Golden Anniversary Gifts

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Recently we have sent out quite a few of our golden anniversary gifts so I thought it would be great to send out a congratulations message to all those celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this summer. And at the same time a great chance to tell everyone about our lovely golden anniversary gifts.

Golden Wedding 50th Anniversary Rose Gift 50th Anniversary Rose Bush

The golden anniversary is certainly one of THE most celebrated wedding anniversaries, possibly even the most. And of course rightly so; spending 50 years married to someone is a great achievement and a wonderful milestone to reach.


Traditionally a 50th wedding anniversary is celebrated by the whole family and friends of the couple who’ve been married for 50 years. Gifts of gold and yellow colour are usually given as gold is the symbol for a 50th anniversary.


We think that because a golden wedding anniversary is so special, it deserves a special and meaningful gift, and well what could be more meaningful and loving than sending a golden wedding tree? (Nothing we say hehe) We have a lovely range of golden trees and plants that would be just perfect.  Here’s our favourite three below...


Golden delicious apple tree - The Golden Delicious apple tree provides one of our best loved fruits that are at their finest when eaten straight from the tree. Perfect for a fruit loving couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.


Golden Wedding Rose Bush – beautiful golden rose petals for Rose lovers. Yellow roses are associated with joy and friendship and the Golden Wedding rose bush will certainly provide plenty of joy throughout the summer months.


Golden Weeping willow tree – A stunning and ornate tree; the Golden Weeping Willow will provide beauty throughout the seasons.

Please view our 50th wedding anniversary ideas to find personal and meaningful gifts for your 50th wedding anniversary.

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