time
  3. Craftsmanship
  4. All created in the UK and created with love
  5. Care, attention and pride knowing we are giving back to the world with the work we do.
  6. Beauty, knowing that our products are a thing of beauty something that will be loved.

We have carefully selected the most amazing gifts that the Highland Soap Company has to offer that match our beautiful Tree gifts perfectly. Never has a match been so perfect than the first time Gin was placed with Tonic. We are being very good to you and you will see the grand unveiling here first.

Everyone loves Roses, Roast Dinners and a nice smell, look no further for all your gift needs rolled into one!

Roses really are a girls best friend, we are already the proud owners of the finest roses you will find anywhere but now we have gone one step further. Take a sneaky peak at the lovely new offerings that will spoil you this year!

Natural Luxury Gift Sets



Rose Gift Set


Not only do you get a beautiful rose bush that will give roses for a lifetime, but you will always be able to smell like the rose you are all year round.

The beautiful Special Mum Rose Gift from Tree2mydoor is a garden delight, the beautiful pink flowers sit onto a stunning deep green foliage that really will shimmer in the sun. The powerful fragrance really will make you think that you're in an english country garden. You really will spoil your mum with this Rose this year.

The Rose and Patchouli gift sets are just too cute to even put into words so we have added pictures for you to see with your very own eyes! We have been looking at them in the office just wanting to rip them all open and take a bath. We are sure you will want to do the same as soon as you get them. The bars of soap have rose petals in them, which smell divine and the gift sets really do give you the feeling like you're walking in a rose garden.



Lavender Gift Set


lavender-f-gift-pack3Old English Lavender is just beautiful, the colour, the smell just everything about it just screams come to me. Lavender has been used for thousands of years in perfume, decoration and healing and with this lovely gift you can have your very own supply all year around.

The beautiful Lavender Bush from Tree2mydoor is powerfully fragrant and a real stunning with its swaying purple ways. The wind will create a dream like quality and full every space with the beautiful perfume. The only gift that should be given this year is the Lavender Gift Set.

The Highland Soap Company Lavender Gift Set completes the gift perfectly, providing that essential bit of pampering that mum will just adore. The beautiful cosmetics just scream luxury and will have mum beaming with happiness.



Rosemary Gift Set


rosemary-gift-pack-f2Rosemary is a staple that everyone adores and loves, it was only natural that we selected it to make the greatest gifts this mother's day. The beautiful fragrance that you receive from rosemary is one of childhood dreams that your mum gave you, just imagine give her a gift that she can keep for ever and watch it grow.

The Rosemary Bush Gift is a beautiful gift on its own and really will bring your mum joy and love this mothers day. She will always have her own supply of Rosemary for all those sunday roasts so it makes it perfect for you to stop by every sunday.

The Mothers Day Rosemary Gift is not complete without the hand made Rosemary Gift Set by the Highland Soap Company. This beautifully crafted set really highlight the best of British workmanship as it is created with Love, Care and Attention.  Perfect everytime.


Natural Luxury

So there you have it, our beautiful working partnership with the highland soap company is now live. We really are proud to say that our gifts are perfection for all occasions.

If you are going to treat someone this year make sure it's natural, nothing is as natural as natural luxury!

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